40 Expensive Problems That You Didn't Realize Have Cheap Solutions

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Certain problems can be expensive to fix. The good news, however, is that some of our expensive home-related issues — ranging from small annoyances up to bigger life disruptions — can sometimes be fixed with small amounts of money. In fact, there are a number of expensive problems that actually have pretty darn cheap solutions. Call them life hacks or tips and tricks — but whatever you choose, there are some easy ways to plug the cracks in our lives where money can drain.

Sometimes it’s about extending the life of otherwise short-term products and saving you from replacing them, or keeping things from going to waste before they can be used up. Or sometimes it’s simple time-savers that streamline chores or save you from extra errands and bills. Whatever home-related issues you’re looking to solve, you will likely find a good, reasonably priced idea right here. You’ll even find gifts here for the friends and relatives who seemingly have everything already.

On a related note: Please, no one tell the kayakers in my life about the waterproof phone pouch until after this next holiday season. Scroll to find your favorite new problem-solving items.


Problem: Leaving Leftover Condiments In Hard-To-Reach Bottles

Solution: These Slim, Long Spatulas That Reach Every Last Drop

These brilliant product spatulas have handles that are 6 and 12 inches long, making it easy for you to get to the bottom of every jar, bottle, and container in your kitchen. They’re BPA-free and dishwasher safe, so they can double as food-prep tools (or even cosmetics scrapers), ultimately saving you time and money.


Problem: Losing Your Keys & Calling A Locksmith

Solution: This Clever Faux Rock That Hides Your Keys For You

A subtle rock-shaped key holder blends right into your garden or yard, so you’ll never again be stuck at your front door without a key. This one is roughly (pun intended) the same size and shape as a regular rock, and has a small niche inside where you can stash the key, or other small treasures.


Problem: Buying & Using Lots Of Plastic Wrap

Solution: A Set Of Silicone Food Saver Pouches

If throwing away extra plastic makes you cringe, these reusable food-safe storage bags will be a game-changer. They come in a range of convenient sizes — from small and snack-sized up to half-gallon — and in different colors to make sorting and organizing easy. They’re even dishwasher-safe, so you can toss them in for an easy wash in between uses.


Problem: Stale Chips Because Your Snack Bags Were Left Open

Solution: This Heated Sealer That Closes Them Up

If you can use a hair crimper, you can use this handheld bag sealer. It’s compact, efficient (heating up in seconds), and can re-close a variety of bags so your snacks stay fresher, longer. Four different colors are available (black, purple, pink, and teal), and a storage container is included, too.


Problem: Makeup That Wears Off Too Fast & Forces You To Re-Apply

Solution: A Setting Spray That Keeps Everything In Place

If you haven’t been using a setting spray to finish your make-up routine, you might want to reconsider. This option from Rimmel also does double-duty as a primer, so you can apply under or over makeup to get your preferred outcome (or consider a coordinating primer from the same line). Reviewers also rave about its oil-fighting properties.


Problem: Your Shoes Look Worn & You’re Buying New Ones Too Often

Solution: This Shoe-Cleaning Kit That’ll Make Them Look Like New

Unlike old-school polish, this shoe cleaner is specifically designed for sneakers and other casual shoes made with canvas, suede and even some leathers. The bottle is concentrated, meaning that a little bit goes a long way. With an included brush, you and your shoes will be set.


Problem: Delicate Wine Glasses Tipping & Chipping In Your Dishwasher

Solution: A Set Of Silicone Dishwasher Attachments To Keep Them Secure

Opening the dishwasher and finding a slew of broken wine glasses is a tragedy I'd wish upon no one. Fortunately, these dishwasher tethers keep the worst from happening. Available in sets of four and eight, they slide right onto dishwasher posts and clasp onto glasses stems to help prevent damage.


Problem: Your Favorite Clothes Shrinking In The Dryer

Solution: A Drying Rack That Lets Them Air Out

One pair of ruined jeans is too many, if you ask me. This best-selling drying rack has 24 feet of line space to hold delicates, jeans and sweaters prone to shrinking, and any other clothes you want to keep from the dryer. It’s collapsible and can easily be stored and stashed in between uses, so it’s great for anyone who wants to save space, too.


Problem: Your Couch Getting Stained & Tired-Looking

Solution: A Slipcover That Protects & Extends The Life Of Your Furniture

Protecting your couch with a sofa slipcover can be a great idea, and this stretchy, versatile choice gives you plenty of options. There are three sizes to pick from and 21 different colors. You can match your current couch color or refresh it completely.


Problem: Your Pans Get Damaged When You Stack Them

Solution: A Handy Rack That Keeps Pans & Lids Perfectly Organized

Not only does stacking pots, pans, and lids lead to potential cookware damage, but it also makes for a chaotic kitchen. This organizer rack has space for up to five pans, can be used vertically or horizontally, and comes in three elegant colors that could work well in any home.


Problem: Wasting Expensive Skincare & Beauty Products

Solution: A Tiny Scoop That Reaches The Bottom Of Your Jars

Seeing expensive products go to waste because you can’t reach the bottom of the jar is beyond frustrating — but thankfully, a beauty spatula can solve this problem. The compact design and angled tip allow you to reach the deepest corners of your bottles and jars. It’s reusable, and you can buy a single spatula or a pack of two. Even better, they double as applicators.


Problem: Your Rings Getting Lost When You’re Not Wearing Them

Solution: A Gorgeous Crystal Ring Holder You’ll Enjoy Using

If your favorite rings aren’t going to be on your fingers, then an elegant ring holder is the next best thing. It’s made of crystal glass and there are multiple shapes to choose from, so you’ll easily be able to find the perfect one to keep yours rings and other small jewelry safe.


Problem: Your Countertops Are Old & No Longer Looking Cute

Solution: This Specialized Spray That Deep Cleans & Polishes

This easy-to-use clean and shine spray can make cleaning your countertops practically painless. This option from Granite Gold doubles as a polish, too, and works well on granite, marble, and other stone surfaces. Simply spray and wipe with your choice of microfiber cloth or paper towel, and your counters will look like new.


Problem: You’ve Broken One Too Many Wine Glasses

Solution: A Set Of Durable, Unbreakable Wine Glasses

These unbreakable stemless wineglasses are made of transparent Tritan plastic, and can pass for real glasses. They’re durable and dishwasher safe, and you can use them inside and out. Available in 16 and 20 ounce sizes, they’re offered in sets of two, four, eight, and 12.


Problem: Unsightly Wall Damage Ruining The Aesthetic Of Your Home

Solution: A Super Easy Spackle Kit That Makes Repairs A Cinch

No worries if you’ve never repaired a wall before: This wall-patching kit has you covered (pun intended). It comes with spackling, a putty knife, sandpaper, and a self-adhesive wall patch. Your handiwork dries quickly, and you can use it indoors and on some exteriors, too (and paint over when necessary).


Problem: Your Favorite Silver Jewelry Is Looking Tarnished

Solution: A Silver-Cleaning Kit That’ll Have It Sparkling In No Time

While polishing silver might seem like it became unnecessary decades ago, using a silver cleaner and polish is an ideal way to extend the life of your jewelry, silverware, porcelain and more. It removes tarnish and applies a protective coat to keep silver shiny and clear. This kit offers a cloth, too.


Problem: Your Suitcase Is Too Crowded While Traveling

Solution: A Set Of Sleek Packing Cubes To Organize Your Space

Frequent travelers often swear by packing cubes for organized, streamlined suitcases. This pack of compression packing cubes — which offers two large cubes and one medium cube that zip from 4 inches down to 1 inch — is a great starter set for anyone who wants to give them a try and condense their packing space.


Problem: You Need More Outlets For Your Electronics

Solution: An Easy-To-Use Surge Protector With 12 Outlets

If you ask me, a surge protector is pretty much a necessity in most homes these days, specifically for the number of extra outlets it provides. This Belkin power strip comes in multiple sizes, offering from six outlets all the way up to 12, as well as USB ports.


Problem: You’re Worried About Your Phone Getting Wet

Solution: This Waterproof Pouch That Helps Protects Devices

You know that heart-stopping feeling that happens when a phone drops near a pool or puddle? If you need to bring your cell near any body of water, consider this waterproof pouch. It fits a range of devices, and still allows you to use your phone, take photos, and more. There are 14 different colors and patterns to chose from.


Problem: You’re Concerned About Your Credit Card Info Being Stolen

Solution: These RFID-Blocking Sleeves For Your Wallet

These small RFID-blocking sleeves can offer you some peace of mind while you’re on the go. They slip into your wallet and help prevent would-be electronic thieves from accessing your information, and they’re color coded so you can keep your wallet organized.


Problem: Your Room Gets Chilly From A Draft Under The Door

Solution: This Door Draft Stopper That Blocks Cold Air Out

Where’s that draft coming from? If your door has even the slightest gap, an attachable draft stopper can make a difference. It blocks air from traveling both ways — keeping your cold air out during the winter and cold air in during the summer — saving you money on your energy bills. It comes in in four subtle colors to blend into your woodwork, and it’s self-adhesive.


Problem: Your Boots Keep Getting Damaged In Wet Weather

Solution: A Waterproofing Spray That Protects Your Favorite Shoes

If you can’t bear the thought of wearing out your favorite boots anytime soon, then you might want to consider a waterproofer spray. This option from Kiwi helps protect leather and fabric shoes by coating them with a water repellant that’s hearty enough for all kinds of weather and conditions, while maintaining the integrity of your shoes.


Problem: Your Cats Have Been A Bit Too Playful With Your Couch

Solution: These Simple Scratch Guards That Help Protect Your Furniture

These transparent furniture protectors can be applied right where cats are most likely to scratch, helping to prevent damage before it even starts. They’re subtle in appearance and can be easily cut to size. Application is also easy since they use adhesive, and a set of twist pins is included and encouraged for extra stability.


Problem: Spills & Splashes On Your Mattress

Solution: A Waterproof Mattress Protector That Helps Prevent Damage

A protective mattress cover can be a great option for anyone who wants to stay a step ahead of splashes or spills on their bed. This one, which comes in sizes twin through California king, offers a waterproof barrier that helps prevent moisture from damaging the mattress. It goes on and comes off your bed just like a fitted sheet, and it’s machine washable, too.


Problem: You’re Using A Lot Of Energy At Home

Solution: Smart Plugs That Help You Manage How Much You’re Using

Even with the best of intentions, it can be hard to stay on top of our personal energy use. However, smart plugs that help us keep track of your power usage, set schedules, and automate certain functions, which can be a huge help with saving energy. These Kasa smart plugs can be controlled by voice or by app, giving you tons of flexibility.


Problem: Your Favorite Heels Are Hard To Walk In Over Grass, Grates & Other Surfaces

Solution: These High Heel Protectors That Help Give You More Stability

In my opinion, seeing an expensive pair of shoes just sit in your closet because you don’t want to damage them is borderline tragic. These subtle high heel protectors offer that extra layer of security while navigating a variety of surfaces so you can wear your favorite shoes more often and see less damage.


Problem: You Keep Seeing Your Fresh Produce Go Bad

Solution: These Produce Savers That Help Keep Fruits & Veggies Fresh

The real trick of these produce savers is that they absorb ethylene gas, which can lead to ripening (and thus, over-ripening). You can use them in the fridge or a fruit bowl, and that’s not even the best part: They’re reusable, as long as you refresh (pun intended) the interior packet every 90 days.


Problem: Your Dry Cleaning Bills Are Adding Up

Solution: A Gentle Wash For Wool & Cashmere That You Can Use At Home

From The Laundress, this plant-based, dye-free wool & cashmere shampoo allows you to gently wash dry clean fabrics at home, saving you the trouble of going to the dry cleaner. Plus, buyers raved about the scent — and the bottle looks super cute among your laundry supplies.


Problem: Your Washing Machine Needs To Be, Well, Washed

Solution: A Washing Machine Cleaner That Gets It Back To Top Shape

These simple washing machine cleaning tablets take your machine’s self-cleaning cycle to the next level. They’re meant to be used monthly, and they come in packs of five and six. Better yet, they’ve earned a climate pledge friendly certification as well as over 103,000 five-star ratings.


Problem: You Keep Throwing Out Unfinished Bottles Of Wine

Solution: This Wine Tool That Saves Your Unfinished Bottles For Later

With a wine saver pump, you can preserve your remaining wine with an airtight seal, so it’ll be ready for consumption the next time you are (up to a week). Four different colors are available, as well as two kits that are perfect for gift-giving or treating yourself.


Problem: Spending Money To Get Your Pants Hemmed

Solution: The Hem Tape That Works Like The Real Thing

A roll of versatile iron-on hem tape can save you from running to the tailor or from dusting off your sewing machine. It’s double-sided and adhesive and offers a permanent, no-sew fix for clothes, curtains, and more. It’s available in light and dark shades to blend in with different fabrics, and according to buyers, it’s super easy and effective.


Problem: Dropping & Damaging Your Expensive Phone

Solution: A Phone Grip That Makes It Easier To Hold

Speaking from experience, an adhesive phone strap can be a quick and easy way to keep your phone from slipping. It also makes for a comfortable grip if you find yourself holding your phone for long periods of time. These packages of four offer you different colors and options to replace as necessary.


Problem: Bag Fees At The Airport

Solution: A Scale That Takes The Guesswork Out Of Your Suitcase’s Weight

This portable digital hanging scale, which can be used to carry what you need to weigh, could prevent you from discovering at the worst possible minute that your suitcase is too heavy. It comes in red, black, and silver — and it measures up to 110 pounds.


Problem: Spending Too Much On Lattes & Other Coffee Treats

Solution: A Milk Frother For Custom Drinks At Home

When you have a handheld milk frother, there’s no need to grab your wallet and keys every time you want a latte. This best-selling device comes in range of color options, and has a sleek stand so you can display it on your counter. It’s battery-powered, so you’re not limited by cords or outlets, either.


Problem: Wasted Water From Running Your Dishwasher Extra Times

Solution: A Double-Sided Magnet That Lets You Know If The Dishes Are Dirty Or Clean

If you can’t remember if the dishwasher was started or not, then a dishwasher magnet can be a game-changer for your chore routine. You can easily pop it onto the front of your dishwasher and adjust it (depending on whether or not you started the machine). There are four color schemes to choose from.


Problem: Buying Extra Drinks & Water Bottles When You’re On The Go

Solution: A Reusable Water Bottle You’ll Enjoy Drinking From

If meeting your hydration goals has left you buying plastic bottles on the regular, then a reusable water bottle might be the new essential you’ll never leave at home again. There are 24 colors to choose from (I’m personally partial to mint and black marquina), along with six sizes from 14 to 64 ounces.


Problem: Your Lighters Ran Out (Or You Keep Losing Them)

Solution: A Flameless Lighter That’s Rechargeable

This sleek flexible flameless lighter is rechargeable by USB — so not only will it always be ready to use, but you can keep it at your charging station and never misplace it. Once charged, it’s portable, so it works indoors for candles or outdoors for a BBQ or campfire. There are five colors to choose from.


Problem: You’ve Ripped Or Damaged Your Clothes On The Go

Solution: This Simple, Compact Sewing Kit For Easy Repairs

For the tiny fixes that don’t require a sewing machine or a tailor, a basic sewing kit with multiple thread colors, a variety of needles, and a slew of other tools can easily do the trick. This popular option comes in two sizes, each of which includes a carrying case with room for everything.


Problem: Lost Keys (& The Stress That Goes With It)

Solution: A Bluetooth Tracker So You Can Always Locate Them

“Alexa, find my keys.” A Bluetooth tracker that you can put on your key ring will give you peace of mind, and will save you the trouble of searching for lost keys when you were supposed to leave 10 minutes ago. It has a range up to 400 feet, and it there are multiple sets and styles to pick from.


Problem: Earbuds That Keep Falling Out

Solution: This Earbud Leash So They Never Go Far

Available as singles or in packs of three, these lightweight magnetic earbud leashes keep your AirPods and earbuds from falling away (if they happen to fall out). A rainbow of colors is available to pick from, and they’re great for sports of all activity levels. The cord also doubles as a storage necklace to keep earbuds on you even when they’re not in use.