This Big Mac Panini Is Just As Good As Anything You'll Find On The McDonald's Secret Menu — RECIPE

This started out as a fun little kitchen experiment, and quickly turned into something really delicious... I just love when that happens! But seriously, when you hit the heat with that Big Mac, and squish it inside that panini maker, something magical happens, and all of a sudden it’s no longer just a Big Mac, it's a Big Mac panini — it’s fancy, and SO tasty!

The bun gets so buttery and crispy (who knew?), and the burger becomes one with all of the toppings, bringing out some incredible Big Mac flavors to create a five-star flavor on a one-star budget. In a matter of minutes, you can impress all of your fast food-loving neighborhood friends, and become a true "munchy culinary connoisseur." So get to that drive-thru, and order with a refined tone in your voice. Make a few of these, and feel good about yourself. (P.S. This method also does amazing things to Micky D's cheeseburgers, too — trust me!)

You will love them. Make lots, and get out your best $2 bottle of wine.

What You'll Need:

  • McDonald's burgers
  • A panini or waffle maker
  • No shame... that's it!


1. Place the burgers into the panini or waffle maker, and let it go until it's hot, melty, gooey, and crispy.

2. Eat it hot! Make more, drink wine. Enjoy!

Images: Oh Bite It (3)