A celebration of all the things society told us we had to do, then shamed us for doing.

Here's The Reason Why "Looking Fake" Isn't Actually A Thing

"She just looks so...fake," I said to one of my friends, referring to whichever celebrity we were dissecting that day. We were in high school, a phase of life when everything got harshly categorized on either side of an unforgiving binary: Ugly or…
By Amanda Richards

Your Complete Guide To Wig Types, Courtesy Of Naomi Campbell's Hair Stylist

Wigs, lace fronts, closures, 360s, weaves, U-parts, vixen weaves, tape, glue, sew-ins, clips, bundles, wefts — OH MY. This is just the basic vocabulary associated with the various types of hair extensions. Feeling overwhelmed? Well, buckle up,…
By Gabrielle Prescod

These Women Spend Hours Every Week Getting The Most Incredible Acrylic Nails You've Ever Seen

In a world now full of cosmetic enhancements, questions like, "Are those your real lashes? Your real hair? Your real nails?" regularly pepper everyday conversations. Extra-long fake nails and lashes aren't primarily designed to be a secret anymore,…
By Olivia Muenter