12 Literary Swimsuits To Wear While You Read At The Beach

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Ah, the beach, aka, a very large sand pit where I can read while the sound of the waves crashes in the background. The only problem is, with so many books in my suitcase, I don’t have a lot of room for other clothes. Luckily, this isn’t so bad at the beach — after all, swimsuits don’t take up much room, right? Which means that packing should be a total breeze… right?

WRONG. Because as it turns out, choosing books to take on vacation is easy, but choosing a swimsuit is hard. There are so many colors, designs, and cuts, and yet it’s somehow impossible to find the perfect one. And once you find it, they’re inevitably in stock of every size except yours. Forget having a fairy godmother to give me a ball gown… I’d rather get a fairy godmother to make me a flawless two-piece.

Thankfully, designers understand how difficult it is to choose the perfect suit, and they’re responding… by making it as easy to choose swimwear as it is to select a book. Because when the swimsuits look like your favorite stories, you'll know exactly which one you want.

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