Kyle Chandler Receives A 2015 Emmys Nomination For 'Bloodline' & This Is How Coach Taylor Would React

Thursday morning was a pretty big moment for people who love and work in TV — the 2015 Emmys nominations were announced. And if you're a huge fan of Netflix's original streaming show, Bloodline, you're in luck. The show received two nominations, and one of them was for Kyle Chandler in the category of Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series. Being that Bloodline has only been around for one season so far, this is a pretty big honor, but Chandler isn't exactly a stranger to television, so a nomination like this has been a long time coming. As someone who is still hopelessly devoted to Grey's Anatomy, Kyle Chandler will always be the bomb guy to me, but he's also responsible for another unforgettable character: Coach Eric Taylor from Friday Night Lights .

If you watched FNL when it aired originally or you caught up on Netflix years after the show ended like I did, you understand how beloved Coach Taylor is, and he definitely wouldn't have become that way without Chandler bringing him to life. And I have a feeling that if Coach Taylor found out about this nomination, he'd be pretty stoked.

In fact, chances are, he'd react a lot like this:

He'd Acknowledge The Other Deserving Nominees

Probably with a speech about how talented and hard working they are.

And He'd Be Pretty Modest About It

These are the Emmys, Coach Taylor. There's no reason to be modest.

But Secretly, On The Inside, He'd Be Crazy Excited

But he'd never show it.

He'd Want To Tell His Family First

Especially Tami.

He'd Use The Nomination As A Teachable Moment

He'd sit his team down (or the other nominees, really) and talk about that if you work hard, you get rewards. Like, you know, from the Television Academy. And if you lose, it's OK, because you did the best you could.

And Come Emmys Night, He'd Have One Thing To Say

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