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How This Self-Described Confidence Crusader Finds Strength In Loving The Skin She’s In

By Kaleigh Fasanella

When Caralyn Mirand was a senior in high school and most of her peers were reading up on scholarships and participating in clubs, she was busy competing in a teen plus-size modeling competition. Fast forward to now, a runner-up title and 183,000 Instagram followers (and counting) later: She has parlayed that experience into a full-time modeling career and has become a content creator and self-proclaimed “confidence crusader.”

She has built a platform where, especially in an oft alienating digital environment, people can feel welcomed without judgement. They can browse, read, and get answers to questions about everything from skin care and makeup to inclusive sizing.

“Anyone can sit behind a screen and call out someone’s faults,” says Mirand, “but it’s not worth giving them the satisfaction of responding.”

Instead, she believes it’s important to flood the internet with inspiring messages of self-confidence.

“My platform is a positive space for others, and when they look at my photos, they feel uplifted and happy.”

How does Mirand keep up such a healthy attitude for herself and her followers? “Confidence is something that I have to make the choice and effort to do every day,” she says.

And that usually starts simply enough: with little moments of self-care to nourish her mind, body, and soul. She gets out of the house to spend time with friends that ground her. She whips up smoothies packed with good-for-you ingredients. And she loves taking long, hot showers.

“It’s how I clear my head,” she says, “by letting it all go down the drain.”

Lately, Mirand says her showers have been even better than usual thanks to her new go-to skin-care product, NIVEA Nourishing Care Body Wash with Nourishing Serum, which just hit shelves and is already becoming a fan favorite. “It’s just so good,” she says. “I’m pretty passionate about moisturizing, because I’m always doing spray tans for work, so I have to keep my skin well nourished. This has been amazing for that.

I especially love that when I get out of the shower, my skin is soft and smooth; the product is so nourishing.”

The new body wash contains a unique Nourishing Serum that is enriched with plant-derived oils, essential lipids, and vitamins. The formula leaves skin looking healthy and feeling completely nourished. And anyone who has ever experienced truly nourished skin knows the power it conveys. “When I’m confident in my skin, I am the best version of myself,” says Mirand. That means feeling good on the inside and outside. It means empowering others to also love the skin they’re in and be their best selves. Most importantly, it means reassuring her fans that she’s in it with them, too: “I found confidence in my body when I realized it was a journey, not a destination."

Although Mirand feels like she’s only scratched the surface of her career up to this point, she’s already carved out an impressive role for herself. “I’m just your average-sized gal on a mission to help make other people’s lives easier...teaching them the tips and tricks to shine,” she says. Spoken like a true confidence crusader.

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Photography: Mary Fix; Makeup & Hair: Dre Brown; Prop Styling: Allie Leone; Art Direction: Diana Weisman/BDG; Production: Kat Fry/BDG