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Carl Icahn To Be Special Advisor To Trump

For as often as his name came up during the campaign, it was pretty much a done deal that he'd end up somewhere in the administration. President-elect Donald Trump has reportedly tapped businessman Carl Icahn to serve as a special adviser, focusing in particular on regulatory policy. It's an announcement that's generating a fair amount of consternation and controversy among advocates of robust, strong regulatory policy, as well as questions from people who haven't heard of him before. So who is …

By Chris Tognotti

How To Read The Released FBI Documents About Email

This week, an attorney successfully petitioned a federal judge to secure the release of some documents that ended up playing a big role in the 2016 presidential election: the search warrant that enabled the FBI to investigate emails discovered on the laptop of disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner, which were considered potentially relevant to its investigation of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's email practices. The FBI's warrant for the Weiner laptop emails was release…

By Chris Tognotti

Obama Defends His Response To Russian Hacking

Speaking to the press for the last time in 2016, President Obama addressed a range of issues, but he focused primarily on two: the horrific ongoing humanitarian crisis in the Syrian city of Aleppo, and recent reports that the CIA believes the Russian government hacked the Democratic National Committee and the email account of Clinton campaign manager John Podesta. And while he's absorbed criticism for not making more noise about the hacks at the time, he didn't backtrack in his final presser of …

By Chris Tognotti