'Broad City' Deserves All The Emmys

It's officially Emmy season: On Thursday, the nominations for the 2015 Emmy Awards were announced, and with every victory (Tatiana Maslany was nominated for Orphan Black!) came some painful, heartbreaking snubs. Some of the shows passed up for nominations may not be all that surprising, but others, like Broad City , totally deserved at least one Emmy nomination — and the fact that it was passed up is absolutely shocking.

Being in the middle of TV's so-called "New Golden Era" means that the market is saturated with innovative, dynamic narratives and enough options to overwhelm the average viewer, but Broad City is far from an average TV show. Not only is it a hilarious and smart enough to be judged by its sharp comedy alone, but the show also shows honest depictions of sex between women, covers feminist issues accessibly, and subverts gender norms — all achievements that should be celebrated on TV, but sadly, aren't getting the recognition they deserve this season. Thankfully, Broad City co-star Abbi Jacobson was quick to point out the snub when she tweeted a photo from the show's "pegging" scene with the caption, "Who do you have to peg in this town??!" A fair question, indeed.

Broad City's genius may have gone unappreciated this year, but the show definitely deserves an award for venturing into territory and topics that are bold, irreverent, and sometimes disgusting, but necessary. Here are all the moments from Broad City that prove they deserve an Emmy:

When Abbi Lived Her Truth And Refused To Conform To Gender Norms:

Childfree and happy.

This Subversive Moment Of Sexual Role-Reversal:

Whatever you're into, as long as it's safe and consensual, it's all good.

When Ilana Offered This Feminist Anatomy Lesson:

The more you know.

The Opening Scene Of The Series:

Proving that true friendship knows no boundaries.

This Accurate Portrayal Of Friendship Between Women:

There's no such thing as being too close.

The Time Broad City Provided Commentary On Trending Culture Issues, Like Marijuana Legalization...

Smoking where no TV show has smoked before.

...And Twerking:

Always relevant.

This Moment Of Flawless Body Positivity:

When in doubt, be naked.

This Episode, Which Offers A Hard-Hitting Look At A Day In The Life Of Two Young, Broke Women:

...even if it includes whatever is going on there.

Please, can we just give this show all the Emmys it deserves like, now ?

Images: Giphy (7); Lane Savage/Comedy Central