John Kasich: Presidential Hopeful & Former Hunk

I feel like there should be a special bell that can be heard all throughout the United States whenever another Republican candidate announces their presidential bid. Or maybe a gong would be more appropriate? Either way, sound the alarm because John Kasich, who currently serves as Ohio's governor, is running for president. But look, I'm sick of talking about politics. Day in and day out I have to listen to these jerks moan and groan and talk their nonsense. What I really care about for this particular announcement is that John Kasich used to be cute. Like, really really cute.

And yes, I know that I have a well-documented group crush on all hot Republicans (I have to get my kicks where I can) so I might be biased in this case. But I think if you cast your eyes on these lovely photos of the governor from Ohio, you just might see where I'm coming from with all this. Kasich is anti-abortion, wants to send more troops to Iraq, and didn't support gay marriage in his state, but dude was fine in his younger years. If you don't believe me, here's the stone cold foxy proof.

I swear it's the fifth Beatle. What a cutie!

Look at his hair! I wanna Kiss-ich him!

He wants to kiss you, too! Pucker up, America.

Double the dapper.

Vintage GQ model, I tell ya!

And even now, he's got a little bit of the silver fox thing going on.

A real little bit.

Images: Wikimedia Commons