47 Cheap Home Upgrades That Look Really, Really Good

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A purchase doesn’t have to be expensive to be perfect. In fact, some of my favorite buys of all time have been bargains, because I’m a big nerd who loves to come in under budget — especially while shopping for home upgrades that look really, really good. There’s a bit of a thrill that comes with finding just the right item at just the right cost, and knowing that it’ll serve just the purpose you need it to (looking at you, rolling-cart-of-craft-supplies and storage bins, because I can’t quit you).

On that note, I try to keep my eyes open and my scrolling fingers at the ready while shopping on Amazon, because it’s actually chock full of cheap home products that look great. Whether you’re trying to fix a problem in your home (furniture repair markers, anyone?), or if you want to make a simple tweak (key hooks will change your life), there may be something here for you. There’s even a brand new duvet cover set that’ll upgrade your bedroom and make it that much cozier.

And, the best part? You’ll impress your friends with your bargain-hunting skills and impeccable taste. Scroll through this list to find your new go-to home upgrades.


A Contemporary Rainfall Shower Head That Comes In A Variety Of Finishes

If your current shower situation is not cutting it, this high-pressure, rainfall shower head may be just the thing. It’s available in six different finishes and has a maximum outflow of 1.8 gallons per minute, which helps save water (per the brand). Plus, installation is super easy and doesn’t require tools.


This Cable Management Box For Organizing Your Web Of Cords

This cable management box looks way cuter than a tangled mess of cords, IMHO. This option from can hold power strips up to 12 inches long, and it has varied cutouts to direct cords where they need to go. Plus, its neutral white color and wood top can match nearly any space.


These Peel & Stick Tiles That Look Just Like The Real Thing

This single-color peel-and-stick tile backsplash sheets can change the look of your entire kitchen or bathroom in just a few hours. They’re available in five colors (I personally love the teal), and each pack has ten sheets that are roughly 12 by 12 inches. They’re also made of heat- and moisture-resistant vinyl.


The Stick-On Marble Paper That Looks Like The Real Thing

Whether the backsplash in your kitchen needs an upgrade or if your work desk could use a pick-me-up, this PVC wallpaper can help. It’s backed with an adhesive that sticks onto clean surfaces with ease, and it looks like real marble. The paper is also simple to customize and clean, and many customers wrote that it’s “easy to apply.”


These Cabinet Pulls That Can Refresh All Your Cabinets & Drawers

Reaching for something daily means you’re allowed to make it as nice as possible, and case in point are these 5-inch, stainless steel cabinet pulls. They’re available in matte black, brushed brass, and satin nickel, and package sizes start with a single pull (all the way up to a set of 60).


This Grout Pen That Eliminates The Need For Scrubbing Tiles

The appearance of clean grout without hours of scrubbing? Yes please. This white grout pen paints over and seals grout, giving it a fresh and pristine look. Eleven colors are available in wide and narrow tip options, and each marker can cover up to 100 to 150 feet of grout lines.


A Set Of Solar Lights That Make Your Yard Feel Like A Laser Show

These pretty solar lights cast a decorative, firecracker-like shadow for a bit of extra charm. You can stake them right into the ground, and they’ll glow after absorbing sunlight during the day. They’re available in black or brown, and they come in a pack of six.


These Outlet Covers That Double As Night Lights

Did you know you can keep a night light on without taking up an outlet? This set of snap-on guide lights is designed for just that. They replace traditional outlet covers and have two built-in LED lights that shine through the bottom. They’re also offered in white and come in a pack of two.


This Compact Magnetic Shelf To Store Your Necessities

Part magnet, part shelf, and part hanger, this magnetic key rack and tray is a catchall. The strong magnets keep it secure on your fridge or door, or you can install it with screws wherever you need it most. Plus, the roughly 9.5-inch tray and six attached hooks give you plenty of options for storage and display.


These Wall Sconces That Bring Vintage Vibes To Any Room

These wall sconce lamps are available in seven gorgeous colors, and they work with Edison bulbs (but you can opt for other styles if you prefer). A switch is built into the fixture, which means there are no dangling cords to deal with. Plus, all necessary hardware for installation is included — you’ll just need a drill.


These Outlet Shelves That Create Storage Space Out Of Thin Air

Whether you want more counter space, less room for dangling cords, or another storage option for electronics, these outlet shelves can do the trick. They come in two-packs and you have the choice of white, black, or almond colors. They’re also easy to install without extra hardware and can hold 10 pounds each.


These Velvet Hangers That Make Your Closet Feel Absolutely Luxurious

These best-selling velvet hangers come in three styles (shirt, suit, and skirt), and five different color combinations for the velvet and hooks. Package sizes range from 24 to 100 — and you can likely expect standard closets to be able to hold quite a few of them since they’re slim, yet sturdy.


A Stylish Rug That Looks Vintage (But For A Fraction Of The Price)

You know how you can buy distressed jeans that are already perfectly worn in for you? Well, it turns out you can do that with rugs, too. This vintage-inspired area rug comes in 10 color options and seven different shapes, including runner, round, and octagon. Plus, it doesn't shed and is stain-resistant.


These Fan-Favorite Velvet Throw Pillow Covers Available In A Rainbow Of Colors

These gorgeous velvet throw pillow covers come in more than 40 colors (!) and nine sizes, so there’s something for nearly every decor style and color pallet (personally, I’m into all the blues and greens). Not only that, there’s a hidden zipper closure so they look great and stay put, but they’re still easy to remove and wash.


This Wireless Charging Pad That Makes It Easier Than Ever To Mange Your Devices

This popular wireless charger has three color choices, all of which look super sleek. It works with a range of devices and has with four charging modes. Additional features like dual rubber rings keep phones and the charger itself stable, and the indicator light confirms it’s in use (and turns off for sleep mode, too).


These Fancy Pet Food Bowls For A New Way To Spoil Your Fur Babies

Spoiling our pets is nothing new, but this pair of sleek stainless steel pet bowls takes it to a new level. The wide-mouthed bowls are installed in their holder at a 15-degree angle so pets can comfortably reach their food. Plus, they can be removed for maintenance and washing (since they’re dishwasher safe).


A Pack Of Smart Outlets To Instantly Modernize Your Home Tech Situation

These smart outlets are fan favorites, with multiple crowd-pleasing functions like voice control via Alexa or Google Home Assistant, app control from your phone, and scheduling and timer functions you can set based on your own preference. They come in a four-pack, and according to buyers, they’re easy to both install and use.


A Set Of Touch-Up Markers To Extend The Life Of Your Furniture

This furniture repair kit means you always have what you need to refresh your furniture and cover scratches as well as damage quickly and easily. It comes with six wood markers in unique colors, six wax sticks in the style of crayons, plus a coordinating sharpener. That way, you can match a variety of wood and finish types.


A Multipurpose 2-Tone Basket That’s Stylish AF

A cotton rope basket is a great piece for most rooms, but when you add handles? Be still my heart. This option from Goodpick comes in five different color patterns — and its wide, tall shape makes it versatile for toys, blankets, laundry, and more. You can fold it when it’s not in use, and it’s even machine washable.


This Luxe Duvet Cover That Looks Like It’s From A Fancy Hotel

This duvet cover set comes in three sizes and seven options for your color and stitching. Each set includes the duvet cover and one or two coordinating pillow cases. The set itself is made of polyester microfiber, which means it’s machine-washable, super soft, and easy to maintain. Many customers wrote that it’s “super soft” and a “great value.”


This Plush Throw Blanket That’s Cozy & Versatile

This tasseled throw blanket comes in six colors (including neutrals and bold options), and two sizes (twin and throw). It’s made with acrylic and polyester, so it’s durable and machine washable — and it’ll work in your living room, bedroom, or even outside on a cool night.


A Set Of Gold Silverware To Make You Feel Like Royalty When You Eat Your Cereal

Alert: Silverware doesn’t have to be silver. This set of matte utensils from O.C.E. comes in black, gold, blue, silver, or rose gold (as well as, yes, traditional shiny silver). It has service for four people, with each place setting including dessert and dinner forks, dessert and dinner spoons, and a butter knife.


These Practical & Adorable Glass Jars That Come With Stick-On Labels

These glass canisters are small enough to be cute, and still big enough to be super practical. They come in sets of 10, with three sizes to choose from (2.4 ounces, 7 ounces, and 10 ounces). The lids are bamboo with a silicon-lined rim — and the best part? Chalkboard labels are included.


A Best-Selling Set Of Grippers To Keep Your Rugs In Place

These grippers are fast and easy fixes when it comes to keeping your rugs in place. This highly ranked set adheres to rug corners and then uses suction to keep your rugs secure on many types of flooring. You can still adjust or remove the rugs for washing, and there’s no residue left behind.


This Best-Selling Self-Watering Pot So Your Plants Stay Healthy & Pretty

A self-watering pot is the real MVP for those of us who don’t have a green thumb. Made of durable plastic, this choice comes in four sizes and five colors. The reservoir holds up to two weeks of water, and the bottom tray has subtle risers to protect surfaces.


The Echo Dot Smart Speaker With Stylish Display Options

“Alexa, how many Echo Dots do I need?” Amazon’s popular Echo Dot smart speaker comes in traditional charcoal and plum colors, and even a Mandalorian-themed version. It’s compact design gives you the ability to add Alexa to any part of your house so you can make calls, turn on music, check the weather, get the news, and more — all hands-free.


A Set Of Drawer Organizers To Bring Order To Your Most Cluttered Spaces

I’m firmly in the belief that one can never have too many storage options, like these cloth drawer storage bins that come in a set of six. Two each of small, medium, and large sizes make for multiple possible configurations in your drawers, and they’re all collapsible when not in use.


A Set Of Transparent Bins That’ll Make You Feel Like A Professional Organizer

This set of eight pantry organizers can be used in a variety of ways: as traditional bins in your cupboards, as fridge and freezer organizers, or even as drawers since they have built handles grip for easy pulling. There are two different sizes (four each), and they’re entirely transparent for easy sorting and searching.


This Gorgeous Wood Bowl To Impress Your Guests

This wavy serving bowl can stand on its own as a statement centerpiece, or it can work as a functional serving dish. The natural wood gives it a classic look, but the wavy shape makes it feel contemporary and chic. Both small and large sizes are available, as well as a set that includes a straight-sided bowl, too.


An Ottoman That’s Part Foot Stool, Part Storage Bin

Why settle for a regular ottoman when you can get an ottoman with storage? Available in beige, blue, and grey, this one is large enough for blankets, toys, board games, and more — and it doubles as a bench. Plus, when it’s not in use, you can fold it down for easy stashing.


This Modern Wine Rack To Display Your Favorite Bottles

There are some gorgeous wine labels out there, so this freestanding wine rack is a great choice for anyone who likes to keep them on display. It holds seven full-sized bottles and comes in gold, brown, or black. It’s less than fifteen inches long and made of metal, so it’s a versatile choice for seasoned and aspiring wine-aficionados.


These Sleek Shower Shelves With Adjustable Hooks

This versatile pair of mounted shower shelves can bring a cohesive look to your shower while adding space. Available in monochromatic black or silver (as well as a black with silver accents), these stainless steel shelves have a wire bottom for easy drainage. They come with the necessary adhesive for hanging, too.


This Ceramic Essential Oil Diffuser That Looks & Smells Good

This essential oil diffuser and humidifier offers “whisper-quiet operation,” per the brand — and it comes in ceramic white with faux wood panel and buttons. The LED light has nine different color options, as well as timer settings and waterless on-and-off features. Two sizes are available: 100 milliliters and 250 milliliters.


These Pretty Napkins To Take The Place Of Scratchy Paper Ones

Reusable and eco-friendly linen dinner napkins can reduce waste and add a chic touch to your table. This four-pack is available in eight pretty colors (TBH, I’m kind of tempted by all of them), and each napkin measures 20 by 20 inches. And of course, they’re machine-washable so you can toss them in the wash and use them over and over.


This Highly Rated Bamboo Organizer That You Can Customize To Your Needs

Need a cutlery organizer? Here you go. What about a desk tray? Boom. This expandable drawer organizer is adjustable, so you can extend it or scale it down based on your needs. It’s made of bamboo wood and offers six to eight compartments based on how you set it up.


These Elegant Candle Holders To Add Height To Your Table Or Shelves

This sleek trio of candle holders comes in black, white, silver, and gold — and each one holds three-quarter-inch taper candles. They measure roughly 9.5 to 13.25 inches high without candles, and the base  — all just over 3 inches wide — have soft pads to help protect surfaces. They do require some assembly, which reviewers say was super easy.


This Set Of Artificial Plants That Are As Durable As They Are Cute

These mini artificial plants look just like the real thing, and they come in paper pulp pots that suit a variety of decor styles. Each set has three different faux plants, all of which measure approximately 9.5 inches tall. They’re suitable for indoor and outdoor use, but the best part? No watering is required.


These Slow-Burning Soy Candles That Come In The Most Amazing Scents

This popular soy jar candle from Lulu Candles comes in more than 30 delightful scents, and a variety of sizes and styles — including 6 ounces and 9 ounces — and with or without lids. The wicks are made of 100% cotton, and the brand boasts “one of the longest burn times in the market.” I’ll just be over here daydreaming about what “Midnight In Paris” smells like.


A 6-Pack Of Versatile Storage Bins In Classic Or Bold Colors

Fabric storage cubes are a staple in my household, so this popular six-pack with handles has me sitting up and paying attention. It’s available in six colors, and the bins can be used on their own or as drawers. Or, if for some reason you don’t immediately fill them like I do, you can always fold them down and easily tuck them away.


An Elegant Bamboo Floor Mat For Your Bathroom

With four sizes and two colors available, this bamboo floor mat can work in a variety of spaces. Anti-slip inserts help keep the mat in place, and the waterproof coating protects it from post-shower drips. In addition to the high-end appearance, buyers especially love how durable it is, too.


A Set Of Stoneware Coasters That Will Look Great On Your Coffee Table

These gorgeous and absorbent ceramic coasters make a decorative statement and safeguard your surfaces from drips. Cork padding also adds an extra layer of protection, and the 4-inch diameter of the coasters is a practical size for a wide range of glasses and mugs. They come in a pack of six, so all your busiest areas will be covered.


A Piece Of Hand-Woven Macrame Art For A Homey & Chic Vibe

The natural textures and fibers of this macrame wall hanging make a stylish addition to a gallery wall, but they also work well on their own as a statement piece. The durable cotton rope won’t sag over time, according to the manufacturer, and the various hanging options mean you can display it in whatever way works best for you.


This Playful Neon Light That Transforms Whatever Room It’s In

Now you don’ t even have to leave your home to enjoy the vibes of a whimsical neon light. This affordable, heart-shaped choice is powered by a USB cord and measures roughly 14 by 14 inches. It gives off an ambient red glow, and has pre-drilled holes to make installation simple and easy.


These Geometric Serving Trays That Fit Together In A Variety Of Ways

These colorful geometric trays can serve food, hold jewelry, display trinkets, organize office supplies, and more. Each set comes with four pieces that are all different colors: one large and one medium hexagon, and two small rhombuses. They’re made of lightweight plastic, and so they’re durable and versatile, too.


This Word Clock That’s Unlike Any Clock You’ve Ever Seen

Excuse me while I stare at this electronic word clock. Available in black and wood colors, it tells time in five minute increments. It’s square-shaped and just under 8 inches on each side, so it’s compact and portable, too. Plus, it’s powered by USB, so you’re not limited to wall outlets for placement.


A Frameless Tabletop Mirror That’s Decorative & Practical

This decorative frameless mirror — which is available in a curvy cloud or mango shape — is a great alternative to a standard mirror. It comes with a wooden stand and is lightweight so you can reposition it or move it with you while you get ready. Measurements vary between the two styles, but they’re both roughly 9.5 inches tall.


These Smooth & Sturdy Platters To Level Up Your Serving Game

If you’re hosting or just enjoying your own tray of snacks on a casual Monday (goals), this set of large serving platters will come in handy. At 12, 14, and 16 inches long, these all-white porcelain platters are oven-safe, dishwasher-safe, and microwave-safe. Plus, they’re made with a slightly curved edge for easy handling and less spilling.