Nicolas Cage is Now Hosting A Netflix Show About Swear Words

It's actually kinda good?

Nicolas Cage in 'History of Swear Words,' via the Netflix press site.

It's only been a few days since History of Swear Words premiered on Netflix, but already it's risen to become the streamer's No. 3 show in the U.S. That gives it a strong case for a Season 2 renewal, though Netflix hasn't made any announcements about its future yet.

The show stars Nicolas Cage in a tongue-in-cheek performance as the debonaire master of ceremonies, who leads a crew of comedians as they track the origins of six of our most popular swear words: f*ck, sh*t, b*tch, d*ck, p*ssy, and damn (no censoring needed on that last one; it's barely a swear word). The series has gotten some positive praise on social media, as well as solid critical reviews, with Vulture's Jen Chaney commending its short episodes, educational merit, and Cage's "inimitable presence." "A sentence I did not expect to write: I wish the Netflix show about swear words hosted by Nicolas Cage were longer! The etymology is genuinely interesting and 20 minutes an episode just barely scratches the surface," tweeted Variety's chief TV critic Caroline Framke.

It's also worth noting that Netflix billed the first six episodes as "Season 1," rather than a limited series, which certainly leaves the door open for more. And lord knows there are plenty of other swear words to explore (may I suggest motherf*cker or b*stard?). The second season practically writes itself! Netflix, your move.