New 'Walking Dead' Season 4 Trailer Will Make You Wish It Was February

Already missing The Walking Dead after last night's explosive mid-season finale? Same, and not just because of that thing that we all know happened and the stuff we know occurred went down. I'm really going to miss feeling like my heart is being ripped out on a weekly basis while I watch this show! If you're feeling anything like this, then watching this newly released trailer for The Walking Dead 's mid-Season 4 premiere probably won't help — but we're all going to anyway because that's just the sort of hold this show has on us. We can't stop.

Anyway, the trailer doesn't really give us much: Rick is still, SPOILER ALERT, nursing his wounds from the fight he got into with The Governor in the last episode, Beth and Maggie break everyone's hearts as they cry in mourning for their father, and Carl — well, Carl doesn't look so good. I joke every now and then that he's probably going to turn into a little sociopath when this whole thing is over because he's basically grown up learning how to shoot a gun instead of mastering long division, but seriously, he looks real messed up in this trailer. Also, is that Rick he's shaking and trying to wake up at the end of the trailer? WHY CAN'T THE DEATH AND DESTRUCTION EVER STOP?

You can check out the promo below. As previously reported, TWD will return for the second half of its fourth season on Feb. 9.


Image: AMC