The 3 Best Oven-Safe Skillets

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Oven-safe skillets are a great way to step up your home cooking game and add versatility to your cookware. The best oven-safe skillets can withstand temperatures of at least 400 degrees Fahrenheit and are made from durable, food-safe materials.

Stainless steel is a common and well-liked metal for oven-safe skillets because it's durable, and usually has a high temperature rating. It's also dishwasher-friendly, so cleanup is easy. Stainless steel is not nonstick, so you'll need to be sure to grease your pan, especially when cooking delicate foods.

Cast iron skillets are both tough and naturally nonstick, but they can't be washed with hard soaps or put in the dishwasher. Cast iron skillets have a very high temperature rating and an even heat distribution, so many cooks love them.

Some nonstick pans are also oven-safe but, because of their coating, these skillets do not have as high of a temperature rating. And they cannot be used with metal utensils. However, nonstick pans do heat up very quickly and are perfect for cooking delicate foods like eggs.

Finally, you'll want to consider what size pan you need. Eight-inch pans work well for personal meals and side dishes, and they're easy to store. Larger pans in the 14-inch range can be used to cook for a larger group, or to make dishes that require more surface area, like frittatas.

Ready to upgrade your cookware? Here are the best oven-safe skillets you can buy on Amazon.

The Best Stainless Steel Skillet

  • Material: stainless steel
  • Diameter: 8 inches (also available in 10 inches or 12 inches)
  • Temperature rating: 600 degrees Fahrenheit

This oven-safe skillet is made from stainless steel with triple-ply construction, which gives it a more even heat distribution and better heat retention. It also has an ergonomic handle and is dishwasher-, broiler-, and oven-safe. This skillet comes in 8-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch sizes, so you can get one that's perfect for your specific needs, or purchase a full set.

One fan raved: “The handle is shaped very comfortably and does not get overly hot. The quality of the stainless and heating disk are top of the line. I picked this over the All Clad due to the handle shape, and I'm glad I did. This pan works excellent for it's intended purpose. No, it's not a cheap Teflon non stick pan. If you use this pan wrong, stuff will stick. But if properly used, this is an excellent pan.”

The Best Cast Iron Skillet

  • Material: cast iron
  • Diameter: 10.25 inches (also available in seven additional sizes)
  • Temperature rating: Not listed

This classic cast iron pan is a huge fan favorite, with over 60,000 five-star reviews on Amazon. The temperature rating is not noted, but cast iron can withstand high temperatures, and the included silicone handle holder is oven-safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. This pan comes pre-seasoned with vegetable oil and has easy-pour lips on both sides. It's available in eight sizes ranging from 3.5 inches to 15 inches, and it can be purchased with or without a handle holder.

One fan raved: “Throw your money at amazon and never look back. I cook a great steak. I love cooking steak. Enter this cast iron skillet (shout out to my momma for the recommendation). Holy crap this thing rocks. I cook everything in this baby [...] I love this skillet, what a phenomenal purchase.”

The Best Nonstick Skillet

  • Material: aluminum
  • Diameter: 10 inches (also available in 8 inches and 12 inches)
  • Temperature rating: 430 degrees Fahrenheit

This nonstick hard-anodized aluminum pan has a relatively high temperature rating of 430 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes is perfect for baked eggs or delicate fish. It has a stainless steel handle and rolled edges to make it easier to pour out sauces. It's dishwasher-safe and PFOA-free, and is a great choice for anyone who loves the ease of nonstick cookware but wants the versatility of a pan that can go from stove to oven.

One fan raved: “I bought this pan about a year ago and it's still holding up strong. I love it! Melted cheese wipes right out and it cooks evenly. We even use it in the oven sometimes and it works great that way as well. I would absolutely buy this again!”