Gifting For The Person Who Has Everything


By Isabella Biedenharn

Whether you’re an expert gift-giver or a total novice, you likely have someone on your list who’s all but impossible to shop for. They could be picky, like your stylish sister who trusts clothes from no one, or a little too laidback, like your father who already has “everything he needs.” Either way, an otherwise-fun shopping experience can become a stressful day of head-scratching. Fortunately, our Gifting Squad of style pros is here to recommend gifts for even the most persnickety recipients.

You’ll hear from The Zoe Rerport’s Contributing Style Director Nicky Deam, fashion and beauty tastemaker Farah Pink, home and lifestyle expert Erik Conover, and Bustle’s Senior Fashion and Beauty Editor Sarah Tan. From trendsetters to hobbyists, homebodies to social butterflies, we’ll help you find a gift for every tough customer on your list. And best of all? Every gift is available at Macy’s, so you won’t have the added stress of running around to multiple locations or various websites. Consider it our holiday gift to you!

Nicky Deam, Contributing Style Director at The Zoe Report

For Nicky Deam, friends with great taste are the toughest to shop for. “There’s no one-style-fits-all gift for any of them,” she says. Her secret to shopping for these fashionable pals is to look for a color, brand, or silhouette she knows they’ll love. When pleasing the most people, though, winter accessories like beanies and scarves are where it’s at. “They can reinvent your outerwear with minimal effort,” Deam explains. And nobody can have enough of them.

Farah Pink, Fashion & Beauty Tastemaker

Fashion and beauty tastemaker Farak Pink puts her social media skills to use before shopping for gifts. “As the holidays approach, I start paying closer attention to [my friends and family’s] outfits, and even check out their last few social media posts to see if I can identify a piece that would complement their overall style,” Pink explains. For those in cold climates, she likes to gift outerwear because people can get so much use out of a single item. “But if I’m shopping for someone that lives in a warm-weather state,” she says, “I’d lean more towards loungewear or pajamas.”

Erik Conover, Home & Lifestyle Expert

Home and lifestyle expert Erik Conover thinks that upgrades are the best shopping strategy for the person who has everything. “If someone has a distinct style, consider finding a gift that is functional or an upgrade to something they already own,” he advises. Sure, they have a vacuum (even though it’s the one you shared in college): But they don’t have an app-controlled robot vacuum! And if you’re really in a bind, kitchenware is the way to go. “Nobody can have enough kitchen items like glasses and dish towels,” Conover says. “They can be used every day or for special occasions.”

Sara Tan, Senior Fashion & Beauty Editor at Bustle

For Senior Fashion & Beauty Editor Sara Tan, it’s all about functional beauty, like a luxe, hydrating hand or body lotion. “Everyone needs to keep their skin moisturized!” she says. When brainstorming gifts for those who are tough to shop for, Tan says, “I try to think of something they love, but will also be useful. Or something that they love, but might not buy for themselves.” The toughest person on her list? “It has to be my dad,” she says. “He has everything and loves to shop — so he buys what he wants!”

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