9 French Fry Creations That Are Absurdly Good, So Ditch Your Plain Ketchup And Try Them All

French fries, as you know, are delicious. Cheese fries? Even better. Chili cheese fries? Pure gold. But these insane French fry combinations collected by Spoon University blow the rest out of the water. These wacky creations come from cities all over the country, and they are unlike anything you've ever seen. One look at these, and you will never again be content with merely dipping your crispy fried potatoes in plain old ketchup ever again. Go ahead and smother your fries in melted chocolate and marshmallow for the perfect pairing of salty and sweet. Swap out your spuds for avocados, or give those delectable frites of yours the Banh Mi treatment — either way, you won't regret your decision. The beautiful thing about French fries is that no matter what you do to them, you are going to come out on top. Creativity is what keeps life interesting... especially when it comes to your fries.

Sure, we can all agree that French fries in their crispy, golden state are and will always be a delicious classic. But across the country, cities like New York, Houston, Portland, and many others have started cranking out ridiculous, yet outrageously delicious types of fries. Check out these insanely pimped out versions of America’s favorite vegetable:

New York City

1. Sticky's Finger Joint: S’more Fries

Photo courtesy of Instagram kathrynmichael

Sticky's makes the difficult decision between salty and sweet for you.

2. Toloache: Avocado Fries

Photo courtesy of toloache.com

Avocado toast, meet your newest rival.

3. JoJu NY: Banh Mi Frites

Photo courtesy of boneandmarrow.com

This French-Vietnamese classic just got even more hybrid.

4. Narcissa: Carrot Fries with Tofu Aioli

Photo courtesy of Instagram MelisBuzzFeed

Narcissa will make you eat your vegetables and like them too.

5. Peacefood Cafe: Chickpea Fries

Photo courtesy of peacefoodcafe.com

'Cause who says falafel is the only way to eat fried chickpeas?


6. Sammy's Wild Game Grill: Python Chili Cheese Fries

Photo courtesy of sammywildgamegrill.com

Yeah, you read that correctly. Head over to Sammy's, and try some snake with your spuds.


7. Frite Street: Philly Cheese Steak Fries

Photo courtesy of Instagram fritestreet

A little bit of Philly in Chi-Town.

8. Saucy Porka: Sweet Potato Curry Fries

Photo courtesy of flickr.com

Hurry for the curry.

Los Angeles

9. Spitz: Street Cart Fries

Photo courtesy of Instagram jenny_jens

For those moments when a normal kebab just won’t cut it.


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This article was originally written by Vera Armus for Spoon University.