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Claire is a freelance writer whose work has been featured in Bustle, Ravishly, the Daily Dot, YourTango, and the Good Men Project. She splits her time between living in the South and a dreamscape off in her own head. Favorite topics include LGBT issues, feminism, and cats. Mostly cats.

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16 Quotes From Women For Trans Visibility Day

Thursday, March 31, marks the International Transgender Day of Visibility, a day dedicated to highlighting and celebrating the accomplishments of transgender and gender-nonconforming people around the world. Even if you can't make it to one of its events, you can still support the holiday by sharing quotes from trans women for Trans Visibility Day on social media. On top of honoring the transgender community, an online post can serve as a reminder of all the work that's still left to be done in …

By Claire Warner

17 Superstitions You Didn't Know Were Based In History

How To Find The April Fools' Day Comet

This Saturday, take a break from your regularly scheduled pranking to remember that humanity is but a dust mote floating in the sunlight of the universe — or however it is skywatching makes you feel. The point is that this year, you can catch an April Fools' Day comet passing right by Earth on its journey around the solar system. So in between painting your roommate's soap with clear nail polish and texting your mom that you're pregnant, find some time to check out the night sky; I promise I'm n…

By Claire Warner

What To Post To Social Media For #PinkOutDay

Sometimes, supporting reproductive health care is as easy as hitting a few buttons during your lunch break. Planned Parenthood has called for a Pink Out Day on Wednesday, March 29, to demonstrate to lawmakers that it has plenty of supporters. In fact, the majority of Americans oppose cutting federal funding for Planned Parenthood — not that this has stopped some legislators from doing their best to defund the health care provider. So if you're looking to lend your support on Wednesday, it's time…

By Claire Warner

April Fools' Day Pranks To Play On Facebook

Some people go all out for April Fools' Day, staging the kind of elaborate pranks that require days, if not weeks, of planning. Then there are those of us who winds up searching for April Fools' Day pranks to play on Facebook the night of March 31, because planning ahead takes way too much effort. But your prankster procrastination doesn't mean you can't successfully pull the wool over your friends' virtual eyes. The nature of social media is that we take things at face value — when has anyone …

By Claire Warner

How A Computer Program Can Help You Overcome A Phobia

Although the sight of a spider is enough to send most people running for the hills, or at least the nearest exit, there's a world of difference between everyday fear and a full-blown phobia. Depending on its focus, the latter can seriously cramp your style — so how do you overcome a phobia? The good news is that there's plenty of research on the subject. The bad news is that most psychologists agree the best way to get over a phobia is to get up close and personal with whatever terrifies you. It…

By Claire Warner

Why Monuments Around The World Went Dark On Saturday

On Saturday night, landmarks around the world went dark for an hour. If you were caught off guard by the sudden darkness in your city, you're probably wondering what Earth Hour means and what it has to do with you. The sight of an unlit Eiffel Tower might be a little unsettling if you don't know what's going on, but it's not a sign of the apocalypse — quite the opposite, in fact. Created by the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF), Earth Hour has been around since 2007; this year marks the event's 1…

By Claire Warner

How To Get Rosé Delivered Straight To Your Door

Is there anything you'd rather be doing at this very moment than drinking a bottle of rosé while reclining somewhere warm and sunny? I can't do anything to bring summer around any faster, but prepare to anticipate it even more than you already do. The Summer Water Societé, a wine subscription service launched earlier this month, promises to keep you supplied with rosé all summer long, and I am 100 percent ready for it. (I'm also ready for hot dogs and sunshine and trips to the beach. Can we fast…

By Claire Warner

Why You Should Complain Less At Work

It's a ritual that's been going on since the dawn of employer-employee relations: you roll your eyes for eight hours straight every weekday, then you get together with your friends for happy hour and complain about work until you feel better about spending your day at the kind of job your teenage self raged against. It might feel like these venting sessions are integral to maintaining your sanity — at the very least, they're super cathartic — but according to recent research, they might be doing…

By Claire Warner

Tours Of The Titanic Could Resume In 2018

If you've ever had a desire to live out the opening scene of Titanic, you might get your chance sooner rather than later. Tours of the Titanic shipwreck 12,000 feet below the surface of the Atlantic Ocean may resume in 2018, so you can dive down to check out its watery grave for yourself — provided you're not fazed by deep water, deadly icebergs, or the possibility of running (swimming?) across a ghostly passenger or two. Oh, and there's the chance you'll have to fork over your life savings for …

By Claire Warner