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Channel Sookie Stackhouse's Sassy, Springy Style

It appears that I'm not alone in my love of Sookie Stackhouse's spring style. And it could be argued that the award of "best dressed" True Blood character could easily go to Miss Stackhouse herself. Not only do I love her super, Southern Belle…
By Phoebe Waller

13 Ways To Wear Plus Size Neoprene Fashions

If you're plus-size, you may know the struggle all too well of falling in love with a piece on the runway and waiting three to five seasons until a brand designs something similar in plus-size, if ever. But thanks to indie designer Nakimuli, plus…
By Alysse Dalessandro

5 Ways To Rock Metal On Your Face For Spring

Every year, I always see some incredible standout makeup and hair trends on the runways, but before the actual season even starts, they seem to be forgotten, or they morph into a pale version of what they were originally meant to be. One of my…
By Sandra Roldan

7 Reasons Why Spring Is The Best Sartorial Season

If you ask me, spring is the best season. Exhibit A: Yesterday I met three two-day old lambs. My friend Raffy and I walked in the slight sunshine down the winding (and freaking dangerous — people drive like maniacs in the English countryside!) road…
By Freyia Lilian Porteous

23 Star Spangled Pieces For Spring

By Freyia Lilian Porteous

21 Mermaid Must-Haves For Spring

By Freyia Lilian Porteous

How To Make A Flower Crown In 7 Steps Or Less

If you’re a woman between the ages of 16 and 30, you’ve probably tried on a flower crown at Forever 21. You’ve also probably walked over to a mirror thinking you looked like Frida Kahlo (minus the brows). But surprise! It actually looks like a…
By Morgan Olsen

Spring-Clean Your Closet Into An Adult Wardrobe

Now that April is here, it's the perfect time to spring clean your closet. It's an important chore to tackle at least once a year, but if you don't have a goal in mind it can be a confusing, stressful, and ultimately pointless endeavor. So this…
By Kelly Dougher

This Is How You Style Rain Boots

April showers might bring eventual May flowers, but in the meantime, the constant rain of spring can certainly be a cramp on anyone's style. Be it drizzle or a downpour, the rain requires specific attention when composing a warm-weather wardrobe —…
By Melissa L. Haney

This +Size Collection Is So Confidence-Inducing

Although plus-size fashion is getting bolder and undoubtedly better in terms of variety and availability, there's still a certain sort of blandness that remains conspicuous in many a garment above a size 14. So when plus-size retailers stridently…
By Marie Southard Ospina

Everyone From JFK To YSL Is A Fan Of These Shoes

If I were to rank my excitement when it comes to shopping for different seasons, I’d say that shopping for spring would come in first, followed closely by shopping for fall. Buying new clothes and shoes in the spring and fall is exponentially more…
By Elaheh Nozari

Rock The Bold Blooms Trend With These Chic Finds

By Tyler Atwood

Lord & Taylor Wants to Supply Your Activewear

Lululemon, don’t take this the wrong way, but we might be shopping elsewhere for our athleisure wear goods, because Lord & Taylor just launched their activewear department. And it's pretty darn cute. Not only will Lord & Taylor have mainstream U.S.…
By Stephanie Chon

11 Fun, Quirky Headbands You Need For Spring

By Melodi Erdogan

Richmond, Virginia Has Some Killer Street Style

By Christine Stoddard

All Of The Best +Size Denim You Need This Spring

By Jodie Layne

22 Tots Who Have Their Shoe Game On Lock

Ever since North West started wearing mini Doc Martens and everyone else followed suit, it’s been clear that cool baby shoes are taking over. Well, now that she’s traded her docs for mini Adidas Stan Smiths and Wyatt Isabella was spotted in the…
By Augusta Statz

The Blonde Salad's Sister Releases Fun Bikini Line

Apparently, fashion runs in the Ferragni family because Chaira Ferragni’s sister, Valentina Ferragni, released collection of bikinis that's sure to up your beachside style game tenfold this summer. Let’s all rejoice, because these suits are just…
By Augusta Statz

How To Style A Wildly Printed Dress

The most exciting part about the weather getting warmer? Wearing dresses, aka Instant Outfits You Don't Have To Think About Putting Together. Styling a printed dress is certainly easiest when it's warm enough to go sleeveless and you don't have…
By Kara McGrath

Get Kate Middleton's Hot Pink Topper For Less

The effortlessly beautiful Duchess of Cambridge took a break from her pastel blue color palate (that had the world speculating whether she was having a boy) to throw us a style curveball. That's right, Kate Middleton wore a hot pink Mulberry coat.…
By Jamie Cuccinelli