Gina Tonic
When I was a kid my dream job was to become a ballerina barbie fairy princess - I'd say I'm about halfway there. I currently live in Manchester, UK but I'm from a teeny tiny town in the south of Wales. My passions include personal style, feminism, writing awful short stories and anything glittery.

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I Tried Fake Freckles & I'm Not Entirely Convinced

My skin has always been a wash of pure alabaster: It burns rather than tans, and I'm always returning from vacations almost exactly the same shade of translucent pale that I was when I left. With skin...
By Gina Tonic

I Tested 3 Different Approaches To Finger Waves

The only time that I've ever rocked finger waves was for my graduation, when I went and got my hair done professionally. The vintage style has always been one I adored but seemed impossible to manage ...
By Gina Tonic

This Podcast Series Is All About Body Positivity

For those who are searching for body positive content, podcasts are a great place to turn. There are Bustle's The BodCast or Bad Fat Broads to subscribe to (to name just two), and now, there is the Co...
By Gina Tonic

Torrid's New Insider Collection Is Fashion-Forward

Anticipating the forthcoming spring when we can finally ditch the layers and embrace the sun, Torrid has launched its brand new Insider collection — a luxury line that focuses on being as fashion forw...
By Gina Tonic

7 Deaf Beauty Vloggers You Should Be Following

There are literally thousands of beauty channels to follow, and it's hard to find ones that break the mold. Interestingly, there are plenty of diverse folks in the beauty vlogging realm, including a g...
By Gina Tonic

I Wore One Jumpsuit For A Week & It Wasn't Ideal

I'll be the first to admit that I live a fast fashion lifestyle — I hate being seen in the same outfit more than once a month, let alone once a week. So challenged with wearing the same jumpsuit for a...
By Gina Tonic

My Body Dysmorphia Disappeared When I Got Fat

I haven't been weighed in months, but I know I'm the fattest I've ever been. My stomach is fuller, my clothes tighter, and my nipples face totally downward. There was a time when this was what I feare...
By Gina Tonic

I Dried My Hair With T-Shirts For Two Weeks

I struggle to imagine that anyone else experiences frizz the way that I experience frizz. From three years of bleaching, on top of Hermione Granger levels of bushy hair, my ends aren't exactly the hap...
By Gina Tonic