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17 Gross Things About Summer

When I was growing up, summer was my favorite season. Back then, summer meant three homework-free months of camping, swimming, BBQs, hitting up drive-in movie theaters with my friends, epic road trips, fireworks, fields full of lightning bugs, music…
By Elizabeth Enochs

9 Things Women Who Wear Black Are Tired Of Hearing

I like popsicle colors and rock-candy hues just as much as the next woman, but that doesn't stop me from inflicting myself onto the hardships of wearing black during the summer. I don't know what it is, but my closet is bursting with somersaulting…
By Marlen Komar

Shimmer Through Summer In High Gloss Fashion

By Phoebe Waller

10 Black Women Killing The Flowers-In-Hair Game

Hair trends are always coming and going so fast that it is hard for me to keep up. The recent hair craze that I discovered on Tumblr is black girls wearing flowers in their hair. Yes, you heard it correctly, these ladies are wearing flowers in their…
By Charmaine Simmons

9 Mouth Watering Dessert Prints You Need

By Christie Drozdowski

9 Essential Items For Summer Job Interviews

OK, congrats to you if you have a job interview coming up this season, because I know how exciting that can be. The question you probably have, however, is what can you wear to a summer job interview? Let's be honest, those wool, linen pants that…
By Charmaine Simmons

11 New Ways To Style Floral Print This Season

Most of us have the flower print thing down pat, so you'd think you wouldn't need tips on how to style a floral pattern. But florals are a summer staple, and after a while they can feel a little too... tried and true. You seem to end up wearing the…
By Marlen Komar

10 Perfect Summer Sandal & Nail Polish Pairings

By Miki Hayes

11 Shoes To Try This Summer That Aren't Sandals

Now that we're in the middle of July, some of us might be ready to try out sandal alternatives, because there are plenty more summer-appropriate kicks to sport this season. It's the time of the pedicure now, and we see sandals as far as the eye can…
By Marlen Komar

How To TRULY Layer During The Summer Heat

I know that when one thinks of how to layer during the summer, you may have a moment where you stop and wonder whether you're a sadist. Who would want to put on heaps of clothes when the sun is bringing down its wrath? During a season in which we…
By Marlen Komar

What Dressing Up For The Beach Is Actually Like

I've always found that the way media portrays an ideal day at the beach vs. the reality has some comic gaps in it. Dressing up for the beach can sometimes be a little more complicated than we're lead to be believed. There are not many other places…
By Marlen Komar

The 11 Greatest Boho Fashion Muses Ever

There are some styles that just never seem to go off trend, and the women who epitomize these looks go down in history as fashion icons. Boho style icons are amongst the greatest legends of the fashion industry, and their hippie-chic aesthetic sets…
By Christie Drozdowski

7 Ways Tatty Devine's New Line Is A Summer MUST

By Raffy Marie Parker

5 Ways To Style A Summer Denim Vest

All good trends come full circle and the denim vest is no exception. Last season, denim took off — so it only makes sense to adapt the trend into yet another stylish summer. The classic look is a go-to for any seasonal festivity and can be…
By Kali Borovic

A Sunny Brooklyn Weekend With Sweet Style To Match

By Steffy Kuncman

7 Reasons Andrea Iyamah Swimwear's IG Is Amazing

The temperature is steadily rising, which means it is officially swimsuit season. Summer is the time for endless trips to the beach, lake, or pool, so your swimsuit collection must be on point at all times: This is where Andrea Iyamah swimwear comes…
By Charmaine Simmons

21 Caftans And Mumus For Your Comfiest Summer Ever

By Jodie Layne

Steal Zooey Deschanel's 'New Girl' Style

Who's that girl? It's Zooey Deschanel, AKA Jessica Day, the stylish protagonist of New Girl who has created an almost cult, quirky New Girl fashion following. I can't get enough. Ms. Deschanel has always been an eclectic dresser, favoring vintage…
By Phoebe Waller

Kiini Bikinis Bring Boho Vibes To The Beach

One quick Instagram search proves that #kiini bikinis are all the rage this summer as throngs of trendsetters flee to the beach. The swimwear, dreamed up in New York by Turkish born designer Ipek Irgit, can be found starring in some of the most…
By Katie Patton

11 Neckerchiefs You Need For Your Summer Wardrobe

By Melodi Erdogan