42 Clever Ways To Organize Your Sh*t You'll Wish You'd Known Sooner

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by Laura Harper
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Most of us dream of having an organized home or office. I mean, it would be amazing to step in the door and not be greeted with a pile of mail on the counter (or a desk covered in pens and paperwork), wouldn’t it? Creating a clutter-free system for work — or more simply, life — can be difficult. Luckily, Amazon is practically brimming with clever ways to organize your stuff that are seriously cool and oftentimes inexpensive. No clutter is left out and about, thanks to these ideas that range from over-the-door racks to shelving units and nifty containers. Because, let’s face it, it’s all about making use of the space you have available — and if you’re like me, that space often comes at a premium.

Whenever the mood to straighten up my life strikes, I head to Amazon and search a vast selection of ingenious storage ideas. As a coffee-mug collector, I find this topple-resistant coffee mug organizer a game-changer when it comes to setting up my cupboard, and this front seat organizer is a must-have if you spend a lot of your day in the car. Amazon leaves no mess unattended to with smart solutions to tidy up virtually every aspect of your day and so many of them come highly reviewed.

Scroll down for some of my absolute favorite smart — and savvy — organizational tools.


This Bedside Storage Organizer That Uses The Side Of Your Bed

Hang this bedside organizer on the side of your bed to keep all your essentials — and even a few nonessentials — within easy reach. The sturdy mounting board slides easily under your mattress. Plus, two large cloth pockets provide space for tablets, magazines, and pens, while four smaller mesh pockets provide the perfect spot for glasses, phones, and remotes.


These Wire Shelf Dividers For Towels, Sheets, Or Shirts

Find your favorite T-shirt easily with these wire shelf dividers. They’re each deceptively simple, hooking easily to existing wire racks and creating cubbies for classification. Taking just seconds to install on standard 12-inch wire shelves, these dividers are ideal for linen closets, too, letting you coordinate your sheets and towels.


These Space-Saving Hangers That Can Handle Heavy Coats & Dresses

I have a lot of clothes, but not a lot of closet space. These hanging organizers make it so simple to hang up all my stuff without looking cluttered or overstuffed. Each hanger handles up to nine pieces, and you get six in the pack. They rotate 360 degrees so you can dry your delicates easily. Think of all the possibilities.


A Rotating Makeup Organizer That Even Has Room For Your Brushes

Contain the clutter on your bathroom counter with this rotating makeup organizer. It’s got spots for your makeup and your brushes, keeping them all in one super-smart spot. Adjust the seven layers of shelving to make space for larger bottles and containers. It comes in your choice of black, clear, or white.


A Set Of Clothing Organizers That Offer Seasonal Storage

Put your winter woolens and heavy comforters away for the spring and summer seasons with this set of large storage organizers. The thick fabric construction is flexible for versatile storage, easily handling pillows and big blankets. Clear sides make it easy to remember where you’ve stored your stuff. It’s available in gray, blue, or black.


A Drawer & Shelf Organizer That Keeps Your Clothing Neatly Stacks

I’ve always wanted my closet shelves to look like those found at H&M and Urban Outfitters. This organization system makes that want a reality. The stackable design makes it easy to remove and replace your clothing without having to rifle through the whole stack. Slender panels don’t take up space, providing even more room for your stuff.


This Bamboo Drawer Organizer That Expands To Meet Your Needs

A 4.7-star rating from over 20,000 reviewers make this bamboo drawer organizer an instant cart addition. It’s expandable to fit most kitchen drawers, creating a custom look you’ll love. A range of compartment sizes fit everything from your cocktail forks to your serving spoons. Plus, the bamboo supports effortless maintenance with a simple wipe-down.


These Adjustable Dividers That Increase The Function Of Your Drawers

Turn your junk drawer into an organized system of clutter control. This set of six drawer dividers is adjustable to make the most of even compact space, letting you separate office supplies or keep your kitchen gadgets contained. They expand from 11 to 17 inches — with just a click — to fit most standard drawers, and rubberized ends keep them in place.


These Adhesive Cable Clips That Keep Your Cords Contained

There’s really no end to the uses you can find for this pack of adhesive cable clips. You could stick them on your desk or baseboard to organize charging cables and keep your phone in place. However, you could stick one on the bathroom wall as a simple toothbrush holder. Check the reviews for even more clever ideas.


A Multifunction Wall Organizer For Brooms, Garden Tools & More

Mount your mops or tackle tool organization with this handy broom holder. It has both hooks and holders so you can create an entire system for managing a messy supply closet. The hooks flip out when you need them, or you can keep them folded for a super-sleek setup. Spring-loaded clamps keep broom handles from slipping. How smart is that?


This Pan Organizer That Fits In Your Cupboard Or On Your Counter

Are you still stacking frying pans and lids wherever you can find the space? This five-level pan organizer — four pans vertically — finds the space for you and looks great on your countertop. If you’ve got the room, it fits neatly in your cupboard. Simply set it up, slide in your pans, and done. Next topic.


This Toothbrush Holder With A Built-In Toothpaste Dispenser

Make the most of your bathroom space — and keep your oral care clean — with this convenient toothbrush holder and dispenser. It offers a spot for up to four toothbrushes and comes with 2 cups so you’re not wasting paper. A nifty little drawer is a perfect spot for floss, and the shelf on top can hold lotions or lip balm.


A Box Organizer That Assembles Without Needing Any Tools

Organizing the little daily details — like plastic wrap and tinfoil — doesn’t have to be a chore. This lightweight box organizer keeps those cartons contained and easy to access. Three levels offer ample space, and the adjustable setup can handle value packs. Use this simple holder for your sandwich bags and wax paper for easy lunch bag access.


This Remote Control Holder That’s Also Good For Pens & Office Supplies

Provide a sophisticated spot for your ever-expanding remote collection with this sleek leatherette holder. Six slots offer ample storage space — you can even use it on your desk for pens and other office supplies. A choice of finishes lets you match your upholstery or add a bold pop of color.


A 2-Pack Of Over-The-Door Cabinet Organizers That Keep Your Kitchen In Order

What’s better than an over-the-door organizer that works with kitchen cupboards? Two over-the-door organizers that work with kitchen cupboards. The simple design is compatible with standard cupboard doors and has a slim profile that’s ideal for storing cutting boards or baking sheets. No more jumble of items in your kitchen cabinets. Foam padding keeps your door safe from damage.


An Adjustable Rack For All Your Baking Essentials

Adjust your storage to meet your needs — not the other way around — with this adjustable storage rack for bakeware. A compact profile fits easily into your cabinet and detachable dividers customize your space for everything from slender baking sheets to deep dishes and pie pans. Coated steel wires keep your cookware from scratching.


This Under-Sink Organizer That Works Around Your Kitchen Plumbing

You know that dead space you have under your sink that you can’t really use because of the plumbing? This amazing expandable rack actually lets you use it. It fits around the plumbing and offers two levels of storage for cleansers, sponges, dish soap, and more. Use it in your kitchen or bath or get one for each cupboard.


An Ironing Board Hanger That Has a Shelf For Your Iron & Steamer

Save a bit of space in your laundry room or closet with this ironing board holder that has a handy shelf. The hooks underneath keep your ironing board stored and handy, while a wooden shelf on top has space for both an iron and a steamer. It’s cute, too, with a wrought iron finish that adds a rustic touch.


A Bottle Organizer That’s Adjustable For Water Bottles Or Baby Bottles

Stop bottles from bouncing around and falling with this three-level bottle organizer. It snaps together easily with adjustable shelves to handle every size — how smart — and the curved platforms keep your bottles from rolling around. Use this neat storage for baby bottles or insulated water bottles. One reviewer wondered,” Why didn’t I buy this years ago?”


This Tension Pole Shower Caddy That Frees Up Your Tub

Balancing bottles and washcloths on the sides of your tub? Pick up this tension pole shower caddy instead. Four levels provide ample space, and the wedge profile fits easily into a corner of your tub or shower stall. choose from rust-resistant steel or bronze finishes for an inexpensive and attractive storage addition to your bathroom.


These Fridge Bins That Help You Stay Organized

The next time your fridge has devolved into a jumbled mess of jars, bottles, or even veggies, try tidying it up with these bins. Not only are they great for staying organized, but the non-slip feet also prevent them from shifting around inside your fridge.


A Versatile Storage Station That Has 3 Acrylic Drawers

Pretty and petite, this countertop organizer offers an easy way to store everything from tea bags to cotton balls. The clear acrylic drawers let you see what’s inside and pull out quickly for easy access. Totally versatile, this holder can be used upright or flipped on its side — the drawers fit either way. Pick from clear, black, or white.


This Boot Organizer That Keeps Your Favorites Looking Fabulous

Whether you’ve got a collection of cowboy boots or if thigh-highs are your thing, you need this boot organizer in your closet. The sturdy metal rack holds up to 10 pairs, keeping them in protected and ready to wear. You get the rack and six hangers. One customer, wrote that it’s “amazing for boot lovers!”


This Closet Organizer For Shoes That Makes The Most Of Smaller Spaces

Save your stilettos from the jumble of your closet with these clever shoe organizers that really save on space. Each one features a double design so you can layer your shoes on top of each other without crushing them. They’re easy to see as well. Whoever invented this deserves a medal. they come in black or white.


A Pantry Organizer That You Can Hang Over The Door

Use the space on the back of your pantry door for some serious storage with this hanging pantry organizer. The generous pockets can handle large bottles or multiple cans of your most-used spices — all so you don’t have to rummage through the recesses of shelves. Each pocket is clear for easy viewing, and with a convenient two-pack, you can use one for closet organization.


This Hanging Jewelry Organizer That Has 80 Pockets

Keep jewelry or crafting supplies visibly stored for easy reach with this hanging jewelry organizer. Clear pockets make it easy to see your items, and a range of pocket sizes are ideal for small rings, bracelets, and even larger pieces. The 80 pockets can handle your whole collection; choose from a range of color options.


This Compact Wireless Charger That Has Spots For Your Phone, Watch & Earbuds

Power up your devices all in one spot with this three-in-one wireless charging station. The charging pad is compatible with most wireless-charging-enabled phones. There’s a spot for your AirPods and a space to hang and charge your Apple watch, keeping everything neatly contained. Plus, it’s small enough to sit on your bedside table. Two colors — black and white — are available.


These Pull-Out Drawers That Slide Onto Shelves

Need a little extra storage space? This pull-out drawer is designed to slide onto nearly any shelf, giving you even more room for all your belongings. And with smooth ball bearings, the basket seamlessly glides back and forth without any jerking.


An Organizer That Helps Tidy Up Your Front Seat

If your passenger seat has devolved into a jumbled mess, try using this organizer to tidy things up. 16 compartments give you tons of space for everything from mail to tablets — and there’s even a tissue dispenser built into the back half.


A Sturdy, Retro Stand That Holds Books & Magazines

Go a little retro with your desk or bookshelf setup when you put this metal stand in place. The simple multifunction profile has nine slots for books, brochures, or magazines, and a geometric design adds a modern look to your space. It’s metal for lasting use and available in three finishes.


This Simple Stacker That Keeps Your Mugs From Tumbling

It’s okay to stack your mugs with these coffee mug organizers in place. They’re expandable to fit a range of cup sizes and come in a convenient pack of six to handle your entire mug collection. They almost add an invisible shelf in your cupboard. One reviewer called them “absolutely brilliant.”


A Set Of Modular Bins For Keeping Your Wine In Reach

Connect the pieces of this wine and water bottle organizer together to make the most of your refrigerator space. They click together easily, creating a sturdy space for storage. Clear acrylic sides make it easy to read labels, too; stack them on top of each other for effortless organization.


This Raceway That Helps Hide Messy Wires

Got a desk that’s overloaded with messy wires? Keep them out of sight by running them through this raceway. There’s enough space for up to 10 thick power cables — and the open-top design makes it easy to pull out specific ones you’re looking for.


This Over-The-Door Organizing Rack That Offers A Range Of Clever Uses

Show off your purses or keep towels easily on hand with this two-pack of thoughtful over-the-door organizing racks. Six ultra-deep pockets on each can handle rolled bath towels and your largest totes, and clear plastic fronts let you easily see what’s inside each slot. Choose from white, gray, black, or java brown.


A Storage Ottoman That You Can Fold & Store Between Uses

Get storage or extra seating when you need it from this folding storage ottoman, which doubles as a stool. Lift off the top, and you’ve got space for books, remotes, or blankets. Don’t need it right now? Simple fold it down and stash it in a linen closet. This is available in three colors: midnight blue, modern gray, and tweed.


This 5-Tier Tray That Holds & Displays Your Shades

You love your collection of summer specs. Why not show them off with this clear sunglasses organizer? Just like the kind you find in your favorite shop, this stand holds up to 10 pairs and offers easy access. This versatile design also makes a great nail polish holder or makeup organizer.


A Set Of Baseball Cap Organizers That Stretch Over Your Door

It’s okay to buy another cute cap for your collection when you’ve got this set of baseball cap organizers to keep it properly stored. Each stretchy strap mounts over your door and has nine hooks for caps or visors. The sturdy double-stitched hooks hold up to two caps each to display up to 36 hats.


A Clever Key Organizer That Features A Multitool

Snap your keys into this compact key organizer that doesn’t take up space in your pocket or bag. The luxe leather look delivers an upscale, minimalist look, and a secure bolt keeps your keys in place. As a little added bonus, this organizer comes with a small multitool so you’re never left without a screwdriver when you need it most.


This Belt & Accessories Organizer That You Can Hang Up In Your Closet

It’s easy to store your accessories together with the rest of your wardrobe when you have this multifunction belt hanger hanging on your closet rod. Eleven hooks let you store a range of belts, scarves, necklaces, or a combination — and the balanced design keeps items from slipping off. Eco-friendly ABS plastic construction delivers a little added peace of mind.


A 2-Piece Spice Rack That Can Also Be Used To Store Makeup, Office Supplies & More

Alphabetize your spices and keep them on display with this two-piece spice rack. You can use them separately or slide them together for one mega display shelf. Bamboo offers a sturdy spot that handles a lot of weight, and the metal bases provide extra stability. Keep one in your bathroom and one in your kitchen for super-stylish storage.


This Monitor Riser That Combines Comfort With Extra Storage

Set up a convenient and comfortable workstation with this monitor stand that offers extra storage. The durable stand raises your monitor to eye level for ultra-comfy viewing. An open sliding drawer provides space for paper and larger supplies, while the four side pockets hold smaller items. At workday’s end, you can simply slide your keyboard under the monitor stand.

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