Katherine Don is a Chicago-based writer and editor. She is the author of two YA nonfiction books, and her essays and journalism have appeared at Salon, The Atlantic online, The Huffington Post, and elsewhere. Follow her Tweets @KatDon1.

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Watch College Kids Swaddle Adults & Epically Fail

Before you have a kid, there are a few things everybody preps you for: The mountains of dirty diapers; the rivers of baby spit-up; the very real fact that no, you will never ever sleep again. Yet the ...
By Katherine Don

Could Your Marriage Be Hurting Your Health?

The link between marriage and well-being is pretty established at this point, thanks to a panoply of studies on the topic, including a major Canadian study from 2013 showing that marriage is more posi...
By Katherine Don

Doctor Says Baby's Too Big? They're Likely Wrong

As a woman who recently had a baby, I can personally attest that there are certain things you definitely don't want to hear when you're nine months pregnant — your doctor is out of town, your ankles l...
By Katherine Don

California Cracks Down On Pro-Life Clinics

On Friday, California Gov. Jerry Brown officially signed into law a landmark piece of legislation that passed in the state assembly by a large margin back in May. It's known as the Reproductive FACT A...
By Katherine Don

This Could Be Why You Have Asthma

Women get a lot of flack about their health choices while pregnant, from eating sushi to having that morning cup 'o Joe. Same goes when it comes to our vices. Need a drink? That’s a big no-no, since d...
By Katherine Don

Postpartum PTSD Is Real, & Here’s What To Know

Chances are you've heard about postpartum depression before, if you haven't experienced it yourself or know someone who has. Most women become acutely aware of it sometime around their six-week postpa...
By Katherine Don