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New BBC Show Flat Out Fabulous Is Here To Transform Your Rented Home

Even your landlord will love this interiors overhaul.


The BBC's latest home makeover show sees properties receive the much-needed refurb they so desperately require. However, in contrast to the standard home renovation format, Flat Out Fabulous isn't aimed at home owners with money for major overhauls, but instead focuses on the millions of young people who rent across the UK. If this speaks to you, and a revamp of your rented home or flat wouldn't go amiss, here's how to apply for Flat Out Fabulous.

To apply, simply email, and state your age, location, and the number of housemates in your current property. Applicants must be over the age of 18 and live in a rented home or flat with at least two other people. You must also have a shared living space in dire need of a makeover, and consent of your landlord is required beforehand.

This "unique interior show" is on the lookout "for groups of mates who rent together with a living room that needs improving," but don't currently have the funds for any home improvements.

As mentioned previously, Flat Out Fabulous is specifically aimed at the millions of young renters in the UK, and hosted by talented designer Whinnie Williams.

Host Williams is of the belief that, no matter how small their budget, everyone has the right to a stylish pad. Throughout the new series, she will assist participants in re-designing and transforming their once boring living space — and prove once and for all that home renovations don't have to break the bank.