48 Cheap Bougie Products That'll Make You Feel Like A Damn Queen

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Take it from someone who heads straight to the clearance section in every store: Looking (and feeling) good doesn’t have to be expensive. But that doesn’t mean embracing your inner queen is easy, either. The trick is to spend the least amount of money while still looking like you sent your bank account crashing into the red. So if you lean in close, I’ll let you in on a little secret — there are tons of bougie products on Amazon, all at cheap AF prices.

And I’m not just talking about luxurious bath bombs, or pajama sets made from soft satin — those are obvious picks. For this list, I’ve made sure to only feature the most bougie items that Amazon has to offer. Case in point? The miniature humidifier you can use practically anywhere. Not only does it feature color-changing LED lights, but it just looks more sleek than any humidifier I’ve ever seen. Or, if you’re looking for decor, make sure to check out the coasters made from chic white marble. That’s right — white marble. And with a stylish brass inlay on each one, don’t be surprised if guests start asking where you bought them.

With so many cheap bougie products available on Amazon, feeling like a damn queen has never been so affordable. Keep scrolling for my top picks.


The Slippers Covered In Soft Fleece

With soft fleece tops and memory foam insoles, these slippers are a definite upgrade from the socks you’ve got on. They also feature non-slip EVA soles, allowing you to go outside on quick trips to the mailbox — and they’re even available in 10 gorgeous shades. My personal favorite? The rich burgundy option.

  • Available sizes: Small — X-Large


A Pair Of Sparkling Stud Earrings For Less Than $15

Not only do these earrings cost less than $15, but the gems are real cubic zirconia — not glass or plastic. They’re plated with sterling silver, while reviewers with sensitive ears raved about how they didn’t cause any irritation. Plus, many even wrote about how they look like the “real thing.”


These Pillowcases Made From Soft Satin

Satin creates less friction against your hair than cotton, which means sleeping on these satin pillowcases can help tame frizz and bedhead. Each one features an envelope closure to help keep your pillow from sliding out — and with dozens of colors to choose from, there shouldn’t be a problem matching them to your current sheets.


A Candle That Burns For Up To 40 Hours

Available in more than 25 delicious scents, this candle can burn for up to 40 hours — a must-have if you always like to have one burning while you work from home. It’s made with eco-friendly soy wax instead of paraffin, and it has over 19,000 five-star ratings on Amazon.


The Pajama Set That’s Perfect For Hot Sleepers

Tired of sweating through the night? This pajama set is made from soft satin that lets your skin breathe while you sleep. It’s available in dozens of colors to suit any style — and the shoulder straps are even adjustable for maximum comfort. Plus, the hint of elastane gives it a little extra stretch.

  • Available sizes: X-Small — XX-Large


An Alarm Clock With A Dimmable Face

If your alarm clock is too bright for you to fall asleep, might I suggest upgrading to this one? The face is dimmable, making it easy to fall asleep — and the faux wood exterior gives it a bougie touch that’ll stand out in any room. And unlike some clocks, this one also tells you the temperature, as well as the humidity.


These Gourmet Salt Flakes Made From Volcanic Lava

Looking for ways to impress friends during your next dinner party? This gourmet salt contains volcanic lava stones harvested from the Westfjords of Iceland. Many reviewers were enthusiastic about the flavor, describing it as “delicious” and “unique” — and a little goes a long way when seasoning food.


A Water Fountain Made For Pets

I got this water fountain for my little pup — and speaking from personal experience, he drinks way more water than he used to. It also produces a light trickling noise, similar to the sounds that a decorative fountain would make. Plus, each order also comes with a silicone mat to help prevent water spots on your floors.


These Elegant Hair Clips Made With Faux Pearls

Not only do the faux pearls make these hair clips look more expensive than they are, but they also work great as bridesmaids or wedding accessories. The gold-colored plating pairs well with nearly any style, while the clips themselves are strong enough for thick hair.


A Set Of Jewelry Trays Made With Soft Velvet

Need somewhere safe to keep your jewelry? These trays are lined with soft velvet that won’t leave your precious pieces scratched or scuffed. There’s space for rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and more — and one reviewer even wrote that they’re “nice, sturdy and attractive. I love the way all my jewelry is displayed now, and easy to get to.”


This Swarovski Pendant That Comes In Multiple Finishes

Platinum, rose or yellow gold — you’ve got the choice of all three when it comes to this Swarovski pendant. The chain is adjustable, allowing you to choose how high or low it sits. And since the cubic zirconia gem sparkles just like a real diamond, it’s highly unlikely that anyone will doubt its authenticity.


A Peel That Leaves Rough Feet Feeling Smooth

When pumice stones aren’t enough to exfoliate your feet, it might be time to try out a foot peel — like this one. You only need to let your feet sit for about an hour, then kick back and watch as the outer layer of skin sheds away over the course of two weeks. And unlike many foot peels, this one comes with enough for two sessions.


The Pillow Mist Made With Calming Lavender

You only need to give your pillow a few spritzes of this spray, and the soothing lavender aroma can help ease your mind before falling asleep. The plant-based formula is vegan, organic, as well as cruelty-free. “Smells great,” wrote one reviewer. “I’ve noticed since using this product that I don’t wake up as much during the night, and seem to be more rested in the morning.”


These Indulgent Soaps That Produce Rich Lathers

This trio of luxurious soaps are a bougie upgrade that anyone can appreciate. Unlike liquid soaps, these bars produce rich lathers to help you scrub every inch of yourself clean — and each order comes with three scents: Newport, Greenbriar, and heritage.


This Heat Protectant That Lasts For Up To 3 Shampoos

If you live somewhere humidity is abundant, a frizz-defying spray like this one is a must-have. Heat-activated polymers work to protect your hair from moisture in the air while simultaneously infusing shine — and unlike many heat protectants, this one produces results that can last for up to three shampoos.


A Makeup Mirror With A Sleek Backlight

If your vanity is in a room without a ton of natural light, a backlit makeup mirror like this one is a must-have. Not only will it help you see exactly where you’re drawing that eyeliner, but it also offers one-, two-, and three-times magnification. Plus, three lighting modes let you switch between white, yellow, or warm white light.


A Jade Gua Sha Set That Can Help Reduce Unwanted Puffiness

The next time you wake up with a puffy face, give this gua sha set a try. The scraper helps you drain the lymph nodes in your face, while the roller is perfect for the delicate space underneath your eyes. And unlike some sets, both the scraper and roller are made from real jade stone.


All The Supplies You Need For An At-Home Yoga Studio

Not only does this set come with a yoga mat and carrying strap, but you also get two yoga blocks, towels, a stretching strap, and even a protective knee pad. Both sides of the mat are slip-resistant to help keep you stable as you stretch — and both towels are made from 100% soft, absorbent microfiber.


These Candles That Burn For Up To 30 Hours

You always want your candles to burn as long as possible, and this set has a combined burn time of up to 120 hours (30 hours per candle.) Each order comes with four scents: lavender, rosemary, vanilla, and French freesia. Plus, the tins they come packaged in are even reusable once the candle has burned down.


An LED Ball You Can Use Practically Anywhere

Use these glowing LED balls in your bedroom as a chic nightlight, or even line your driveway with them as a fun alternative to stake lights. While they aren’t waterproof, they’re still suitable for outdoor use — and each one only needs three AA batteries (not included) for hours’ worth of light.


The Travel Mug Made From Sleek Stainless Steel

With its fashionable stainless steel exterior, this travel mug is a definite upgrade from the plastic ones you’ve got kicking around your house. The vacuum-insulated walls are triple-layered, helping keep hot drinks toasty for up to 11 hours. Cold drinks will stay chilly for up to 26 hours — and with dozens of colors to choose from, you shouldn’t have any problem finding one that makes you feel like a damn queen.


A Travel-Friendly Set Of Luxurious Hand Creams

Made with 20% organic shea butter, these creams will help your hands stay soft no matter where you’re traveling. They’re loaded with antioxidant-rich vitamin E, as well as organic argan oil to help hydrate dry palms. Each order comes with three fragrances: amber cashmere, coconut milk, and lychee bilberry.


This Face Mask Made With Real 24-Karat Gold

It only takes about 20 minutes for this gold face mask to help brighten your complexion — but that isn’t even the best part. Not only is it made with real 24-karat gold, but the added vitamin E also helps moisturize dry, parched skin. And with thousands of positive reviews, many reviewers wrote about how they would “recommend this product to anyone.”


A Bubble Bath That Just Screams “Queen”

Just looking at this bottle of bubble bath is making me want to take a soak — and I’m not even a bath person. Cocoa butter and avocado oil help nourish dry skin, while notes of bergamot, dark vanilla, and amber work to ease your mind after a long day. The best part? The gorgeous bottle doubles as decor on your bathroom vanity.


The Gourmet Hot Sauce With Thousands Of Positive Reviews

Made with black truffle oil, ripe chili peppers, and organic agave nectar, you can’t call yourself a hot sauce aficionado until you’ve tried this gourmet bottle. Unlike some hot sauces, it contains zero preservatives — and reviewers raved about how it adds a good bit of heat to dishes. One even wrote that it’s their “go-to sauce on eggs, omelets, pizza, burgers, sandwiches and more.”


These Makeup Brushes That Come With A Case

From foundation to eyeshadow, this set of makeup brushes cover all of the bases. The bristles are made from densely-packed synthetic fibers, helping makeup glide onto skin — and the handles are even made from real wood. And unlike some makeup brush sets, this one also comes with a protective faux leather case.


This Grinding Tool For At-Home Manis & Pedis

Doing your own nails at home? This grinding tool can help you shape your nails in half of the time that it would take using a filing board. The speed and direction are adjustable, while the interchangeable grinding heads let you polish, carve, as well as remove gels. Choose from three colors: purple, gold, or silver.


A Sleep Mask That Won’t Put Pressure On Your Eyes

Unlike some sleep masks, this one is made from 100% soft, breathable Mulberry silk — and the adjustable strap means you can choose how tightly it fits across your eyes. It’s a must-have if you have a bright bedroom, or if you’ve got a long flight coming up. Plus, reviewers raved about how its “lightweight.”


The Coasters Made From Chic White Marble

Looking for an upgrade to flimsy cardboard coasters? These ones are made from white marble, and each one even features a sleek brass inlay for a chic touch. They’re large enough for wider cups, while the heavy marble won’t stick to your glass when you pick it up. Plus, the soft backing keeps your table safe from scratches.


A Bathtub Tray Made From Gorgeous Bamboo

Made from water-resistant bamboo, this bathtub tray has space for your tablet, wine glass, soaps, lotions, and more. The arms on either side expand to fit tubs of nearly any shape or size — and the wine holder locks your glass into place to help prevent spills. Plus, it also features little rubber feet to help keep it from sliding around.


This Durable Braided Extension Cord With 3 Outlets

Not all extension cords are created equal — not only is this one 8 feet long, but it also features three outlets instead of one. The power cord is braided for added durability, while the outlets feature a low profile that easily fits underneath furniture. Choose from more than 10 colors, including gold, red, green, and more.


The Gold Legs That Give Tired Furniture A Refresh

Add these gold legs to your furniture to give sofas, chairs, and more a cost-effective refresh. Each one is made from heavy-duty iron that can hold up to 250 pounds per leg, while the protective rubber tips at the base help prevent scuffs on your floors. And if you don’t like gold? They’re also available in black, chrome, or rose gold.


These Pillows Filled With Shredded Memory Foam

Memory foam pillows can be pricy, whereas this pair is available for less than $45. They’re filled with shredded memory foam, which means you can remove some for a lower loft. And since the covers are breathable (as well as hypoallergenic), they shouldn’t leave you sweating during warm nights in bed.


A Knife Block Designed To Fit Any Blade

With a universal design that can accommodate knives of nearly any shape or size, this block is a fashionable and functional addition to any kitchen. The exterior is made from sleek stainless steel, while the weighted bottom helps keep it from tipping over with larger blades. The best part? It takes up hardly any counter space.


The Miniature Humidifier You Can Use Almost Anywhere

From your car to your bedroom, this miniature humidifier can be used almost anywhere. It runs at an ultra-silent level — making it perfect for the office — while the water tank is large enough for up to six hours of continuous mist. And with its color-changing LED light, it’s easier than ever to set a relaxing mood after a long, stressful day.


A Setting Spray Made With Organic Green Tea

Give your freshly-done face a few spritzes of this setting spray to help lock in your look for the rest of the day. It’s made with organic green tea to help moisturize dry skin — and unlike some sprays, this one is suitable for sensitive skin. One reviewer even raved that “with this product, my makeup lasts 12 hours easily.”


This Fountain That’s Powered Via The Sun

If you’ve ever dreamed of having a luxurious fountain in your home, this one is an affordable option that costs less than $20. It’s solar-powered, which means there are zero complicated wires to deal with when setting it up. Plus, each order also comes with four interchangeable nozzle heads so you can adjust how high the water shoots.


A Gift Basket Filled With Delicious Biscotti

Not sure what to gift someone? You can’t go wrong with this delicious box of biscotti. Each order comes with five biscotti that have been hand-dipped in chocolate, then topped with a variety of tasty flavors. Almond crunches, caramel chips, cookie crumbles — I might even buy this box for myself.


The Bath Bomb That Explodes Into Shimmering Black Glitter

Some bath bombs only change the color of your water, whereas this one releases shimmering black glitter granules — perfect for channeling your inner queen. Coconut oil works to moisturize dry skin, while epsom salt helps sore muscles relax after a stressful day. Plus, reviewers raved about how it didn’t stain their tubs.


A Lamp Made With Real Himalayan Salt

Not only is this lamp made with real Himalayan salt, but the base is also made from neem wood — not plastic. It’s an affordable way to add a touch of chic to any room, while the eight different LED lights make it easy to set a relaxing mood. And unlike some salt lamps, this one has been carved out by hand.


These Soap Bars That Are Travel-Friendly

Don’t waste your time transferring soap into TSA-friendly bottles — bring these vegan soap bars with you on your next trip instead. The eco-friendly formula is plant-based, and the packaging is even compostable upon disposal. Each order comes with five bars: three shampoo, as well as two conditioner.


A Crossbody Phone Case With Space For Credit Cards

Designed for the iPhone 11 classic, pro, and max models, this crossbody phone case features space for credit cards, cash, and more. The heavy-duty zipper is made to last for more than 1,000 pulls, while the crossbody strap is great for anyone who is always misplacing their phone.


The Towel Hooks That Mount Without Drilling

Nervous about drilling into your walls? You can mount these towel hooks mount using the glue, or screws — both come included. The screws are made from tough stainless steel that can support up to 10 pounds, and they’re even resistant to rust. Choose from four finishes: brass, brushed steel, chrome, or matte black.


A Set Of Cooling Sheets Made From Soft, Breathable Microfiber

Quality bed sheets doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg — this set is available for less than $40. Each piece is made from soft, breathable microfiber that’s resistant to wrinkles. And since the fitted sheet is extra-deep, you won’t have to deal with it riding up over the mattress if you toss and turn.

  • Available sizes: Twin — California King


This Bed Light That Produces A Soft, Warm Glow

Don’t blind yourself with a bright overhead bulb in the middle of the night — let this soft LED light guide the way. The built-in motion sensor means it’ll only turn on when you step out of bed, if the room is dark. And since the LED bulbs have a lifetime of up to 100,000 hours, there’s no need to change them — ever.


A Shampoo Brush That Massages Your Scalp

Just add some of your favorite shampoo to this brush, then gently massage it into your scalp to get rid of dirt and grime. The bristles are made from soft silicone that’s gentle on sensitive skin — and the handle on the back helps you keep a firm grip when wet. Choose from five colors: black, green, purple, rose pink, or sea blue.


The Milk Frother For Deliciously Rich Coffee

When you’ve finally grown tired with your regular cup of joe, allow this milk frother to step up your coffee game. It only takes about two minutes to heat and whip up milk into a delicious froth, while the food-grade stainless steel interior won’t affect the flavor. Plus, the double-wall insulation helps keep your milk warm until you’re ready to sip.


A Soap Dispenser Made From Elegant Glass

Pour that plastic bottle of hand soap you’ve got sitting on your vanity into this dispenser, and your bathroom will instantly look nicer. It’s got an elegant, farmhouse design that pairs well with any style. And unlike some dispensers, this one is made from real glass — not plastic.