Why Does The Calendar Emoji Change Dates On Twitter? It's Messing Up Our World Emoji Day Game — PHOTOS

In case you haven't heard it shouted from the rooftops, today is World Emoji Day — arguably the worst day on the planet for the calendar emoji to keep changing the date on Twitter. The whole point of World Emoji Day is that the calendar emoji has "July 17th" written on it. In case you have forsaken our friend the Gregorian calendar, that day is today. Alas, somebody forgot to tell Twitter, because for some reason the calendar emoji keeps changing itself to July 15th. I don't think I'm reaching when I say this is the biggest scandal since Watergate.

Obviously Twitter users are none too pleased by #EmojiGate2015, because according to Twitter, we should have been celebrating a full 48 hours ago. It's like we accidentally missed Christmas, basically. And rather than waiting a full 363 days and trying again, Twitter users are expressing their ~summertime sadness~ by rebelling in the only way they know how: filling Twitter to the gills with as many emojis as they can. THIS IS OUR LEGACY, FELLOW MILLENNIALS. LET THE INTERNET BEAR THE INTENSITY OF OUR ENORMOUS EMOJI STORM.

In case you missed all the #rage that's about to circulate on the airwaves, here is the reaction you'll be seeing a lot of today:

The fun part is that a lot of people haven't even noticed yet, proceeding to add the emoji onto posts for July 17th:

The verdict seems to be that the date will appear as July 17th on your phone, but as soon as you log onto Twitter on a computer, the date will change itself to the 15th. So what's going on, guys? Mad time travel powers? Is Twitter HQ trapped in the past, and this is their way of letting us know that they need rescuing? No, YOU'RE turning this into a poor fan fiction of Doctor Who.

Actually, the answer is pretty simple: July 15th is Twitter's launch date, so they hijacked the calendar emoji for their own purposes. Fair enough. Happy belated birthday, Twitter. I guess.

#NeverForgive. #NeverForget.

Images: Pexels; Giphy