Mark Your Calendar For The November New Moon

New moons = new beginnings.

Westend61/Westend61/Getty Images

New moons represent new beginnings and are a prime time for manifestation and intention-setting. New moons in astrology mark the beginning of a new lunar cycle, and while you may not be able to see la luna very clearly during this phase of the moon, its energy is just as powerful as any other time of the month.

The next new moon is coming up on on November 14 (PT)/November 15 (ET) in deep and dark Scorpio, which brings a chance at a new beginning, full of truth and intensity. The November 2020 new moon arrives the day after Mars retrograde ends, offering us a chance to get real and face our darker, more hidden sides with a renewed sense of clarity, understanding, and motivation. This could be the most auspicious new moon through the rest of the year, especially if you're willing to step into the shadows and shake up the skeletons in your closet — so take advantage of the lunar boost of realness and start making moves.

Fun fact: New moons will always be in the same zodiac sign that the sun is currently traveling through! For instance, a new moon that falls during Leo season will always be in Leo. That's because new moons take place when the moon aligns with the Sun in a conjunction aspect (meaning they're both near the same degree of the same zodiac sign), and this auspicious alignment brings the energy of potential, growth, and new opportunities.

No matter what season it is and zodiac sign its in, all new moons affect us in overarching ways. Read below to find out how new moons affect all zodiac signs during each lunar cycle, as well as the upcoming new moon dates for the remainder of 2020.


New Moons Can Affect Your Mood

In astrology, new moons often call us to reflect upon where we're at and evaluate what we want from a quieter perspective. The best way to do this is to allow yourself space and time to retreat into yourself and embrace solitude. Lean into your inner introvert and don't be afraid to forego any major social plans if you'd rather be alone.

New Moons Can Make You Sleepy

When the moon goes dark during a new moon phase, you'll likely want to hit the sack a little earlier than usual. Because the moon's light retreats during a new moon, so do our energy levels — think of it like a lil' monthly moon hibernation.

You'll Feel More Motivated To Reach Your Goals

A new moon happens when the moon's light is at it lowest point — but from there, it begins to "wax" or grow larger for the coming weeks leading up to the full moon, which boosts our motivation levels and helps bring some cosmic momentum to our personal goals. So don't be fooled by your sleepy new moon feels — that's actually just a moment of respite before diving in head-first to your goals and projects.

New Moons Are A Good Time For Self-Care & Positivity

New moons are all about hope and possibility, making it an especially important time to be more kind, caring, and positive toward yourself, as well as protect your sensitive energy. Avoid spending time with people who are discouraging or pessimistic. Do things under the new moon that make you feel optimistic and excited about new opportunities.

Get Ready For The Upcoming New Moons

Now that you know what kind of energy new moons bring, check out the dates of the upcoming new moons that will round out 2020:

  • The November 2020 new moon will be on November 14 (PT)/November 15 (ET).
  • The December 2020 new moon is a solar eclipse and will be on December 14.