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Rosie is a twenty-something aspiring everything who idolizes Cher Horowitz, Peggy Olson, and Mindy Kaling.

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Kylie's Latest Holiday Surprise Is Massive

Beauty devotees the world over have been clamoring for Kylie Jenner's beauty line pretty much from day one. Her products have been famously popular, not to mention infamously hard to get. So, how can you win the entire Kylie Cosmetics collection? Well, thanks to the brand's off the chain holiday celebrations, a simple contest entry can get you everything the ultra-popular line has to offer, including past limited edition shades like the Skylie and Freedom Lip Kits, and even the covetable (and si…

By Rosie Narasaki

Sephora's Return Policy Is Awesome

As it's something of a hotspot for holiday shopping, birthday gifts, and your garden variety makeup needs alike, you might be wondering what Sephora's return policy is like. Luckily for all of us, it happens to be very user-friendly, and pretty generous to boot — yet another reason to spend your life's savings at Sephora. Even if the item in question has already been opened and used a few times, it's still eligible return (though the website specifies that it should be "gently used") — …

By Rosie Narasaki

2016's Best Over The Knee Boots For Short Legs

If you're petite, over the knee boots can be tricky. To be fair, they're tricky for everyone (with the possible exception of runway models) — but there's an extra level of difficulty for us short-legged gals. So, what are the best over the knee boots for short legs? They're quite the statement, and they can definitely overwhelm a smaller frame, so how can you make them work? Luckily, they're not out of the question. They're difficult, sure, but there are lots of ways to work extra-tall boots int…

By Rosie Narasaki