holiday extravaganza

Snowballs Hitting People in the Face in Slo-Mo

It’s Monday. Wait — correction: It’s the Monday after a holiday weekend. You know what you need? A video of snowballs hitting people in the face in slow motion. I mean. It is probably exactly what you need right now, because Mondays are painful, and…
By Lucia Peters

10 Aww-Worthy Christmas Gifts In Books

Anyone can pick up a gift card and call it a day, but it takes special skill to come up with the perfect present for your loved ones. Not only do you have to dream up a brilliant idea, you have to nail the execution. It makes ideal gift deliveries…
By Stephanie Topacio Long

The Best Things About Christmas in the ‘90s

Well, you guys, we did it! We made it through the holiday season! Hopefully those of you who celebrate Christmas are all off making awesome new memories with your friends and family right now; that's where I am, and it's probably amazing. I say…
By Lucia Peters

The 11 Coziest Celebs of the Holiday Season

Even though Thanksgiving is long gone and Christmas is creeping up fast, I refuse to believe that the season of cozy is passing us by so quickly. If there is one thing I can do well, it is the fine art of #COZYGIRL, and when the holiday season is…
By Daniela Cabrera

How to Unplug for the Holidays

Are you taking time off for the holidays this year? I am — and what’s more, I’m going to try my absolute hardest to unplug myself from the constant state of connectivity I’m usually in so I can sit back and enjoy some of the finer things in life.…
By Lucia Peters

What Did CAH Spend Its Holiday Earnings On?

For the past few years, Cards Against Humanity has run what they call their Holiday Bullshit campaign. Also known as “10 Days of Kwanzaa or Whatever,” it works as follows: You pay Cards Against Humanity $15; they send you 10 mystery gifts throughout…
By Lucia Peters

Starbucks Sells HOW Many Gift Cards on Xmas Eve?!

This little tidbit may not be surprising, but it’s still a little mind-blowing: Guess how many gift cards Starbucks sold on Christmas Eve last year? If you answered, “An unfathomably large amount roughly equivalent to the population of the state of…
By Lucia Peters

11 Reasons to Reread 'Catcher' Around Christmas

Every year right before Christmas, I reread The Catcher in the Rye. I know I'm taking a risk admitting this. This book is associated with so many crazy incidents, and Holden Caulfield is one of the most intensely hated literary protagonists of all…
By Robin Beaudoin

25 Times Christmas Was Almost Ruined!

By Mary Grace Garis

9 Books to Help You Escape The Holiday Madness

Remember how magical the holiday season was when we were little? From Thanksgiving to New Year's, the world was full of elves, apparating presents, twinkly fairy lights, and, of course, books about mythical and miraculous happenings. The holidays…
By Erin Enders

Healthy Christmas Cookies? Yep, They Exist

By Rebecca Deczynski

Christmas Movie Quotes That Apply to Everyday Life

At this point, most of us can probably communicate by speaking only in Christmas movie quotes. We’ve seen ‘em all, and we’ve seen ‘em hundreds of times. We know them by heart, and they stick with us even after the tree is tossed and the snow melts…
By Chrissa Hardy

10 Adorable Gingerbread Houses We Wish We Lived In

By Nicole Piquant

WTF Things People Say to Singles at the Holidays

Can anyone explain to me why so many people’s relatives seem to think that the holidays are the perfect time to badger others about their relationship status? I mean, there’s catching up with someone because you haven’t seen them for a while… and…
By Lucia Peters

16 Red and Green Super Festive Christmas Cookies

By Jessica Booth

These Gingerbread Houses Are Truly Epic

When I was a kid, a truly epic gingerbread house occupied the main atrium of my hometown public library every holiday season. I already loved going to the library — books are one of my favorite things in the world, and always have been — but the…
By Lucia Peters

Your Guide to Living Like Kevin McCallister

It's natural for most of us to get a little tired of the Christmas songs played incessantly from Thanksgiving until December 25. However, it takes a real Scrooge to not revel in the merriment that is Christmas movies. From Elf to A Christmas Story,…
By Rachel Semigran

14 Profound Truths You Learn Watching the Yule Log

Last night, I did something completely outside my comfort zone. I took 45 minutes out of my schedule so that I could sit in complete stillness and watch the Yule Log (well, this Yule Log DVD. Who has a fireplace these days?). My (digital) crackling…
By Chrissa Hardy

The Craziest Holiday Shopping Destinations Are...

The other day, I braced myself in preparation for the dreaded holiday shopping (and all the must-go shops that I knew would be pure insanity this time of year) at the mall downtown. I had on comfortable shoes, an outfit I could walk around in easily…
By Courtney Mina

DIY Peppermint Shot Glasses? Yes Please!

Cheri Alberts of the food blog The Watering Mouth does many impressive things with her culinary skills — but I would argue that by far her most notable are her creative and tasty edible shot and shot glass recipes. Just in time for the holiday…
By Lucia Peters