If You’re Messy AF, These 48 Cheap & Clever Things Are A Godsend

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While I consider the condition of my house at any given moment a reflection of how busy I am, and not a measure of my character, I’ll admit it: I’m not a neat person. (I don’t even own an iron, if that’s any indication.) If you’re a messy person like me, these cheap and clever things are a godsend

On this list, you’ll find everything you need to get organized, like double-decker baskets that add vertical storage to any space, whether that’s under the kitchen or bathroom sink, or even in the linen closet. They’re perfectly sized to corral the small items cluttering your counters or the cleaning supplies that spill out of the cabinet when you open the door.

And don’t let anyone tell you that cleaning up can’t be fun, either — this list has items that are not just helpful but amusing, too. Take, for example, the microfiber mopping slippers that clean your floors for you when you walk around — seriously my kind of multitasking. And there’s also the “Angry Mama” microwave cleaner, a cute and clever gadget that shoots out steam to release any stuck-on food in your microwave. Even if you’re something of a neatnik, take a look at this list, because it has some real gems. But this one’s for you, my messy brothers and sisters — enjoy.


This Microwave Cover That Prevents Food Splatter

Don’t you hate it when you’re heating up spaghetti and sauce gets all over the inside of your microwave? With this microwave cover, you can enjoy hot food without the risk of splatter. Made with BPA-free silicone, it’s vented to allow steam to escape and is even dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. Plus, it collapses flat for storage.


The Cleaning Gel That Removes Dust From The Tightest Spaces

The spaces between the keys on your keyboard, the small workings of electronics, those tiny spaces in your car dashboard that just attract dust — these cleaning stumpers are no match for this cleaning gel that molds to those tight spaces to remove dust, dirt, and crumbs. Suitable for use on even the most delicate electronics, you can reuse the biodegradable gel until it turns dark with all the dirt it’s picked up.


A Keyboard Cover That Blocks Dust & Crumbs

Life is busy, which means I eat and drink over my computer most days. If you do too, you’ll find this keyboard cover is a big help. Made from waterproof silicone, the cover is thin and flexible, so you can still type away, but it’ll block any crumbs or liquid from getting between the keys. The cover is available in options that accommodate keyboards with or without numeric keypads.


This Petite Broom & Dustpan For Small Messes

Thanks to this compact broom and dustpan set, there’s no reason to haul out full-size cleaning tools when you just have a small mess (talk about overkill). From trusted brand OXO, both pieces are designed with ergonomic comfort top of mind, and the broom handle is angled for countertop use.


These Stove Gap Covers That Keep Food From Falling Through

Sauce, grease, and food crumbs can sneak between your stove and counter, an area which is pretty much impossible to clean. Place these gap covers over that narrow crack, and you’ll never have to pull the stove out to clean again. Made from heat-resistant silicone, they can be trimmed to size with household scissors and are available in black and white.


These Car Organizers That Go Between The Seats

If your car is basically your office and mobile command center, you need these organizers that fit in the gaps between your seats and the center console. Made from genuine leather, they have space for your phone, pens, parking passes, and key fob, so you can keep all your stuff under control and close at hand. Plus, you’ll never have another french fry fall between the seats again.


A Wall-Mounted Toothbrush Holder & Toothpaste Dispenser

Clear up bathroom counter clutter with this toothbrush holder that also shields bristles from any potential contaminants. With space for up to four brushes, it also has a toothpaste dispenser, two rinse cups, and a small shelf for storing other items, like a razor or eye cream. Just think of the mess you’ll save without all that toothpaste on your sink.


This Slipcover That’s A Must For Pet Parents & Messy Eaters

For those of us with furry friends — or, heck, those of us with friends who come over and spill pizza and beer all over the furniture — this slipcover is a must. Available in 25 colors, the reversible slipcover is waterproof and resistant to pet claws, and it fits snugly with the elastic straps. Made from quilted microfiber, it’s soft, durable, and machine washes like a champ.

  • Available sizes: 66 inches, 78 inches, 88 inches
  • Available colors: 25


The Organizer That Turns Your Bathroom Into A Beauty Counter

Your bathroom will look just like a luxe beauty counter, thanks to this makeup organizer. The clear acrylic organizer features seven height-adjustable trays that can accommodate dozens of products, and since it rotates 360 degrees, you’ll be able to see and access everything you need. It’s available in five colors, including black, pink, and gray.


This Waterproof Mattress Protector Made From Cooling Bamboo

I adore products that do double duty, which is why I love this mattress protector. Not only is it waterproof to protect your mattress from spills, but it’s also made from a bamboo blend that’s naturally temperature-regulating, so you stay cool all night. The vinyl-free protector is completely noiseless (unlike the mattress protectors at Grandma’s), and the deep pockets can fit over even the fluffiest pillow-top mattress.

  • Available sizes: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California king


The Lens Wipes That Clean Smudges Fast

If you’re perpetually walking around with smudged glasses, keep these lens wipes on hand. The individually-wrapped wipes are suitable for use on all types of optical lenses and screens, and since they’re big enough for everything from your glasses to your computer screen and you can take them on the go. Besides prescription and reading glasses, the 210-pack can be used on cameras, sunglasses, webcams, smartwatches, and more.


This Mat That Scrubs Your Makeup Brushes

For less muddy makeup application — and to keep bacteria buildup at bay — give your makeup brushes a regular scrubbing with this silicone cleaning mat. The textured mat works to remove dirt, oil, and makeup residue from the bristles for a thorough clean you just can’t get with your fingers. It’s designed with a suction cup that secures to any flat surface, so you can get lots of traction while you use it.


The Boot Cleaner With Brushes That Remove Mud

Keep dirt and mud from getting tracked all over your floors with this ingenious boot scraper. Originally designed to clean boots on construction sites, the platform features stiff-bristled brushes along the bottoms and sides to clean off dirt and mud wherever it exists. Place it at the front door, and you won’t have to mop nearly as often.


An Armrest Organizer With Space For The Essentials

Whether your favorite seat is on the couch or in an easy chair, use this armrest organizer to keep everything you need close at hand. Available in 21 colors, it features two large pockets and four smaller pockets that are perfect for storing your remotes, glasses, pens (and pencils for that crossword puzzle you’re trying to finish), plus lots more. It has a nonslip backing to keep it firmly in place.


This Hair Catcher That Keeps Your Drains Open

A real Amazon cult-favorite, this shower drain hair catcher captures any loose strands before they have a chance to go down the pipes, where they can cause major backup. Hair wraps neatly around the cylinder, but the holes throughout ensure that water will still flow through (genius). Just pull up to remove the hair now and then, and you can finally stop buying liquid clog removers.


The ‘Angry Mama’ Who Cleans Your Microwave

With her hands on her hips and her perky purple hairdo, Angry Mama looks like she’s ready to tell you to stand up straight and get your feet off the coffee table. In reality, she’s a simple and effective tool that cleans your microwave. Just fill her with water and vinegar and set her on high for five minutes. She’ll release steam from her head, making it easy to wipe off even the most baked-on food gunk.


This Sink Cover That Gives You More Bathroom Counter Space

If you have a tiny bathroom with a one-sink vanity, this sink cover gives you extra space as you get ready for the day. It’s durable and heat-resistant — so it can stand up to hair straighteners and curling irons — and it features a cutout for your faucet, so you can still run the water. Available in two sizes, it folds up for convenient storage when not in use.


The Organizer For All Your Food Storage Lids

Is it just me, or do everyone’s food storage lids multiply when they’re unsupervised in the cabinet? If yours constantly fall over in an avalanche, get this lid organizer to whip everything into shape. Compatible with lids of all shapes and sizes, it has five adjustable dividers and can fit into any cabinet or drawer.


A Fabric Defuzzer That Makes Clothes & Furniture Look New

Your favorite clothes can look a little worse for the wear after some time, but this fabric defuzzer can clean them right up and make them look off-the-rack new. The battery-operated device is safe to use on all kinds of clothes — and even upholstery — where it removes lint and pilling. It has adjustable distance settings, so you can even use it safely on delicate fabrics.


The Baskets That Are Perfect For Tight Under-Sink Spaces

There’s so much to like about this basket organizer: It’s the ideal size for under-the-sink cabinets and helps get products off of tiny, cluttered counters. Plus, each basket slides out, which means everything is still easy to access. Made from sturdy plastic, they’re ideal for use in the kitchen, bathroom, and linen closet.


This Duster That Extends To All The Hard-To-Reach Places

When you look up at your ceiling fan and realize it’s caked with dirt, this extendable duster is exactly what you need. It features a telescoping handle that extends to 20 feet to reach ceiling fan blades, the tops of bookcases, and behind entertainment centers, where the flexible head removes dust and dirt. It comes with four dusting attachments to handle everything from walls and ceilings to ceiling fans and chandeliers.


These Burner Covers That Keep Your Stove Clean

You won’t have to worry about boil-overs mucking up your stove when you have these burner covers. Designed for use on gas stoves, they’re made from ultra-durable nonstick material and can be customized to fit with household scissors. Heat-resistant to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, they’re easy to wipe clean and dishwasher-safe.


A Set Of Matching Glassware That’s Totally Unbreakable

If you’re prone to frequently breaking glassware, get this set of tumblers crafted from ultra-durable and shatterproof plastic. The eight-piece set includes four 12-ounce cups and four 16-ounce cups that are great or everyday use, and they’re top rack dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.


These Microfiber Cloths That Clean Everything

Made from a microfiber blend, these reusable cleaning cloths are super absorbent and so soft that you can use them on fine china and delicate glassware. A hard-working, eco-friendly substitute for paper towels, they can be used either wet or dry to remove dust, do the dishes, or scrub counters. They don’t leave streaks or lint behind.


The Drill Attachments That Make Tough Scrubbing A Breeze

Make tough bathroom and kitchen scrubbing the work of minutes with these brushes that attach to your power drill. This set includes four brushes with soft nylon bristles that are designed to tackle all kinds of jobs, including scrubbing showers, floors, toilets, or even your patio furniture.


These Satin Scrunchies That Create Quick Updos

If you can’t be bothered to go to the trouble of styling your hair every day, pick up a set of these satin scrunchies for an instant updo that keeps your hair out of your face. The six-pack includes muted tones that’ll go with just about everything, and the smooth satin texture is gentle on hair and helps prevent breakage.


The Hair-Trimming Scissor So You Can Cut Your Own Hair

Sometimes the difference between looking messy and looking pulled together is a matter of a bang trim or fixing a few wild locks. These hair-cutting scissors can help you do those quick fixes — or even a complete haircut — at home. The thinning sheers trim and texturize hair while the sheers give a clean edge. They are high-quality, sharp Japanese stainless steel blades and will give you precise results.


A Face Wash Net That Lathers & Exfoliates

Similar to a loofah — but much smoother — this lathering net works with your cleanser to smooth and exfoliate your skin while you scrub. It enhances the foam of any soap and reduces the amount of friction on your skin, but also helps to clear pores and remove oil and dirt. Plus, it’s quick-drying to prevent germ buildup.


These Cleaning Gloves With Extra Long Cuffs

Whether you’re scrubbing the bathroom or just doing the dishes, this six-pack of gloves will guarantee your hands and arms will stay clean as a whistle while you do it. Made with latex and lined flock-lined, the long cuff reaches well up your arms to stop leaks from getting inside. They are flexible and comfortable to help keep your hands clean and dry while you work.


A Vinyl Cleaning Kit For Your Record Collection

If you’re a vinyl aficionado, this cleaning kit has everything you need to take care of your record collection and keep it in top shape. Just apply the cleaning fluid to the grooves, then use the velvet brush to remove fingerprints and debris, and records will be restored to like-new condition.


This Bath Mat That Never Needs To Go In The Laundry

If getting bulky bath mats to the washer and dryer is just too hard to do, meet this bath mat — made from fossilized earth — that never needs a trip to the laundry. It dries quickly, deodorizes and purifies the air around it, and is non-slip so you can step onto it right from the shower. If you want to clean it, just wipe it off. Otherwise, let it be.


These Heavy-Duty Cleaning Wipes That Remove Tough Stains

When you’re battling tough stains like oil, grease, crayons, wax, and shoe scuffs, these wipes are exactly what you need. They cut through just about any stain, and you can even use them on heavy hitters like red wine, blood, lipstick, and permanent marker. Although they’re super strong, the wipes are gentle on your hands — they’re even enriched with lanolin to soften your skin as you scrub.


The Exfoliating Masks That Leave Your Feet Baby Soft

Dry, cracked heels and calluses can be aggravating, especially when you’re up and running around all day. These exfoliating masks make feet baby soft again by sloughing off dead skin over a course of one to two weeks after application. They’re easy to apply, too: Just slip on the booties and wear like socks — they’re infused with botanicals that exfoliate and soothe skin.


These Airtight Covers That Make It Easy To Store Leftovers

If you drive yourself crazy sorting through lids trying to find the one that fits the food storage container in your hand — stop. This set of silicone covers makes storing leftovers a cinch. The lids create an airtight, leakproof seal when you press down on them, and with seven pieces in the set, there’s a size for every bowl and jar. Heat-resistant to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, they can also be used to prevent splatter while microwaving or heating food up on the stove.


The Dryer Vent Cleaners That Cut Down On Lint

You clean your lint trap religiously, but still you have lint on your clothes when they’re fresh from the dryer — what gives? Probably the lint that lurks beneath the filter. Get it out with these dryer brushes that have long flexible heads designed to reach into the vent to clear out any lint. Plus, keeping the vents clear will also help upgrade your dryer’s performance.


The Jewelry Cleaner That Makes Your Baubles Shine

Is your bling not quite so blingy anymore? Drop your sparkly goods into the convenient basket inside this gentle cleaning solution to restore its brilliance and shine. It’s safe to use on most precious stones and metals — including gold, platinum, diamond, pearls, and turquoise — and a small brush is included for additional spot cleaning.


This Travel Mug That Just Won’t Spill

With a specially engineered base that resists tipping, this travel mug may be the most spill-proof model on the market, and is guaranteed to make the lives of even the most accident-prone coffee and soda drinkers just a little bit easier. Available in five colors, the stainless steel mug is vacuum-insulated to maintain drink temperatures, and it has a leakproof lid that allows you to take a sip from any angle.


A Hair Finishing Stick That Smooths Flyaways

Some of us are prone to flyaways, no matter how much we condition. Luckily, this hair finishing stick is a simple way to achieve a style that’s smooth and polished. Just dip the mascara-like wand in the tube, then brush the clear lightweight formula on hair to give it a sleek, polished look.


This Laptop Desk That Lets You Work From Bed

Made with natural bamboo, this laptop desk is perfect for working from home, but equally great for cozying up with a movie and mug of coffee on days off. It features adjustable height and tilt settings, so you can position it to meet your needs, and the built-in storage drawer is perfect for pens, USB drives, and other small items.


A Chic Basket That Stores Odds & Ends

One of the MVPs on the list, this storage basket allows you to stash away odds and ends before any guests come over — without having to go to the hard work of organizing it all. Also perfect for permanent storage in your linen closet, kitchen, or on your desk, the cloth basket is available in multiple sizes and styles, including burlap, navy stripes, and the two-tone option pictured here.


The Bamboo Mat That’s The Perfect Accent In Any Room

Whether you use it in the bathroom, mudroom, front entryway, or hall, this bamboo floor mat provides a minimalist accent to any space. It features a water-resistant covering that’s great for damp areas, and the nonslip bottom ensures optimal safety

  • Available sizes: 4


This Over-Door Organizer For Everything From Shoes To Cleaning Supplies

Whatever mess you have can be organized with this inexpensive, over-the-door organizer and the back of a door. Put all your shoes into the 24 breathable mesh pockets, roll up towels or underwear and stash them here, or move all your cleaning supplies into it to create a highly visible and easy-to-access storage solution. The hooks adjust to any door and over 3,000 people give it five stars.


A Nail Trimmer That Catches The Clippings

No one wants to leave their nail trimmings on the bathroom floor, but it does happen. This nail clipper, though, has a built-in catcher that captures everything, so you can properly dispose of it in the trash when you’re done giving yourself a manicure. It’s made from stainless steel, so it’s corrosion-resistant and long-lasting.


This Utensil Rest That Keeps Your Stove Clean

Keep drips off your stove and countertop with this utensil rest. It looks cute on the counter, spells out exactly why it’s there in case people like to clean up after you, and can go right in the dishwasher when it gets messy. If you drink tea or coffee in the living room or bedroom, set one of these there, too, to keep all your surfaces clean.


An Apron For Cooking, Cleaning & Gardening

Available in 11 colors, this Japanese apron is perfect for cooking, grilling, cleaning, gardening, and everything in between. Crafted from a breathable cotton-linen blend, it features a unique cross-back design that gives you full coverage and has two sizable pockets, so you can keep your smartphone and other essentials on hand.

  • Available colors: 11


The Strainer That Clips Onto Pots

Straining heavy pots of pasta and veggies with one hand is tricky, but this strainer clips onto your pot, so you can use both hands. Available in five colors, it’s made from BPA-free silicone and collapses flat for compact storage. The clips are sturdy, too, so there’s no risk of losing food while you strain.


The Towel Turban That Speeds Up Drying Time

Save your hair from unnecessary heat damage by removing excess water with this absorbent microfiber hair turban. Available in seven colors, it wraps around your head and attaches easily with a loop-and-button closure. Plus, it looks pretty chic, so you can feel cute while you’re getting ready for the day.

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