Should You Have That Second Glass Of Wine? This Quiz Will Make The Tough Decision For You

As you begin your weekend, you're going to have a lot of important decisions to make. Go out or stay in? Run errands or get lost in a Netflix vortex? Venture out to that brunch place with a five-hour wait or just eat some stale granola bars that you found in your purse? But no matter how your weekend unfolds, surely one of the most crucial decisions you'll make will be whether or not you should have that second glass of wine.

The second glass of wine occupies a unique place in the trajectory of any evening in or out — one glass is fine for most anyone, and by the third or fourth glass, you've already decided the kind of night you're going to have (the kind that ends with you demanding that all the strangers at the bar leave to go do karaoke with you). But the second glass is a real pivot point. It's the "Gwyneth Paltrow getting on the subway in Sliding Doors " of adult beverages.

We've put our greatest second-glass-of-wine scholars on the case, and they have created the quiz below, which should definitively and without a doubt help you figure out if you should have that second glass of crisp, inviting white wine on a July evening, or just call it a night after one drink. Note: We are not responsible if the quiz's results lead to headaches, sleeping through your Saturday morning spin class, or accidentally doing some truly regrettable online drunk shopping. Bottoms up!

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Image: Pexels