'Alias' Victor Garber's Headed To 'Sleepy Hollow,' But We're Still Calling Him Spy Daddy

Ah, Victor Garber, the dapper fellow with roles in Alias and Titanic who made us realize that yes, we could have a thing for older men. He's pretty great, basically. Garber's also been cast in Sleepy Hollow , so his greatness will soon be returning to a TV near you. And as Ichabod Crane's dad, to boot.

We're already pretty damn happy that Sleepy Hollow is a thing that exists — it's got a blend of wacky supernatural mythology, a truly great diverse cast, and Rue from The Hunger Games alive and well. It's basically everything we want. And now it's got Jack "Spy Daddy" Bristow (or the late, lamented Mr. Andrews if you're nasty).

According to TVLine's Kimberly Roots, who first reported the news, Garber is so far only scheduled to appear in one of the season's remaining four episodes. He will play Ichabod's father, which means we will probably only see him in flashbacks unless some sort of interesting twist occurs. Still, guaranteed period garb!

Garber's been up to a ton since Alias ended and left a Bristow-shaped hole in our hearts — he was a regular on the Johnny Lee Miller-starring Eli Stone, played Lisa Kudrow's neglectful husband in Web Therapy, and appeared in a whooole lotta other things along the way. Still, more Garber is always welcome in our books.