Watch The Wisconsin Marching Band Surprise A Woman On Her Last Day Of Chemotherapy — VIDEO

Most of us have been there when a relative, close family member or friend struggled through cancer treatment. Often there's simply nothing you can do while they're in treatment other than provide support (and maybe a little humor) as they try to get through their appointments with a brave face on. For one lucky woman, a surprise was in store at the end of her treatment. This niece provided her aunt with a marching band surprise on the woman's last day of chemo. Her aunt, Ann Trachtenberg, had joked that she wanted a marching to march out with her on her last day of chemotherapy treatment at UW Carbone Cancer Center. And her niece decided to comply with that request as a surprise.

Her niece surprised her and contacted the University of Wisconsin Badger Marching Band to see if they'd be willing to play for her aunt, according to the Journal Sentinel. About a dozen members of the band showed up, and played "On Wisconsin" as Trachtenberg left the hospital. She was absolutely thrilled and has received a huge amount of support since the video went viral and is extremely thankful to her niece. (Also, what a fitting time to break this news, because National Aunt and Uncle Day is happening later in the week!)

Take a look at this heart-warming surprise.

As she walks out of the hospital:


The only GIF that has ever made me cry:


Watch the video for the full tears effect:

We're wishing Ann Trachtenberg and her family the very best.

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