Samantha Bee Talks To Male Models At Men's NYFW, Hilariously Proves There's More To Life Than Being Really, Really Ridiculously Good Looking

But why male models? We get an answer to this age-old question from Samantha Bee's interview with some male models at Men's New York Fashion Week. The former Daily Show correspondent does some serious reporting and gets the scoop on the struggles of being a male model - more specifically, going to a lot of parties, getting a lunch break, drinking for free, oh, and having girls all over them. In a video in partnership with Amazon Fashion, she finds the "backstage story" on the very first Men's Fashion Week.

First of all, "There are abs everywhere," Bee says. And when she asks what the "look" is for male models, she get some pretty interesting answers—"shaved otter" and "alien looking" are both mentioned. Ah, the world of fashion. Oh so very weird.

The hilarious video goes on to poke fun at "fighting the men's fight," but goes on to find out that these stylish dudes aren't as respected as women: their fashion week is only three days long. To which she responds, "They didn't even give you a full week?" Now, she's found her calling: to shed light on this discrepancy. Oh, and gently squeeze some biceps in the process.

But what kind of effects do these "prediots," "stylish imbeciles," and "magnificent doofs" have? Well, the men's fashion brings in around $400 billion annually, whereas the female industry brings in $621 billion, according to one of the models. That, maybe, is where the hiring difference lies.

The funny 3-minute videos did poke fun at the industry a bit, and it was refreshing to see that kind of humor dished out to men, rather than the women. Cause like, they have it so hard. Plus, she had some pretty amazing jokes, like "Amazon fashion is sponsoring Men's Fashion Week. Is that because they specialize in delivering packages?" Samantha Bee, thank you for finding a hilarious spin on this topic and turning the tables.

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Images: Amazon Fashion/YouTube