Julie is a writer, blogger and incurable sass-mouth living in Charleston, SC. When she isn't glued to the keyboard, she enjoys watching campy SyFy creature features (Pirahnaconda, anyone?), perfecting the Pinterest fail, extolling the virtues of the Oxford comma, and reminding everyone about that time Josh Duhamel told her he likes to say her name. Should you run into her, give her a hug. She likes hugs.

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These '80s Trends Need To Be Revived ASAP

Older Millennials like myself straddle the line between the '80s and '90s — while most of us were born in the '80s, we came of age in the '90s. So, sure, we love all this '90s nostalgia! But there are some '80s trends that deserve a comeback, too. Some of these we experienced firsthand, and others we watched our parents rock and picked up on. The bottom line is we know enough of the '80s to know the decade isn't getting credit where credit is due.  I was born in the early '80s, so I find that I …

By Julie Sprankles

How To Keep Feminism Moving In The Next 4 Years

Hi, friend. It's been a rough couple of weeks, hasn't it? As a woman — and a proud feminist one at that — I'm right there with you in feeling somewhat despondent post-election. But, channeling my feminist fighter spirit, I've pulled myself together to compile a few ideas on how to keep your feminist momentum during Trump's presidency. After all, let's be real: it's not going to get any easier. In fact, it will probably get a lot harder in the near future. That's why carving out a space in the wo…

By Julie Sprankles

Signs You're Living By Someone Else's Standards

As a lifelong Type A personality (I own up to it), I am no stranger to impossible standards — I've always set them for myself. It's really pretty silly when you think about it, as I'm setting myself up for disappoint. You know what is even sillier, though? Holding yourself to the impossible standards of someone else, real or imagined. There are signs you're holding yourself to someone else's standards, and I recently realized I can tick basically all the boxes. Sheesh, me... cut yourself some sl…

By Julie Sprankles