Brianna Wu is head of development at Giant Spacekat, and the host of Isometric on 5by5 and Rocket on Relay.FM. She's an outspoken proponent of women in tech.

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This Trump News Is More Important Than Emails

It’s hard to imagine now, but in 1996, children with AIDS were cruelly treated as outcasts, with parents terrified they would somehow infect other children. These dying children were denied basic righ...
By Brianna Wu

The Double Standards In Clinton's Career Are Clear

On Friday afternoon, FBI Director James Comey announced an investigation into new Hillary Clinton emails. Based on multiple reports, it seems that the investigation will have little to do with Clinton...
By Brianna Wu

Today Is The Last Day To Register To Vote

Time is almost up. Tuesday marks the final day in twelve states to register to vote: Arkansas, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, New Mexico, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennesse...
By Brianna Wu

4chan Shuttering Is A Win For Feminism

The Internet’s most infamous hive of scum and villainy is at death's door, according to 4chan owner Hiroyuki Nishimura. In fact, the infamously community board could be gone or have its features sever...
By Brianna Wu

I'm Thrilled Clinton Is Taking On The Alt-Right

Speaking in Nevada last week, Hillary Clinton came out with an unapologetically fiery speech against Trump's new campaign chief, Steve Bannon. The former editor-in-chief of Breitbart, Bannon oversaw t...
By Brianna Wu

I'm Risking My Life Standing Up To Gamergate

This weekend, a man wearing a skull mask posted a video on YouTube outlining his plans to murder me. I know his real name. I documented it and sent it to law enforcement, praying something is finally ...
By Brianna Wu