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Joy Could Be A Great Villain If 'Iron Fist' Would Let Her Grow

Iron Fist has a lot of problems. From major issues that have been criticized for months, like Asian representation and cultural appropriation, to basic struggles with pacing and character development, it is easily the most flawed of Netflix's Marvel series. But one of its biggest problems doesn't become as obvious until the final moments of the season, when you realize how much more Iron Fist could have done with Danny's friend and fellow executive, Joy Meachum. Spoilers for all of Iron Fist Sea…

By Samantha Rullo

'Underground's Cast Says Anyone Can Be A Soldier

A woman's hands being lashed until they bleed to save her young brother from the same fate. A man preparing to have his feet cut so badly, he will never walk the same way again. A mother throwing herself in front of a group of armed men prepared to shoot, just to give her daughter a chance to get away. Scenes like these can make WGN America's Underground hard to watch, but that's exactly why you should be paying attention. The historical drama about the Underground Railroad is just two episodes …

By Samantha Rullo

One 'Bachelorette' Guy Made A Bad First Impression

When Chris Harrison continuously teased that something "historic" was coming to Nick Viall's After The Final Rose special, I didn't believe him. After all, viewers have been burned before. But then he revealed that we'd be meeting some of the contestants from Rachel's season of The Bachelorette and proved me wrong. However, things took an uncomfortable turn when the third man to come to the stage, Dean, said "I'm ready to go black and I'm never gonna go back" upon first meeting Rachel. Immedia…

By Samantha Rullo

This Marvel Trivia Will Make A Hero Out Of You

This Oscars Mixup Moment Might Change Everything

It was the mistake heard 'round the world. Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty announced that La La Land won the 2017 Best Picture Oscar, but when the film's cast and crew took the stage and started their acceptance speeches, someone realized an error had been made. Moonlight was actually the best picture winner, as La La Land producer Jordan Horowitz, after having been informed by an official looking person in a headset, had to explain to the very confused audience. But! If you look at the video of …

By Samantha Rullo

What Casey Affleck's Oscar Win Says About Power

Though the Academy Awards are meant to be a night of celebration, I found myself filled with dread as the night went on. I knew that one of the night's biggest categories was coming, and with it the possibility that Casey Affleck would win the Oscar for Best Actor. And that's exactly what happened. To say that Casey Affleck's Oscar win is problematic doesn't even begin to describe it. Because this moment is much bigger than the Oscars — it's about powerful men receiving even more power no matter…

By Samantha Rullo

Emma Stone Caps Off A Big Night For 'La La Land'

It seems like every year, the Best Actress category at the Oscars only becomes harder to predict. There have been so many incredible performances by women in film that each nominee — and women who didn't nab a nomination at all — truly deserves to be honored for their work. Ultimately, Emma Stone won Best Actress at the 2017 Oscars for La La Land, and though it wasn't exactly surprising given the many awards she's already received for the role of Mia, the category really could've gone to anyone.…

By Samantha Rullo

Jimmy Kimmel Roasted Matt Damon At The Oscars

Attending the Academy Awards may usually be an honor, but there's one celebrity at this year's ceremony who probably would've rather been nominated any other year. See, Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel have a "rivalry" years in the making, so the 2017 Oscars host took every opportunity he could to mock the actor. Damon was there representing Manchester by the Sea, which he produced and is nominated for six Academy Awards, including Best Picture. Despite that immense honor, Matt Damon was introduced a…

By Samantha Rullo

Kimmel's Mean Tweets: Oscars Edition Is Hilarious

Let's be honest, we all saw this coming. Of course Jimmy Kimmel released Celebrities Read Mean Tweets: Oscars Edition during the 2017 Academy Awards broadcast. The video compilations are one of the signature bits on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, so I couldn't have been the only person expecting (and hoping) he'd bring a new video to the awards show. And even with those expectations, the host delivered. The video, which you can watch below, features a ton of the 2017 Oscar nominees, as well as all-time g…

By Samantha Rullo