Claire Warner
Claire is a freelance writer whose work has been featured in Bustle, Ravishly, the Daily Dot, YourTango, and the Good Men Project. She splits her time between living in the South and a dreamscape off in her own head. Favorite topics include LGBT issues, feminism, and cats. Mostly cats.

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One Reason To Take Up Running In 2017

Although it's totally possible to live on nothing but pork rinds and jelly beans as a teenager, things like "general health" and "longevity" start to matter when you get older. If you're considering taking up exercise in the new year, here's some extra motivation: According to a new study, endurance running changes your brain over time in ways you might not expect. Call it the one reason to start running in 2017, because it turns out it's an excellent resolution in more ways than one. It'…

By Claire Warner

12 Resolutions To Make You Feel Less Helpless

After everything 2016 has thrown at humanity, the new year can't come quickly enough for some Americans. But if you're worried about the looming specter of Donald Trump's upcoming ascension to office, 2017 may be more intimidating than exciting. I'm not going to say not to worry about it, but if you're feeling helpless, these New Year's resolutions to make during Trump's presidency might be a way to keep yourself going strong. To be fair, resolutions are notoriously hard to keep, and many people…

By Claire Warner

The Biggest Changes To Social Media Made In 2016

It's been a weird year, to say the least, and not just because there were some huge changes to social media in 2016. The entire world had a brief, intense fling with "Pokemon Go." A possible 13th zodiac sign, Ophiuchus, threw the astrological community into chaos for a few weeks before fading back into the realm of fun facts to bring out at parties. Planned Parenthood received thousands of donations in the name of vice president-elect Mike Pence — and these are just things that have happened sin…

By Claire Warner