Pizza Pilgrims' New Picnic Kits Are What Trip-To-The-Park Dreams Are Made Of

If you're going to have a picnic, you might as well do it properly.

Pizza Pilgrims

Although outdoor dining and picnics in general are cute AF, there's also a bit of planning that goes into getting the food together and all the bits to make them look cute and stylish. So, lucky for us Pizza Pilgrims is selling picnic kits to help make your al fresco meal a lot easier but still super special.

The kits, available at all open Pizza Pilgrims locations and delivered by Deliveroo, include a whole smorgasbord of items to make your day out divine. Let's start with getting the mood right. It includes a red gingham picnic blanket to whisk you away to Italy (in your mind anyway), recyclable cutlery, and glasses. There's a choice of alcoholic or soft drinks and some top notch yummies to go with them.

Each kit comes with a pot of olives, two pizzas of your choice (mine's a Puttanesca guys), and a Nutella pizza ring for pudding.

If all that isn't enough, the team at Pizza Pilgrims have gone one step further. They've added access to their exclusive Spotify playlist to boot, so your big day out is complete. All you have to do is put the order in and hand over the dosh.

Since lockdown began, Pizza Pilgrims have quickly diversified to adapt to their restaurants being closed and, even though many restaurants have reopened, are facilitating multiple ways to enjoy their pizza from the comfort of your very own home.

They have delivery options, sell pizza kits, and they even shared their recipe for pan pizza. I mean how convenient can you get?

Find out how to pick up your own Picnic Pilgrim box here.