Why We Made Bustle's New Podcast, 'The Bustle Huddle'

By Caitlin Abber

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Julia Shu, Producer; Caitlin Abber, Host; Anna Parsons, Producer

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Young Women Have Big Questions, And We're Answering All Of Them On Season 2 Of "The Bustle Huddle"

Huddle up, podcast listeners, because The Bustle Huddle is back for our second season, which means more women on the mic, and so much for you to be excited about. In the upcoming weeks, Bustle editors, celebrities, and experts will be answering…
By Anna Parsons

10 Websites About True Crime For People Who Have Read Every Book & Listened To Every Podcast

In recent years, there has been a rise in true crime content across platforms, but even the explosion of new TV shows, books, and podcasts can't seem to keep up with many people's insatiable interest in the macabre. If you, like so many other…
By Sadie Trombetta

9 Fiction Podcasts You'll Be Obsessed With If You Love Audiobooks

I've always wanted to be an "audiobook" kind of person. There is something so appealing, so capable, about taking in a literary experience while doing the dishes, folding laundry, taking a walk. But alas, my brain is not wired to lap up every single…
By Maddy Foley

3 True Crime Audiobooks To Listen To When You're Sick Of Listening To Creepy Podcasts

So, you've run out of creepy podcasts to listen to, and you don't know where to turn to next for your daily dose of madness and mayhem? Instead of listening to Serial for the umpteenth time, try one of these true crime audiobooks that will give you…
By Sadie Trombetta

These Are Dr. Pimple Popper's Favorite Popping Videos For Beginner Popaholics

Confession: Whenever I, a 32-year-old woman, encounter a cockroach, I cope by imagining that I am Wall-E and that the cockroach is my friend (and conveniently also the last living being on Earth). This technique has gotten me through many cockroach…
By Anna Parsons

11 Interesting & Informative Podcasts Grown-Ass Women Listen To On Their Morning Commute

What do you usually do during your morning commute? If you stare blankly out the train window, or through the windshield of your car, and wonder how on earth you're going to withstand the next 30 minutes to an hour until you get to work, it can all…
By Carolyn Steber

Why We Made Bustle's New Podcast, 'The Bustle Huddle'

From #MeToo to Cardi B, we're living during a time when young women's voices are more influential than ever before. Their experiences and opinions inform everything from which Instagram trends go viral, to who will be elected the next president of…
By Caitlin Abber

9 Podcasts About Books To Help You Figure Out WTF You Want To Read Next

Every reader knows there is no shortage of great books in the world, and that the real challenge is not finding a good title, but deciding which one to read next. If you have a hard time finding new reads, fear not, because there are plenty of book…
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7 Podcasts About Sex That Will Change The Way You View Everything

It’s not easy to find interesting, accurate, inclusive information about sex. Mainstream porn leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to gender equality, magazines are full of myths, movies and TV shows don’t show or tell much at all, and sex ed…
By Suzannah Weiss

7 Feminist Podcasts You’ll Definitely Learn Something New From

The explosion of podcasts as a popular medium has definitely been good news for women who want to get their voices, and their opinions, out into the world — and the results can make for some very feminist, very funny listening. Every podcast lover…
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13 Spooky Podcasts You Need To Download ASAP If You Love Horror Novels

Like any book-lover, reading will always be my first love. But sometimes, when you're jogging, or riding on public transit, or lying face down on your rug after a long day of work, reading isn't the most convenient activity. That's when podcasts can…
By Charlotte Ahlin