Follow These Dos & Don'ts For A Successful November New Moon

Nov. 23's energy is all about adventure and spirituality.

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The November 2022 new moon moves into adventurous Sagittarius on Nov. 23, inspiring us to take risks, travel, and seek a higher truth. The carefree fire sign is all about having fun, and following these dos and don’ts is a great way to embody the archer's bold and jovial energy.

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DO: Explore New Places

The new moon symbolizes a fresh start in astrology. What's more, Sagittarius is the explorer of the zodiac, so it makes sense that you'd have major wanderlust. Revisit your bucket list of travel ideas and plan a trip — or to fully embrace this sign’s spirit, make an impromptu visit.

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DON’T: Be Reckless

The brazen energy of this lunation is as risky as it is passionate. Be aware of jumping into any business ideas or signing contracts without reading the fine print. While it's a great time to start new things, it can be easy to be overzealous right now.

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DO: Practice Spirituality

This lunation highlights the ninth house of higher knowledge and spirituality, making it a great time to focus on your spiritual practice. Check in on yourself through manifestation, meditation, or take on a spiritual mentor.

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DON’T: Be Hotheaded

As a fire sign, Sagittarius' vibe tends to be impetuous in the face of pressure or strife. With this new moon and Mercury both in Sagittarius, avoid responding impulsively especially when it comes to conflict. Instead, meet people in the middle.

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DO: Speak Your Mind

Sagittarius energy is blunt. Mercury, the planet of communication and mindset, will also be meeting in Sagittarius, inspiring you to tell it like it is. This lunation is great practice in saying what's on your heart — just be cautious about how you come across.

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DON’T: Avoid Responsibility

Sagittarius has a reputation for being noncommittal. The low-pressure energy of this lunation may make dodging your duties tempting, but new moons are all about planting seeds, making it a great time to take initiative instead.

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DO: Follow Your Intuition

Sagittarius' modern ruler, Jupiter, goes direct in Pisces (aka its traditional ruler). If you feel a heightened sense of psychic abilities or notice synchronicities lately, this lunation is a beautiful moment to lean on your intuition to guide you.

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