50 Stylish Things For Your Home You'll Love If You're Cheap AF

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Decorating your home can cost a pretty penny if you aren’t careful. Wall art, candles, furniture — it all adds up. And since the alternative is living in a bare, stale space, I think it’s important to make sure your home feels like home. That’s why I’ve put together this list of stylish (but cheap) things for your home, all of which can be found on Amazon.

Remember how I said wall art can put a dent in your wallet? Luckily, I’ve found this set of gorgeous prints that would look so good framed on your walls — and they even cost less than $20. Or, if you’re looking for ways to set a relaxing mood, make sure to check out the LED candles I’ve made sure to include. Not only can they “burn” for more than 400 hours before you need to change the batteries, but they’ll also save you a ton of money compared to real candles. And as for furniture? Don’t even get me started on how cute this end table is, because I’m about 10 seconds away from adding it to my cart.

You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to decorate your home, and all these stylish things at affordable prices are absolute proof. Keep scrolling to check out more of my favorites.


These Coasters That Look Like Chic White Marble

Not only do these coasters look like chic white marble, but they’re actually made from high-quality faux leather. This allows them to absorb water, which helps keep condensation from spilling onto your tables — and they’re even heat-resistant against hot mugs.


A Rope Basket That’s Perfect For Throw Blankets

Throw blankets, underwear, wrapping paper rolls — this rope basket is so versatile you can use it to store nearly anything. It’s made from soft cotton, while the two-tone design gives it a classic feel that won’t go out of style anytime soon. Plus, you can even fold it down when not in use.


This Macrame Table Runner With Stylish Tassels

Laying a table runner down is an easy way to add style to plain tables — and this one in particular even has fun tassels on either end. Plus, it’s made from a soft cotton-polyester blend, which gives your table some light insulation against hot cookware.


These Little Fake Plants You Can Put Nearly Anywhere

Bathrooms, window sills, nightstands — these fake plants are small enough to fit almost anywhere. They’re great for adding little pops of green throughout your home, or even for brightening up your desk at work. Each order comes with three: one eucalyptus, boxwood, and rosemary plant.


The Throw Pillow Cases Made From Soft Velvet

I have these velvet throw pillow cases on my bed as colorful accents — but they’re so soft that I find myself sleeping on them regardless. And if you aren’t a fan of pink? You have dozens of other colors to choose from, including a gorgeous shade of army green.


An LED Clock That Doubles As A Mirror

Ever notice how bright clocks can keep you up at night? This LED one is dimmable up to three levels — and there are even two USB ports in the back where you can charge your devices. Plus, the mirrored face can even be used to do your makeup in a pinch.


These Candle Holders With Thousands Of Positive Reviews

If you’re looking for a quality set of candle holders, search no further than this one. The varying heights make it easy to style them on your tables, while the matte black finish gives them a rustic feel. One reviewer even wrote that “they are sturdy and heavy-duty for how thin they are.”


A Set Of Candles Made From 100% Beeswax

Consider these beeswax candles an eco-friendly alternative to the wax candles you can find in stores. Each one burns for about 3.5 hours, yet doesn’t produce any smoke. Less smoke means less soot — and they’re even drip-free.


The Backsplash That Goes On Like A Sticker

Whether you rent or own your home, this backsplash is an easy way to upgrade your kitchen — without breaking your bank. It goes on just like a sticker, allowing you to easily press it onto your walls without any extra glue necessary. Reviewers even raved about how it’s “easy to use.”


These Curtains With An Elegant Grommet Top

Made from soft linen, these curtains let just the right amount of light through so that your room is dark enough for naps, yet light enough that you can see where you’re going. And with smooth grommet tops, both panels easily glide back-and-forth on your curtain rod.


A Letter Board That Lets You Share Fun Messages

Have friends or family coming over to visit? Greet them with a welcoming message by putting this letter board in your entryway. You can also put it on your desk for coworkers to read when they stop by — and with dozens of colors to choose from, you bound to find one that suits you.


The Wall Art Prints That Are Seriously Affordable

Buying art for your walls can cost a pretty penny, whereas these prints are available for less than $10. Each one is dust-resistant, as well as printed on thick, hearty paper. My advice? Grab some cheap frames, then use them to create a stylish accent wall.


A Soy Candle That Burns For Up To 40 Hours

Stop wasting money on candles that quickly burn out — grab this long-lasting one instead. It’s made with eco-friendly soy wax, giving it a burn time of up to 40 hours. Plus, it even comes in more than 30 scents to suit any taste.


This Contact Paper With A Sleek White Marble Print

I’ve used this roll of white marble contact paper on more than one occasion, and it’s never let me down. Not only is it so water-resistant that I’ve left puddles on it without issue, but it’s also renter-friendly — just peel it off your surfaces when it’s time to move out.


A Fleece Blanket You Can Snuggle Under All Year

Whereas some throw blankets are too hot for the summer months, this one is just thin enough that you can use it year-round. It’s made from 100% microfiber, with a static-resistant finish to help keep you safe from little zaps. Choose from more than 20 colors, as well as six sizes.


The Tablet Stand Made From Sleek Bamboo

Lightweight and eco-friendly, this bamboo stand is perfect for holding your tablet up while you’re watching videos, reading recipes, and more. It’s also compatible with smartphones — and the sturdy construction allows you to orient your phone either horizontally, or vertically.


These Wall Sconce Lamps That Come In Fun Colors

Blue, yellow, green, khaki — these wall sconce lamps come in so many colors it’s hard to decide on just one. They’re made from high-quality brass, and can be used with either incandescent, or LED bulbs. Plus, each order comes with all the hardware needed for mounting.


A Shower Curtain With A Fashionable Waffle Weave

Still using a plastic shower curtain? Upgrade to this heavy-duty polyester one for a quick bathroom makeover. The metal grommets along the top are rust-resistant, while the heavier fabric won’t billow out when the water is running. Choose from six colors — including a rich shade of grey.


This Laundry Hamper With A Divider In The Center

Since this laundry hamper is divided into two, you can easily separate your darks from your lights — or even leave a load of clean clothes on one side until you’re ready to fold them. Plus, the lid helps conceal your literal dirty laundry until it’s time to wash.


A Woven Wall Hanging That Comes In 3 Patterns

Not only is this macrame wall hanging available in three different styles, but it’s also made with 100% cotton rope. The wooden dowel makes it easy to hang up wherever you like — and one reviewer even wrote that it’s the “perfect size.”


The Glass Jar That Classes Up Your Bathroom Vanity

Still using that plastic dispenser bottle your soap came with? Now’s your chance to upgrade to this stylish glass version. The matte black pump matches effortlessly with any decor, while the glass is completely lead-free. Simply add your own soap, and it’s ready to go.


These Hand Towels Made From 100% Cotton

Made from 100% cotton, these hand towels aren’t just soft — they also feature reinforced edges to help prevent them from fraying over time. Reviewers raved about how soft they are, with one even going so far as to write that “we've washed them a few times now ...they've stayed soft, fluffy, and absorbent!”


An End Table That Fits Into Tight Spaces

Don’t have enough space for a full-sized nightstand? This little end table is the perfect alternative. The raised edges along the top help keep items from falling off, while the sturdy metal frame can support up to 25 pounds. Choose from three finishes: white, gold, or black.


The French Press Made From Stainless Steel

I use this French press every morning, and every morning it delivers a rich, delicious brew to help get my day started. The walls are insulated, which helps keep the coffee warm if you decide you want another cup later. Plus, the four-layer filter keeps grounds from leaking into your mug.


An Entryway Organizer For Mail, Keys, & More

Always losing your keys, or misplacing your mail? Hang this organizer up next to your front door, then get into the habit of putting everything into it when you come home. The basket on top is large enough for mail and magazines, while the bottom rack gives you space for up to six sets of keys.


This Vanity Tray That You Can Use For Nearly Anything

Large enough for rolled-up hand towels, yet small enough to fit on your vanity, this little tray is a stylish addition to any bathroom. It’s made from stainless steel, with a golden color that makes it look more expensive than it is. Or, you can also order it in a trendy shade of rose gold.


A Monitor Stand That Adds Storage To Your Desk

Put your monitor up on this stand, and it’ll give you space underneath to store notebooks, remotes, or even your keyboard. But if that isn’t enough? Raising your monitor can also help alleviate neck strain, as it lifts up the screen to your natural eye level.


The Wine Rack Made From Sleek Acrylic

Not only is this wine rack easy to put together, but it’s also made from clear acrylic that looks good no matter where you put it. It’s completely BPA- and chlorine-free Plus, one reviewer wrote that “I was able to put it together in under five minutes, and it looks amazing on my countertop!”


A Toolkit That Can Help Extend The Life Of Your Candles

You can help extend the life of your candles by properly snuffing and trimming your wicks using this kit. Each tool is made from polished stainless steel, with a black finish that gives them a rustic feel. And if you don’t burn candles? It still works great as a gift for someone who does.


These Sheets That Are Stain-Resistant

Stain-, fade-, and wrinkle-resistant, these luxurious bed sheets are shockingly affordable at less than $30 for a queen set. They’re made from brushed microfiber, giving them an ultra-soft feel against your skin while you’re sleeping — and the extra-deep pocket even fits over taller mattresses.


A Gorgeous Carafe That Can Hold A Full Bottle Of Wine

Not only is this carafe large enough to hold an entire bottle of wine, but it’s also made from hand-blown crystal. It’s completely lead-free, with a slanted top that helps prevent drips while you’re pouring. The best part? The wide base allows you to swirl your wine for proper aeration.


This Outlet Cover That Doubles As A Night Light

This outlet cover doubles as a night light, because the bottom portion has a built-in LED bulb that brightens when the room is dark. It’s also meant to be snapped into place, making it simple to install. Plus, this outlet cover has over 10,000 positive ratings — and one person wrote, “I absolutely love these — they are great. Sometimes I get up at night and need light to walk through my house. Theses lights are just enough to help me do that.”


A Book To Help You Decorate Your Home

Need some ideas on how to decorate your home? In Homebody, HGTV Fixer Upper star Joanna Gaines teaches you how to choose items that reflect your personality so that your home truly feels like you — and it even includes a step-by-step guide on how to sketch out design plans.


The Round Tray That’s Decorative & Functional

Made from hand-woven rattan, this little tray works great when serving food, or you can even leave it out on a side table as decoration. It easily wipes clean with a damp cloth when dirty. Plus, one reviewer wrote that “I was worried that the rattan wouldn't be ‘flat’ enough, but it even holds a glass of wine pretty sturdily.”


A Plant Stand With 2 Adjustable Heights

Don’t let your flower pots sit on the floor — put them into these stands to help save your hardwood from scratches. You can flip it upside-down to adjust the height, and assembly only takes a few short minutes. Choose from three colors: natural, brown, or dark brown.


These Coffee Mugs Made From Tempered Glass

No matter how hot your coffee is, the stay-cool handles on these tempered glass coffee mugs won’t get warm. Each one is also hand-crafted in Spain, from completely lead-free materials. Plus, one reviewer even wrote that “they are just the right size for a cup of coffee for guests.”


The Grass Pampas That Are Real — Not Fake

Each one of these grass pampas has been handpicked and dried, which means that yes — these are real plants. Not only are they 100% natural, but every order comes with enough to fill up a slim vase. And if you’re worried about shipping? One reviewer raved about how “these were packaged perfectly to keep the stems bundled and safe in-transit!”


This Soft, Stylish Duvet Cover With Intricate Patterns

Made from ultra-soft microfiber, this duvet cover has a laid-back vibe that isn’t overpowering — but it’s decorated with stylish patterns. Four corner ties help keep your insert from shifting around, while the envelope closures on the pillow shams stop the pillows from slipping out. Choose from three sizes: twin, queen, or king.


A Set Of Coat Hooks Handmade From Natural Wood

Not only are these coat hooks made from real wood, but their minimalist design effortlessly fits into any room. When mounted properly, they’re able to hold up to 35 pounds each — and one reviewer even wrote that they “loved the size and sturdiness.”


The Diffuser That Just Looks Good

As far as diffusers go, this one’s tapered design gives it an artistic feel that only adds to the decor in your home. It’s large enough to produce up to five hours of continuous steam — and if you’re looking to set a mood, you even have the choice of switching it between nine different LED colors.


A Welcoming Doormat Made From Natural Coir Fibers

With eight different designs to choose from, this doormat is an easy way to make guests feel welcome before you’ve even opened the door. It’s made from natural coir fibers, with a non-slip back to help prevent trips. “Very thick and durable,” wrote one reviewer. “The quality in this cannot be beat!”


These Candles That ‘Burn’ For More Than 400 Hours

Simply provide two of your own AA batteries, and these LED candles will “burn” for more than 400 hours. Not only are they a cost-effective alternative to real candles, but the bulbs even have a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours. Choose from three colors: ivory, birch bark, or burgundy.


A Hanging Mirror That Can Help Brighten Up Dark Rooms

Don’t have a ton of natural light in your room? Hanging up mirrors can help bounce around what little light you do have — and this stylish one is available for less than $25. The gold metal rim makes it look more expensive than it is, while the chain allows you to hang it up without drilling into your walls.


This Cheese Board That Comes With Serving Knives

Just one look at this cheese board, and you’ll wonder why you haven’t bought one already. It’s made from eco-friendly bamboo, and comes with four serving knives that’ll have you feeling oh-so classy as you slice through brie, Manchego, and more. Plus, you also get two little ceramic bowls for dipping sauces.


A Hanging Planter That’s Fashionably Modern

Add a few of these geometric planters to your home for a little splash of green, or even arrange them into a pattern to create a stunning accent wall. The base is made from sleek ceramic — and if you don’t have a green thumb, you can also use them to store office supplies.


The Dutch Oven Made From Tough Cast Iron

Cast iron pans are known for their ability to evenly distribute heat — so grab this Dutch oven that’s also made from cast iron. The non-stick enamel keeps your meals from adhering to the walls as it bakes, and it’s even oven-safe up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.


An Area Rug Made From Soft Faux Fur

Step off of those cold hardwood floors and onto this plush rug. It’s made from soft faux fur, with a non-slip backing to help keep you safe from tripping. The best part? It comes in dozens of colors — my favorite is the trendy shade of coral.


This Ceiling Pendant With An Industrial Flair

Even if you don’t have an industrial theme in your home, this pendant light is so versatile that it’ll still look good. The antique brass shade complements any style — and many reviewers even wrote about how it was “easy to install.”


An Infinity Vase Made From Chic Ceramic

Made from solid ceramic, this infinity vase is a tasteful piece of decor that’ll fit pretty much anywhere. Use it as a centerpiece on your dining table, or display it with a few orchid stems in your entryway. Choose from three colors: white, blue, or pink.


These Wine Glasses That Are Stylishly Square

If you’re looking for wine glasses that are sure to impress guests, search no further than this set. The square goblet sets them apart from the crowd, while the lead-free glass is made without any potentially harmful compounds. Plus, the wide bases help keep them from tipping over.