One Of The Year's Most Anticipated Astrological Events Is Almost Here

A powerful alignment wraps up 2020.

woman laying down by planet
Margaret Flatley

We've officially survived almost all of the astrology of 2020. November was a hectic month in the stars, as it wrapped up three major planetary retrograde periods and heralded in the fall/winter eclipse season via the full moon in Gemini. But look out, because December is set to deliver some of the most extraordinary planetary alignments and powerful lunations of the year so far, making astrology of the 2020 holidays extra noteworthy.

As we kick off the month of December, we'll still be reeling from the unstable energy of the November 2020 full moon eclipse on Nov. 30, which ushers us into the final month of the year with a bang. Fiery Sagittarius season 2020 will be also in full force for most of the month, inspiring us to reach out to faraway friends and embrace optimism and warmth, even if the face of winter's chilly darkness. December also brings one of the most anticipated astrological events of the decade, known as the Great Conjunction in Aquarius. This powerful alignment wraps up the year with the revolutionary energy of change, and all zodiac signs are going to feel the shift.

Read on for the major December 2020 astrology highlights below.

An Influx Of Wild Sagittarius Energy

The first three weeks of December make up the bulk of Sagittarius season 2020, which is inspiring all of us to be more free-spirited and embrace the celebratory vibe of the holidays — even if the pandemic is putting a damper on our usual plans. And on Dec. 1, we get an even heavier dose of Sagittarius energy, as communication-focused planet Mercury enters its realm, calling on us to speak the truth, seek fresh knowledge, and take the moral high ground for the next few weeks.

But that's not all the Sag energy this month has in store. We'll have a powerful new moon/eclipse in Sagittarius mid-month, followed up by love planet Venus entering Sagittarius on Dec. 15. Sagittarius is the mutable fire sign of the zodiac, known for its happy-go-lucky attitude and freedom-loving spirit. With romantic Venus here for the rest of the year, joining forces with the sun and Mercury for part of that journey, we'll be feeling more adventurous and open to new experiences in love.

A Game-Changing New Moon/Eclipse On Dec. 14

The hopeful December 2020 new moon eclipse in Sagittarius on Dec. 14 is the pinnacle of Sag's reign over the month. With the sun and moon aligning in the realm of the zodiac's archer, we're shooting our bow and arrows straight up toward the stars, aiming for our highest aspirations. The energy of the new moon/solar eclipse inspires us to turn our focus inward to examine personal philosophies and spiritual belief systems from a fresh perspective. Eclipses can be really chaotic, so it's not a good time to set your usual new moon intentions, but it is an ideal moment for reflecting on how your views have changed in 2020. Let this introspection guide you as you navigate the eclipse-induced changes on the horizon.

Energy Shifts For Mercury, Jupiter, & Saturn

The astrological energy of December really begins to shift during the second half of the month, and it's marked by the planetary ingresses of Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn. Saturn enters Aquarius on Dec. 16 (or Dec. 17, if you're on EST), followed closely by Jupiter on Dec. 19. This double planetary transition into airy Aquarius is ushering in what some astrologers call the "Age of Aquarius," so it's a big deal. One day later, quick-thinking Mercury enters Capricorn on Dec. 20, marking this speedy planets' second sign-switch of the month and the official break-up of Sagittarius' energetic reign on the month thus far. This placement helps us get more practical about our goals, inspiring us to buckle down and get to work as we prepare for a new year ahead.

The Great Conjunction & The Age Of Aquarius

Just after Saturn and Jupiter enter Aquarius, they'll come together on Dec. 21 to form what's known as a Great Conjunction in astrology — a rare planetary connection that only happens about once every 20 years. This particular alignment in Aquarius, though, is going to be the first to take place in several hundred years, which is why many astrologers consider it to be the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. Astrologers have been anticipating the effects of this event all year.

Jupiter and Saturn are social planets that govern over matters of growth and structure, so when they come together to form a Great Conjunction, it can signal significant changes for the collective. With these powerhouse planets joining forces in the collaborative air sign Aquarius, we'll all be more inspired to embrace unconventional ways of thinking and focus on community work. This alignment will affect us through the years to come, so pay attention to any themes that come up for you now.

No-Nonsense Capricorn Season Begins On Dec. 21

On the same day as the Great Conjunction, we'll experience another sudden vibe check as the sun leaves wild Sagittarius and enters pragmatic Capricorn, kicking off Capricorn season 2020. Capricorn season calls on us to be more practical and focus on our financial security. It's a good time to get in touch with your career goals, start mapping out a personal budget, and make a serious game plan for any New Years' intentions. Think of this energy as a cosmic kick-in-the-butt to help you get yourself in check as you wrap up the year.

A Warm New Years' Full Moon On Dec. 29

Finally, just before New Years' Eve, we'll experience the gentle but mighty December 2020 full moon in the nurturing sign of Cancer. This lunation wraps up the year with a giant swell of emotions met with a sympathetic touch — it's an ideal lunar moment to prioritize self-care, connect with the people who make you feel most comfortable, and allow yourself to bask in all your feelings.

This year has brought some of the most transformational planetary happenings of the decade, so take a deep breath before we embark on a whole new year of celestial drama.