35 Clever Ways To Solve Some Of Your Most Common Frustrating Problems

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Life is full of tiny annoyances — and try as you might — you can’t always avoid them. But just because someone tells you not to sweat the small stuff doesn’t mean those everyday nuisances don’t still get under your skin. For example, who enjoys losing the remote, spilling laundry detergent everywhere, or forgetting to water your plants? You’re probably not a fan of running out of makeup remover, either — or your sheets slipping off the bed. Who could blame you?

But while you can’t control everything in life, there are clever solutions to some of your daily frustrations. So if you’re constantly throwing away beauty products because you can’t squeeze out the extra at the bottom, rest easy: There’s a tiny spatula designed specifically to scoop out every last drop. And if you’re always losing your phone, keys, or wallet, don’t panic: There’s a Bluetooth tile that attaches to your belongings and alerts you to their whereabouts. No matter what frustration you’re trying to fix, there’s likely an answer in the list of products below. Plus, none of them break the bank. So get ready to breathe a big sigh of relief.


Problem: Your Makeup Brushes Are Constantly Getting Dirty

Solution: These Brush Caps That Help Keep Them Pristine

These silicone brush caps are here to help prevent your makeup brushes from becoming dirty inside your makeup bag (or on your vanity). Simply slide them up from the bottom of your brush: They can act as a cover for the bristles or a sturdy base to store your brushes upright.


Problem: Your Soap Is Slippery & Leaving Water On The Counter

Solution: This Holder That Drains & Stores Your Soap

Usually, traditional soap dishes can leave lots of watery residue. However, this soap dish that’s shaped like a leaf with a downward spout sends soapy water directly into your sink, all while making your bar easier to grab when you need it. There are also three suction cups below the base to help ensure it stays put.

  • Available colors: 7


Problem: Your Room’s Too Bright for A Good Night’s Sleep

Solution: These Blackout Curtains That Deliver Ultra-Dark Room Conditions

There are lots of reasons why your room might be too bright, from the size of your windows to the direction they face. But no matter the cause, you can change that with these blackout curtains. Made from heavy-weight polyester fabric, they help block out 85% to 99% of sunlight entering a room. Plus, they can be eco-friendly, too: Less sunlight means your room may not get as hot in the summer, so you can go easier on the air conditioning.

  • Available colors: 35


Problem: Your Coffee Gets Cold Before You Can Drink It

Solution: This Portable Mug Warmer That Keeps It Hot

If you find yourself taking a sip of your morning coffee, starting a task, and forgetting about your joe only to return to a cold cup, don’t fret: This compact mug warmer — measuring just about 5 inches across — plugs into the nearest outlet and helps keep your coffee hot. Many users reported that it stays warm for four hours, too.


Problem: You’re Constantly Losing Your Keys

Solution: This Tiny Bluetooth Tile That Lets You Track Your Lost Items

If you’re someone who’s constantly asking yourself where you put your keys, this Bluetooth tracking tile can help. Simply attach it to your keys, wallet, or even purse and use the associated app on your phone to ring it. You can even look at its last known location on the app’s map if you’re too far out of Bluetooth range. And if it’s your phone you’re always misplacing, you can press the tile itself to make your phone ring so you can track it down.

  • Available colors: 4


Problem: You Can Never Find The Right Remote When You Need it

Solution: This Leather Remote Caddy That Puts Your Tech On Display

These days, there’s a remote for everything: your TV, your Apple TV or Roku, your stereo system, and maybe even your smart lighting system. This leather remote caddy gives you a spot to keep them organized, because it displays up to five remotes in an easy-to-see fan shape. Plus, it’s lined with faux leather.

  • Available colors: 14


Problem: Your Avocados Are Going Bad Too Quickly

Solution: This Avocado Sealing Case That Helps Preserve Them

Avocados can be temperamental, delicate fruits. One minute it can seem like they’re rock hard, the next they’re practically rotten. Extend the lifespan of your halved avocados with this avocado preserver. Simply put the cut side down on half of the disk, and cover it with the stretchy portion that locks into place. The container will help keep air out and protect it from getting squashed in the fridge. Simply slide the halves of the container apart to open.


Problem: Your Shoes Don’t Fit In Your Shoe Rack

Solution: These Adjustable Shoe Stackers That Double Your Space

If your closet is a mess of shoes, making it hard to keep track of everything, there’s a solution. These double-decker shoe stackers allow you to store a pair of shoes vertically instead of horizontally, thereby doubling the space on your shoe rack. The racks can be set into three different angled heights, allowing you to store flats, low heels, and high heels. Plus, the lip helps prevent the top shoe from sliding off.

  • Available colors: 3


Problem: You Can’t Reach The Leftover Beauty Product In The Jar

Solution: These Tiny Spatulas That Reach The Bottom Of The Container

Ever had a jar of lotion you had to toss even though there was still some product clinging to the bottom of the container? You can end the unnecessary waste with these silicone beauty spatulas. The silicone spatula contours to the right shape, letting you scoop up extra product that would otherwise go unused. Consider it a tiny, flexible investment.


Problem: Your Laundry Detergent Spills Everywhere

Solution: This Detergent Cup System That Helps Prevents Messes

If you use economy-sized laundry detergent containers with nozzles, you may know that they often come with drippy messes left behind. But these drip catchers are here to the rescue. Simply place the flat end of each shelf under the detergent, and you’ll have a sturdy tray to place your laundry cup as it fills. Bonus: The tray catches any stray detergent so it won’t end up all over your floor.


Problem: Your Fridge Is Full of Sticky, Hard-To-Clean Messes

Solution: These Cut-To-Measure Refrigerator Mats

When food spills reach the far nooks and crannies of your refrigerator, they can be really hard to tidy up. Enter these shelf mats that you can cut to fit your fridge. They’re super easy to wipe clean, and they’re made of absorbent foam to help soak up excess water while keeping produce fresher.


Problem: You’re Too Busy To Water All Of Your House Plants

Solution: These Planters That Do The Watering For You

It’s all too easy to forget to water your plants, so give these self watering planters a try. They come in varying sizes in packs of four, five, or six. The water is placed in the bottom of the planter, and the rope wick helps ensure the plant only absorbs as much as it needs. The water can last up to two weeks at a time, which is perfect for vacations.

  • Available colors: 2


Problem: Your Socks Always Go Missing In The Wash

Solution: This Gadget That Safely Clips Them All In Place

This two-pack of laundry clips can help keep sock pairs together in the wash. It uses spring-loaded buckles to match each set of socks while securing them in place on a cord that you can toss in the wash all at once, ensuring you never lose a sock again.

  • Available colors: 5


Problem: Your Wine Goes Bad Before You Can Finish The Bottle

Solution: These Vacuum Corks That Keep It Lasting Longer

Sometimes, you just want a glass or two of wine every now and then — but that doesn’t mean you want the rest of the bottle to go to waste, either. To use this vacuum-sealing wine system, you insert one of the four included stoppers and then pump out the extra air with the included pump. Ta-da — your half-drank bottle of wine can now last for weeks.

  • Available colors: 2


Problem: Your Clothes Keep Slipping Off Of Your Hangers

Solution: These Velvet-Lined, Nonslip Hangers With Strap Grooves

Keeping an organized closet may seem impossible, but it doesn’t have to be. If you open the doors to your closet only to find half your garments on the floor, consider these non-slip hangers instead. The velvet fabric provides a textured surface to increase friction, and the grooves hold straps in place. Plus, they’re slim, ensuring you won’t lose storage space with unnecessary hanger bulk.

  • Available colors: 5


Problem: You’re Always Running Out Of Makeup-Removing Pads

Solution: These Reusable Rounds That You Can Wash & Keep For Years

You can say goodbye to the problem of running out of makeup-removing pads, thanks to these reusable cotton rounds. They stand up to years of use, and they even come with their own laundry bag so you won’t lose them in the wash. Plus, they’re made of gentle cotton and bamboo.


Problem: You Can Never Find Your Lip Balm When You Need It

Solution: This Keychain That Keeps It Handy At All Times

Losing a tube of lip balm is all too easy, but this lip balm holder keychain can help you locate it. It’s available in tons of patterns and made with elastic to conform to different tube sizes. The holder also clips easily to your keys, wallet, or purse strap.

  • Available colors: 7


Problem: You Keep Misplacing Your Car Documents

Solution: This Convenient, Sturdy Folder That Keeps Them All Organized

If you happen to get pulled over, the last thing you want to be doing is fumbling around trying to find your license, registration, and proof of insurance. Store them all neatly in this document organizer that fits easily in your glove compartment. It’s made from leather and features six clear sleeves, so you can store and clearly spot any document you need.

  • Available colors: 8


Problem: Your Earbuds Are Always Falling Out

Solution: This Cord That Tethers Them Together & Out Of The Way

Wireless headphones are great innovations that’ve allowed people to listen to audio untethered from their phones. The problem? They’re all too easy to lose. Enter this magnetic earbud strap. Your speakers should easily snap into place and stay safely connected behind your neck without the long wires of traditional headphones.

  • Available colors: 14


Problem: You Run Out of Coffee Pods Right When You Need Them

Solution: These Reusable Pods You Fill With Coffee Grounds

How annoying is it to wake up in the morning, reach for your single-use coffee pods, and realize you have none left? End the issue for good with these reusable pods that you can fill over and over again with your favorite grounds. They’re dishwasher-safe, work with many coffee machines, and are even good for the environment.


Problem: Your Mail’s Piling Up & Creating A Mess

Solution: This Sleek, Wall-Mounted Organizer

It’s all too easy to get the mail, sort through it, and place anything that’s not urgent in a giant pile that just grows and grows. This metal wall-mounted organizer is here to change that. Made with a honeycomb-inspired design, it features five tiers of storage to keep your mail organized and off your desk.

  • Available colors: 2


Problem: Water Splashes Everywhere When You Do Dishes

Solution: This Absorbent Backsplash Guard That Wraps Around The Faucet

If you use your sink for more than just a quick hand-wash now and then, chances are you’ve experienced the messy phenomenon of water backsplash. Avoid the rust and mildew that can accompany it with this absorbent backsplash mat. Made from microfiber, it keeps spills and splashes to a minimum. Plus, you can just toss it in the washing machine whenever it needs a refresh.

  • Available colors: 3


Problem: You’re Always Misplacing Clothes In Your Closet

Solution: These Closet Dividers That Color-Code All Your Items

You can get on top of your closet-organization game with these clothing rack dividers. Instead of hanging things up wherever you can find some space, create clear boundaries with these plastic discs. With their striking colors, they easily let you see where your tops, pants, and dresses begin (and end). You can even label them with sizes or types using the included marker.


Problem: You Don’t Have To Stop For Cold Brew

Solution: This Compact Mug That Makes Your Cold Brew Overnight

Lots of people like to start their day off with a cold brew or iced coffee, but not everyone has the time to stop at a cafe to pick up a fresh one each morning. This cold brew coffee maker is here to fix that. Simply put the grounds of your choice into the internal chamber, fill with cold water, and let it brew overnight in the fridge. The airtight seal on the mug helps keep your cold brew fresh for up to two weeks.

  • Available colors: 6


Problem: Your Fitted Sheets Keep Slipping Off Your Mattress

Solution: These Under-The-Mattress Sheet Clips That Hold Them In Place

It’s beyond frustrating to make your bed with fresh sheets, only to watch your fitted sheet slowly creep up and off the corners of your mattress just days later. Enter these sheet clips; they’re basically like suspenders for your sheets. The adjustable elastic stretches to the necessary level of tension, and the metal clips hold sheet corners firmly in place.


Problem: You’ve Got Wrinkled Clothes You Need To Fix On The Go

Solution: This Wrinkle Release Spray You Can Use Anywhere

Sometimes you have the time to iron out wrinkles in your clothes, and other times you don’t. For the latter, this wrinkle release spray can help. Simply spray your garment, gently smooth away the wrinkles with your hands, and let dry. No electricity required.


Problem: You Can’t Tell When The Meat’s Fully Cooked

Solution: This Quick-Read Meat Thermometer That Sticks To Your Fridge

It can be tricky to tell when your meat is cooked to the desired temperature, but this digital meat thermometer takes out the guess work. The probe neatly folds away when not in use, and the entire gadget is magnetized so that you can stick it on your stove or fridge to keep it close. Plus, it’s waterproof, so cleaning is stress free.

  • Available colors: 3


Problem: You Keep Running Out Of Water Bottles

Solution: This Reusable Bottle That Filters As You Sip

Ditching single-use plastic water bottles just got a lot more convenient. With this 32-ounce reusable bottle, you can get Brita-filtered water on the go. Just fill it up and let the filter in the straw do the work. It’s also made from double-insulated stainless steel, which means your water can stay cold for up to 24 hours.

  • Available colors: 9


Problem: Your Rug Keeps Slipping Around

Solution: These Pads That Act Like Suction Cups For Your Rugs

If your rugs are constantly sliding out of place (or have corners that curl up), these rug gripper pads could be the answers you’ve been looking for. Simply adhere one half of the pad to the underside of the rug, and then place the textured side in line with where the rug meets the floor. This should create a suction-cup effect that’ll help keep your rugs firmly in place.


Problem: Your Sink Keeps Clogging & You Can’t Get A Plumber

Solution: This Set Of Reusable, DIY Clog-Removing Tools

You won’t always have access to a professional plumber each and every time your drain clogs, and you won’t always need one. Instead, try this drain clog remover that comes with a ridged plastic option for catching hair and debris, along with a stainless steel version that has a grabber claw for foreign objects. It’s a bargain at seven removers per pack.

  • Available colors: 2


Problem: Your Bathroom Counter Is Way Too Crowded

Solution: This Multi-Functional Dental Care Organizer

If your bathroom counter is cluttered, consider this toothbrush holder that stores so much more than toothbrushes. The organizer also holds and dispenses toothpaste, but it even holds cups upside down so they can dry between uses. Not to mention, it has a separate compartment for floss and other storage.

  • Available colors: 2


Problem: You Don’t Know If Your Batteries Still Work

Solution: This Organizer That Tests & Stores Your Batteries

If you’ve got a drawer full of loose batteries and have no idea how old they are, you’re probably not alone. However, you can arrange them neatly with this battery organizer. It can store up to 114 batteries ranging in sizes from watch batteries to D batteries. Plus, it comes with a separate charger that allows you to test the energy level of your batteries.


Problem: Your Tech Cables Are Always Fraying

Solution: These Flexible Wire Protectors

Over time, your cables and chargers might start to fray. Wrap these spring-like cable protectors around the base of each wire and give it a little extra structural support to help prevent excess bending and fraying. Plus, they’re made of heat-resistant silicone.

  • Available colors: 2


Problem: Your Phone Keeps Dying On The Go

Solution: This Portable Battery Pack That’ll Help Keep It Charged

Having an extra bit of power for your phone never hurts, and this two-pack of charging banks is a bargain. They charge via USB port and are compatible for iPhone and Android models. The chargers are lightweight and should carry enough power for at least two full phone battery charges.


Problem: Your Lighting Is Dim During Video Calls

Solution: This Clip-On Ring Light That Adds Some Extra Brightness

Ring lights and tripods can be cumbersome and hard to transport, but this clip-on selfie light goes wherever you do to provide extra brightness during video calls. It has three levels of adjustable lighting and is chargeable via USB for your convenience.

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