2015 Emmy Awards Nominees: How Similar Are Female Nominations & Male Nominations? Let's Break It Down

After an arduous wait, the nominees for the 2015 Emmy Awards were announced on Thursday, July 16. There's no doubt about it — each actor's nomination was definitely well-deserved. The regaled leading actors and actresses will go toe-to-toe in gleaning an Emmy trophy, along with the breakout supporting actors and actresses that have made our binge-watching marathons all the more delightful throughout the past year in television. Women have continued to make their mark in television, with the female-helmed series, Orange Is The New Black, and feminist icon, Amy Schumer, gaining a nod for her inimitable comedic prowess on her hit, Inside Amy Schumer. The male nominees certainly deserve plenty of accolades, as well, with Jon Hamm's nomination reminding Mad Men fans of how much we all still miss watching Don Draper's brooding complexity every Sunday, and actors like Jeffrey Tambor earning a well-deserved nod for their humorous yet poignant portrayals.

Because the categories are divided by gender, women and men won't be competing against each other, but alongside one another when the 2015 Emmy Awards premieres. Still, I noticed some interesting similarities and differences between the men and women nominated, and what better way to assess these traits than going the venn diagram route? Let's take a look at talented female nominees versus the males, shall we?

Image: Caroline Wurtzel/Bustle