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How Attorney & Fashion Blogger Cynthia Andrew Completes Every Summer Look With The Perfect Pair Of Sunglasses

By Kate Marin

Professional attorney and weekend blogger Cynthia Andrew is so much more than your average style influencer. She’s a multi-hyphenate creative, a career woman, and an expert at tailoring her style to express herself in every scenario — business and pleasure alike. Abiding by her four benchmarks of dressing — it must be carefree, colorful, feminine, and fun — Cynthia’s always dressed to a T in bold prints and colors.

In partnership with Sunglass Hut, we caught up with Cynthia to share her favorite tricks for creating the perfect summer look, including the one essential accessory she always has on hand. “I own over a dozen [pairs of sunglasses] and I actually keep two in my purse, just in case my mood changes,” she says. “Sunglasses really round out and complete a look.”

When heading out to her full-time gig as an attorney, Cynthia’s style is naturally a bit more formal, but never your run-of-the-mill business-casual. Even in a more limiting corporate environment, Cynthia does an impressive job of staying true to her colorful, style-forward ways.

“I've been caught between worlds now for a little while — the more traditional corporate attire as an attorney and the way less traditional and fashion-centered world of blogging,” she says. “Playing with colors, textures, and prints is a great way to bring those worlds together.” That’s why she opts for a tortoiseshell frame, like these Prada cat-eye sunglasses, to make any workday look instantly “sleek and effortlessly chic."

This summer, Cynthia plans on filling her weekends with road trips, day trips to the beach, and different festivals around the city. For outings like these, Cynthia opts for a more casual look — something she describes as “literally everything the [weekday look] isn't — completely unbuttoned, un-fussed, relaxed, fun.”

One of her go-to outfits for summer is a colorful sneaker paired with a playful minidress and gold-trimmed Bvlgari frames. “The little detail at the edge did it for me,” she says. “It's like the little extra twinkle that makes them special. I've received so many compliments in these sunglasses.”

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