If You're Cheap But Like Expensive Things, Check Out These 47 Bargain Finds

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Let’s clear the air: Being cheap is not a bad thing, and it also doesn’t mean you can’t find expensive-looking items and gadgets that make your home feel super bougie. It’s actually the opposite, thanks to Amazon. So, if you’re cheap but like expensive things, check out these 47 bargain finds that will make it seem pretty silly to spend hundreds of dollars on items that are on this list for way less.

But are they as good? Yes, they’re more than good. Just let me show you. You know that fancy heated coffee mug you see everywhere? I’ve found a coffee mug warmer for $12 that’s super sleek and has an extra-long cord to reach your favorite cozy coffee spot. There’s also a rose quartz facial roller and gua sha set for only $15, and even a set of that trendy gold-tone flatware for your next party that’s only $25 (and super bougie).

I’ve even found all of your new favorite getting-ready night-out essentials, including a hair dryer round brush that’s $35 and an all-in-one gel manicure set with six polishes for under $40. At the end of the night, you can close your new fancy thermal insulated blackout curtains that you got for only $19.

See? It’s so much more satisfying to get that expensive-looking item for a cheap price tag, and I’ve found all of the best ones on this list. Go ahead and grab these bargains and maybe show off to your friends how cheap you found them for.


Pillowcases With A Satin Finish & Over 100,000 Fans

So many reviewers swear by these under $10 polyester pillowcases with a cooling satin finish for keeping their hair moisturized and their hairstyle intact. The satiny finish causes less friction while you sleep, and they come in a matching two-pack in 22 color options. Plus, these cases have over 155,000 five-star ratings.


A 20-Pack Of Luxurious Eye Masks With 24-Karat Gold

Each pair of these 24-karat gold eye masks only costs you about $1, because they come in a 20-pack for about $20. (Yes, for real.) They can be used to help refresh and brighten the skin around your eyes, and they’re made with hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and more. If you really love them, there’s even an option for a pack of 100.


A 4-Pack Of Color Changing Light To Go With Your Alexa

If you have an Alexa or Google Home, you’ll want to grab these smart light bulbs that have 16 million color options and operate with voice control. You can also control them with an app on your phone — and even the standard light option is customizable, including a candlelight setting.


A Mini Essential Oil Diffuser With Chic Wood Grain Finishes

This compact essential oil diffuser can match the wood grain accents in your home, thanks to its rustic design. Choose from dark, light, and white wood grain options or a solid white. It has two mist options, a color-changing light, and six to eight hours of misting time.


These Motion Sensor LED Lights For A Bougie Closet Upgrade

Stick these LED motion sensor lights under your closet shelves for a bougie upgrade that illuminates every time you walk in to choose an outfit. They can be applied easily with the adhesive backs, detect motion up to 10 feet, and turn off automatically. They can even be adhered under kitchen cabinets or lining dark hallways.


A Mini Fridge That Chills Or Warms For Endless Uses

Tons of reviewers put everything in this personal-sized mini-fridge — including skincare products, soda and seltzer cans, hot coffee, and more — because it has cold and warm settings. This super quiet fridge has a 4-liter capacity and comes in blue, pink, white, and black. One reviewer raved, “Small and perfect for a simple skincare fridge.”


A Luxurious Rose Quartz Facial Set For An Inexpensive Gift

The quartz facial roller in this facial set has a noise-free design, so it won't squeak when you're having a relaxing skincare moment. The set also comes with a matching quartz gua sha, and they're both wrapped in a luxe gift box. They even come in other colors, including green, white, and a celestial-style purple.


These Matching Matte Black Wall-Mounted Organizers

These wall-mounted organizers have an open-bottom design so water can flow through in the shower. Plus, the waterproof adhesive strips are transparent, so they blend seamlessly with the shower wall. They’re stainless steel and rustproof for the shower, but some reviewers also love using them to hold spices or olive oil in the kitchen.


This Shower Soap Dispenser That Holds Your Go-To Products

Grab two or more of these wall-mounted soap dispensers, because many reviewers swear by them for their showers and their kitchen sinks. They stick to tiles with the included waterproof silicone adhesive and have three containers for soap, shampoo, conditioner, and more.


The Nonslip Bath Mat With A Unique Texture That Doesn't Hold Water

The unique curly texture of this PVC bathmat is the secret to how well it drains, and many reviewers say it also doubles as a luxurious foot scrubber. The nonslip backing doesn't use suction cups like traditional shower mats, so it lies flat — and tons of reviewers wrote that it doesn't get moldy.


A Neutral Woven Basket With A Trendy Design For Under $15

Trendy woven baskets for aesthetic organization can get seriously pricey, but these woven baskets with handles are only $12. They come in two neutral colors and three foldable sizes, and reviewers love placing plants, bathroom essentials, important mail, cozy blankets, and more in them.


A Luxe Area Rug With Thick & Plush Faux Fur

This faux-fur rug comes in a luxe sheepskin shape or in rectangle, square, or round options. Whichever shape and size you choose, this thick rug is super plush, has a nonslip backing — and it comes in 19 colors. Tons of reviewers rave about the luxurious quality, and one reviewer even called it “simply beautiful.”


The Bamboo Cutting Board Set To Upgrade Your Dinner Prep Setup

You can upgrade your kitchen’s chopping setup with one purchase, all thanks to this three-pack of bamboo cutting boards. With three sizes, you’ll always have the perfect option for dinner prep — and they all match for a more aesthetic kitchen cabinet (always a win). Plus, many reviewers keep coming back for these lightweight-but-durable cutting boards.


These Minimalist & Natural Coasters Made Of Acacia Wood

Natural wood accents are super trendy right now, and these acacia wood coasters are an easy way to start adding those neutral details around your home. This four-pack is complete with nonslip feet on the bottom, and many reviewers love that they don’t get water stains. One reviewer raved, “These coasters are beautiful and very grippy!”


A Machine-Washable Weighted Blanket That’s Under $50

The stitching on this machine-washable weighted blanket helps keep the weighted beads perfectly distributed while you relax. There are three sizes — and even though you can choose from six comforting weight options, the blanket is still super thin and easy to fold up for storage.


A Rechargeable Facial Cleansing Brush With A Glam Holder

Choose from four cleansing modes with this silicone facial cleansing brush, including vibrating and rotating magnetic bead options. This portable pink brush is rechargeable with the glam gold-tone base that so many reviewers love displaying in their bathrooms. Plus, it’s waterproof, and small enough for travel. One reviewer even raved, “I never leave home without it.”


This Spa-Like Exfoliator Made From Himalayan Salt

Complete with lychee oil and sweet almond oil, this unique exfoliating scrub is moisturizing and made with Himalayan salt. This gentle body scrub is cruelty-free, and the soft pink color of the Himalayan salt adds a spa-like aesthetic touch to your shower or countertop.


A Travel Skincare & Makeup Bag That’s Water-Resistant

You don’t have to spend over $10 to keep your clothes protected from shampoo spills on your next trip with this water-resistant travel bag. It comes in eight polished colors, including neutrals, pastel blue, deep burgundy, and more. Plus, the large compartment is complete with five pockets, and many reviewers say it’s the “perfect size.”


These Classic Gold-Tone Hoop Earrings That Are Hypoallergenic

These gold-tone hoop earrings have hypoallergenic stainless steel posts, and they’re super lightweight. The chunky style is classic but also trendy, and they come in gold, silver, and rose gold tones. They’re also available in different sizes if you’re going for a dainty minimalist look or a trendy statement.


A Perfectly Minimalist Textured Throw Blanket

This throw blanket has the perfect minimalist geometric texture while still being neutral enough to work with any decor. If soft neutrals aren’t your style, this machine-washable blanket also comes in pops of color, including blue, dusty pink, a trendy rust-tone orange, and more.


This Bulk Pack Of Matte Black Cabinet Pulls

Switch our your cabinet, closet, and pantry pulls with these trendy matte black cabinet pulls, and you’ll upgrade so many rooms in your house for under $35. This bulk pack comes with 30 cabinet pulls, and you can choose from matte black, gold-toned, or a sleek silver-tone (they’re all in right now, so you can’t go wrong).


A Chenille Floor Cushion For Glam & Comfy Extra Seating

Stack this 100% chenille fabric floor cushion on your living room floor for comfy extra seating (or even on your home office chair that’s a little too stiff). The plush and shiny fabric of this square pouf makes this cozy pillow luxurious, and it comes in blush, ivory, aqua, navy, charcoal, and gray.


An Exfoliating Brush That Has Reviewers Buying 2 Or More

Maybe grab two of these exfoliating body brushes that massage and reduce dry skin, because so many reviewers say they keep coming back to buy more. The brush has soft and durable bristles, small massage beads, and an attached handle that customers say is perfect for hanging the brush to dry.


A Luxurious Vitamin C Serum With Retinol That’s Under $30

In my opinion, a skincare product under $30 is always a yes — and this brightening vitamin C serum has so many skincare ingredients packed into one bottle. It’s made with vitamin C, niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, rose hip oil, and more. One reviewer raved, “Finally found my forever serum.”


These Velvety Throw Pillow Covers That Reviewers Can’t Recommend Enough

These velvety soft throw pillow covers come in a two-pack for under $15, so you could even swap out the colors simply depending on your mood. They come in 37 shades, so you won’t run out of new ones to try out — and the reviews are filled with customers who seriously recommend buying a few.


This Hand Towel Rack For An Organized Kitchen

Tuck away your kitchen towel inside the cabinet for an organized and clean space with this over-the-cabinet hand towel rack. It doesn’t require any hardware, and it comes in graphite, copper, and black finishes. If you want to display those adorable new towels you bought, it can also clip to the outside of your cabinet.


The Sleek Wine Glass Storage That Fits Underneath Your Cabinets

Attach these sleek matte black wine glass holders under a kitchen cabinet or shelf for easy access at your next party. They hold so many shapes of wine glasses, martini glasses, champagne flutes — basically any glass with a stem. Plus, you can grab a two-pack for only $18, and many reviewers love the simple and elegant design.


A Cord Organizer You’ll Want In Every Room

At $17, maybe go ahead and buy one of these cable management boxes for each room in your house. There’s always a mess of cords somewhere in every room, and this box hides them (and your surge protector), so your entire home looks more organized.


This Trendy & Unique Ceramic Vase

Grab this trendy ceramic vase in a small or large option. Honestly, it’s worth grabbing both because each size has a unique shape, and they look super aesthetic displayed side by side. One reviewer raved, “So cute and such a good value for the quality.”


This Real-Wood Floating Shelf Pack In So Many Colors

This three-pack of floating shelves comes in eight colors, including rustic wood and sleek black and white. The purchase comes with three sizes, so you can get creative with how you arrange them on your wall — and they’re made of real high-quality wood.


These Stackable & Labeled Food Containers For A Polished Pantry

You might want to change your new polished pantry to open shelving to display these organized and labeled BPA-free food storage containers. You get seven in this pack for only $33. Plus, they’re stackable, have reusable labels and a chalk marker, and can help save space.


This Glam Gold-Tone Jewelry Tray With Organized Tiers

If full glam doesn’t fit your aesthetic, this tiered jewelry tray comes in matte black and sleek white. The two tiers are perfect for organizing your dainty jewelry from your larger pieces, glasses, or even your phone. Plus, it doubles as a decor item — and some reviewers love using it as a display tray.


These Insulated Blackout Curtains You Can Throw In the Washer

Sleep a little cozier with these thermal insulated and machine-washable blackout curtains. They come in 22 color options and six sizes for all of your windows that get a little too bright in the mornings. These also have over 29,000 five-star ratings, and one reviewer raved, “I love everything about these room darkening drapes.”


This Gel Manicure Kit With 6 Included Polishes

This gel manicure kit has everything you could think of for your first at-home manicure project, including an LED UV nail lamp and six classic polishes. It’s affordable for everything you get, and it’ll help save you money in the long run when you get your expensive-looking manicures at home.


These Plastic Apothecary Jars That Are Customizable

A pack of four of these polished apothecary jars will give your bathroom vintage vibes while keeping everything organized. They come with two labeling options, including fully customizable blank labels so you can fill the jars with whatever essentials you want. Plus, they’re made of thick and durable plastic.


This Magnetic Knife Holder With A Rustic Wood Finish

This wood magnetic knife strip is compatible with any standard mounting or double-sided tape (but it also comes with mounting hardware, just in case). The strong magnets hold all of your knives, and it has over 1,000 five-star ratings with many reviewers raving about the natural wood look.


A Bamboo Breakfast Tray That Reviewers Also Love For A Laptop

The sturdy legs on this bamboo breakfast tray fold up flat, and some reviewers love using it as a mini desk for their laptops. It even has handles to carry around and switch up your work location from the couch to the bed. It has over 7,000 five-star ratings.


The Portable Speaker With A Water-Resistant Design

This portable Bluetooth speaker has a unique triangle design complete with sleek side controls. It’s water-resistant, has a 14-hour battery life, and comes in various bright color options. Plus, customers even love it for pool parties or road trips.


These Glam Geode Bookends To Match Your Crystal Collection

These glam geode bookends are made of natural agate stone to extend your crystal collection onto your bookshelf. They come in brightly dyed colors like blue and pink and also a natural golden brown option. Plus, these bookends come in four weights to add a little sparkle while holding up your heaviest books.


A Soft, Absorbent Bath Towel Set Made With 100% Cotton

You don’t have to spend time tracking down all of the matching pieces for your linen closet, thanks to this complete bath towel set. Each towel is made of 100% pure ring-spun cotton, and they’re seriously soft as well as absorbent. Plus, they come in white, gray, and beige, and five additional colors.


These Nonslip Hangers With Over 107,000 Five-Star Ratings

These velvety hangers have over 107,000 five-star ratings, and they’re a fan favorite for so many reasons. They’re nonslip, have luxe gold-tone and silver-tone hooks, and they come in so many pack sizes up to 100. You can choose from hangers uniquely designed for shirts and skirts, and there are even durable suit hangers.


A Volumizing Round Brush Hair Dryer That’s Under $40

This Revlon round brush hair dryer has a serious following — and for good reasons. It features three heat settings and a swivel cord so you can twist and dry your hair for that perfect blowout look. In other words, it helps dry your hair while styling it at the same time.


An Inexpensive & Sleek Warmer For Your Coffee Mug

Instead of spending over $100 on a warming coffee mug, grab this coffee mug warmer that’s sleek and under $15. You can place it next to your favorite cozy coffee spot and always know when it’s hot (thanks to the convenient light indicator). Plus, it has an extra-long power cord — and some reviewers also love it for tea and soup.


These Trendy Woven & Neutral Nesting Baskets

You can scatter these woven nesting baskets in three sizes all over your house because their neutral ivory color goes with pretty much everything, and you can store so much clutter in them. They have over 2,000 five-star ratings, and one reviewer wrote, “I'll probably end up with a 3rd set at some point as I continue my battle against household clutter.”


These Foldable Bluetooth Headphones That Are Under $20

You don’t even need to look at more expensive options with these wireless and Bluetooth headphones that are only $18. That’s because they have everything you need: noise canceling, a built-in mic, and a unique folding design so they’re smaller to tuck in your bag. The headphones even have over 32,500 five-star ratings.


A 2-Pack Of Microfiber Hair Towels So You Never Run Out

If one of these microfiber hair towels is in the wash, you’ll have a second one on hand because they come in a two-pack for only $10. They’re each soft, absorbent, have a secure button closure, and come in nine unique color options and pairings.


A Set Of Trendy Gold-Tone Flatware

This is that gold-tone flatware set is only $25 for a full 20 pieces. They have over 1,000 five-star ratings, and plenty of reviewers love their bougie vibe and rave about how durable they are. Plus, they’re made with anti-rust stainless steel.

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