Megan Grant is a professional writer living in Las Vegas, Nevada. She is a competitive Olympic weightlifter, a devoted bookworm, and loves everything and anything DIY.

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These Myths About Lefties From History Aren't True

I'm one of those relatively rare left-handed people — which means that my entire life, I've been hearing, "Oh! You're a lefty? Did you know that lefties...", followed by something that's... er... probably not true? There are more myths about lefties from history than I care to remember, so eventually, I just learned to smile, nod my head, and respond with something like, "Oh yeah? Really! You don't say! Wow! Fascinating! Inconceivable!" I can't believe how exciting (or depressing, depending on t…

By Megan Grant

How To Tell If You Can Save Posts On Instagram

The latest Instagram update has officially started rolling out, now giving us the ability to save posts directly from the feed for easy viewing later on. Figuring out how to tell if you can save Instagram posts is pretty simple. According to Instagram's blog, this latest update is only available in version 10.2. To check if you have the newest version of Instagram, you can visit your apps store and see if there is an update available. If so, update! If not, you're current. This new feature will …

By Megan Grant

PSA: You Can Save Posts On Instagram Now

Instagram is regularly on the verge of something better, whether it's Stories, disappearing photos, or expanding the video time from 15 seconds to a full minute. Now, they're adding yet another sweet feature: The option to save Instagram posts you like directly from your feed, allowing you to revisit them later on in a designated spot. Previously, there was no way to save a post of which you're especially fond; your options were to remember who posted it and go back to their page later on, share…

By Megan Grant