4-Year-Old With Leukemia "Marries" Her Favorite Nurse, and It's the Cutest Thing You'll See All Saturday

Have you gotten your daily dose of warm and fuzzies today? No? Good, because this video of a 4-year-old with leukemia "marrying" her favorite nurse is about to exceed your daily quota for cuteness, if there was such a thing. But as we all know, you can't put a limit on adorable things. You just can't.

The unnamed 4-year-old, a patient at Melodies Center for Childhood Cancer in Albany, New York, just wanted to get married. So, with the help of the hospital staff and a local florist, she had a sweet "wedding" ceremony where she got to marry her favorite nurse. Obviously it was caught on video for our enjoyment, and when another nurse, Lori Ciafardoni, shared the video on WNYT NewsChannel 13's Facebook page it basically blew up — it's been viewed over 20 million times. Proof that nobody can resist watching adorable children doing cute things.

What's just as awesome as the video — which we'll get to in a minute, don't worry — is the caption. Ciafardoni writes:

So today I got to make a 4 year old leukemia patient's "wedding" to her favorite nurse Matt Hickling happen at the Melodies Center for Childhood Cancers at AMC. Thanks to Scott Wright and the team at Enchanted Garden for donating your time and amazing flowers and to everyone at AMC that helped pull this together in less than 24 hours. You people are amazing. THIS is why we go into nursing.

Without further ado, here's the whole video.

Images: hakase420/Fotolia; Giphy