I've always been obsessed with notebooks - filling them with ideas and random thoughts. So I decided to make a career of it. I love to write, blog, drink copious amounts of coffee, read books, cook new recipes, and travel to new places.

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Gift Ideas For The Beloved Pet Lover In Your Life

If your friend takes “dog is man’s best friend” to the ultimate extreme, then you know deep down that what they really want for Christmas are gifts for their pets. Or, to show off their pet pride in some wearable capacity. Either way, these pet lover gift ideas will help you give your bestie what they actually desire. There gifts are for all types of pets — not just dogs and cats. There are gift ideas in here for reptiles, birds, and even fish. Some are practical, while other are just plain ador…

By Kiersten Hickman

The Best Gift Ideas For Your Sister

Are you always stuck on what to get big sister or little sister every year for the holidays? Stuck on what to get her that will actually go well with the skimpy amount of money you are able to make each month? Honestly, there’s no need to fret. You can still impress your sister with these gift ideas for her are super thoughtful. Really, all it takes is knowing her. Either you hate her or you’re best friends with her, but to get her a gift that will rival her gift for you is to really figure out …

By Kiersten Hickman

The Best Secret Santa Gifts For Your Boss

The time has come for you to receive your random pick for the office Secret Santa, and this year, you've been assigned your boss. I’m sure at that point your palms were sweating, because this is your boss. You want the gift to be the best it can be. That’s why I put together this list of Secret Santa gift suggestions for your boss, all of which were chosen based on the type of relationship you may have with them. No matter what stage of working relationship you and your boss are at this holiday …

By Kiersten Hickman