Gina M. Florio
Gina is a Features writer and reporter for Bustle and a regular contributor to Hello Giggles. Her work has also been featured in Brooklyn Magazine, The Establishment, and Mind Body Green. She's a Harvard alumna and an international yoga teacher who's very uncomfortable talking about herself in the third person.

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Is "I Want To Get Fit" Code For "Lose Weight"?

At my parents' house, there's a stack of small old diaries in the nightstand drawer of my childhood bedroom that I flip through every year when I visit for Christmas. I know that what I'm going to read will make the back of my knees sweat, but I peruse through the battered pages anyway, looking over all the messy bullet points outlining my New Year's resolutions for the last decade. There isn't a single year where I don't pledge to work out more and eat a healthier diet.  Nearly half the country…

By Gina M. Florio

Social Media Resolutions For Mindfulness

Most of us despise the very idea of them, but we usually get roped into declaring a few New Year's resolutions for ourselves anyway. We're predictable creatures, so our resolutions tend to be somewhat the same every year. A study in 2015 by Nielsen showed that the top priorities for Americans fell into the health and wellness category. On New Year's Day, 37 percent of us promised we would "stay fit and healthy," while 32 percent of us swore we would lose some weight. It's also not uncommon for A…

By Gina M. Florio

The Top Myths About Abortions, Debunked

It's one of the most taboo subjects in women's health, but speaking frankly about abortion is necessary if we want to provide women with all the information they need to make sound decisions about their bodies and health. Even though there are already a lot of conversations happening in our society around a woman's right to terminate her pregnancy, it's also important to consider the more clinical side of things. That means understanding the medical details of what having an abortion actually en…

By Gina M. Florio