You Can Get Jeans Delivered To Your Hotel Room Now

Brunch isn't the only thing you'll need to dial room service for on a Saturday morning. Thanks to Virgin Hotels, you can now get a fresh pair of skinny jeans delivered directly to your hotel room. The hotel chain has partnered with Gap to bring you the wardrobe staple you need for any vacation. Although the enterprise only has one current location (with New York and Nashville slated for opening in the upcoming years), guests at the Chicago home base will be able to purchase their preferred Gap denim style online at or on their conciegere app, Lucy, and then have it brought directly to their hotel room. The time it takes to recieve your new goods was left undisclosed, but I imagine it couldn't take longer than normal room service.

Given that Gap has everything from baggy boyfriend jeans to ripped skinnies, there's definitely something for any occassion you may have while staying Chicago. Art show? Check. Concert? Check. Business meeting? Check, check, check. If you've ever last minute packed and realized that you forgot to pack an essential item, this delivery service is definitely a style saver. Perhaps this whole jeans on demand thing will lead to other clothing delivery services, like underwear on demand — now that's something I can get down with.

Since Virgin Hotels won't be opening shop in New York until 2018, I can only hope this collaboration will give it another go in the future. After all, there is something incredibly satisfying about getting your denim fix and scrambled eggs at the same time.

Images: gap, virginhotelschi/Instagram