'Glee' Fans Given Even More Power: Uh Oh

Has FOX really not aired 100 episodes of Glee yet? It feels like we've been watching Ryan Murphy's high school musical show for ages. Nevertheless, Glee 's 100th episode is coming up and its creators have charged show's fans, the manic group known as "Gleeks", to choose which songs the cast will perform in the episode. How incredibly fun and interactive of you, Ryan Murphy, because Glee fans definitely don't have enough pull when it comes to the show as it is. Not.

Glee fans have had notoriously strong pull on the creative decisions of the show and a contest like this will only make them thirst for power stronger. The show's fans were named as one of the sole reasons for Chord Overstreet reprising his role as trouty-mouthed Sam Evans after creators chose not to keep him on as a regular character. They were also cited as a partial reason for the escalation of the Brittany-Santana relationship. It's nice that you care about keeping your fans happy, Glee, but with great power comes great responsibility and fans don't always know what's best for their favorite shows.

The contest, dubbed "Glee 100th Gleeks Choice: You Vote. We Remix Promotion," asks viewers to vote for 10 songs, out of the 30 provided, to be featured on the show's 100th episode. All of the 30 songs provided to voters have been performed before by the Glee cast and some of the show's most popular guest stars. The 10 winning songs will be remixed and featured on the show's milestone episode that's set to air on Tuesday, Mar. 18, 2014.

Voting for the top 10 songs began on Wednesday and will end on Dec. 3 at 11:59 p.m. So between now and then, we can be certain that Glee fans will be at their most powerful while choosing the fate of the 100th episode set list. It's almost as if they're Mr. Schuester choosing the list for Sectionals, except they'll be faced with less resistance.

If we were power-hungry Ryan Murphy disciples and had to choose our own songs, in no particular order these would be our choices:

1) "Bust Your Windows" — Because, obviously.

2) "Don't Stop Believin'" — It's a classic at this point.

3) "Roar" — This was really fun.

4) "Valerie" — My crowd-pleasing, competition favorite.

5) "Total Eclipse of the Heart" — Only if they bring Jonathan Groff back.

6) "Defying Gravity" — Because Chris Colfer and Lea Michele have voices like angels.

7) "Sweet Caroline" — Neil Diamond for everyone!

8) "Toxic" — But Brittany needs to be brought back (start your petitions now).

9) "Landslide" — It'd just be appropriate.

10) "Somebody To Love" — Because, Queen.

Maybe Ryan Murphy can feature us all on American Horror Story next season as crazed television fan-zombies that died in front of our TVs watching Glee.

Image: Fox